This data file includes the ancestry of Mary Lou Treece Clegg with special emphasis on the Treece family. It includes all spellings of the name whether they are related to me or not. I believe it is the largest database of the Treece name in existence. Variations of the name are Treese, Dreese, Trees, Trease, Dries and others. We have a DNA project for all of those surnames at FamilytreeDNA. You are welcome to participate.

The database also includes all of my ancestors and relatives that I have been able to identify as of March 1, 2021. It concentrates on the surnames Place, Harter, Hicks, Thrapp, French, Cherry, Cary, Riggenbach, Stevenson, and Allgire. My sources include original records, secondary sources and the information that has been shared by other researchers. Sometimes I have stated the sources and sometimes not. .

It is a compilation of my work and many others who have shared with me over the last 40 years. My research is ongoing. The plan is to update this at least once a year. .

Additions and corrections are welcome. Please donít hesitate to contact me. My preferred method of contact is email:

Mary Lou Clegg
3117 Glencairn Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46815.