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Front Cover, black/dark navy blue binding, damaged, note: May 1995 - March 2002

inside of the cover Quintus Chapter text

Quintus Chapter Mission Statement founded April 21,1978 as the Fifth Chapter of Elex Club

Page heading and 3 photographs

May 19, 1995 Installation of Officers at Lesters. President Dee Jackson; Vice President Marilee Youn

Photo of Lorene Peters standing at the podium and Dee Jackson standing beside her with a couple of o

Photo of Lorene Peters at the podium and 5 ladies standing in a row holding unlighted candles.

Photo of 3 ladies: 1 lady sitting with a nice smile in a printed top under blue sweater; middle lady

Page heading, 4 photographs and list of committees members and where they serve.

Page Heading: May 1995

Another photograph of the installation. 5 ladies standing with the candles lighted in this picture.

Installation photo: 5 ladies standing with lit candles in front of a long banquet table and Lorene P

Photo of the dinning hall. Ladies sitting at their dinner table

Photo of Jeanne Gladieux

Committee Members: Ways & Means: All Members; Telephone: Kathryn VanZant, Mary Linkhart, Marie Marti

3 page Annual Report of Quintus Chapter, 1994-1995

Annual report page 1

Annual report page 2

Annual report page 3 Submitted by Mary Stolz Historian

Annual Quintus booklet and Arlington National Cemetery

Front cover of Quintus annual booklet

Page one 1995-1996

Elex Club Office, Meetings of Chapters, Chapters of Elex

Chapters of Elex and the derivation of their names

Charter Members

Past Presidents

Officers 1995-1996, Committees

Executive Board Meetings

August 18, 1995-February 1996 meetings

March 1996-May 1996 meetings

Honorary Members and Associates Members

Honorary Members and Associates Members

Members directory, Glendola Barnett-Clara Bruns

Members directory, Betty Campbell-Lucy Feichter

Members directory, Esther Fisher-Lorena Heiman

Members directory, Valda Heinkel - Loretta Mulligan

Members directory, Martha Musselman - Mary Satterthwaite

Members directory, Mary Saxton - Kathryn Walper

Members directory, Betty Williams, Marilee Young

In Memory, Charlotte Clover, Jane Crain, Sylvia DePew, Leona Fuller, Luella Boyce, nancee Morgan, Ad

Pages 20-21 Additional wise words and blank Notes Page

Front of Arlington Cemetery brochure

Brochure unfolded

Map of Arlington Cemetery and information on the cemetery

Photo of soldiers on steps at cemetery

Washington DC trip June 1995

Elex trip-Washington DC June 1995

Elex Club News with details on Washington trip

Edie Van Doorn and Jan Hoopingarner in front of bus

Three ladies on trip

Washington DC trip continued

Vietnam Veteran Memorial Guide, front

Guide unfolded

Guide back side unfolded

Vietnam Wall-Washington DC

Edie Van Doorn Elex Travel Chair Person

Jan Hoopingarner and husband at Gettysburg Battle Ground from Civil War era

July 1995 Meeting

July 1995 caption

Booklet on Tips for Charitable Giving from Better Business Bureau

Pages 1-2

Pages 3-4

Pages 5-6

Pages 7-8

Pages 9-10

Photo of Mary S and Winnie Dixon

Photo of Evelyn Campbell

Winnie, Ginny, and Marie M

August 1995 page

Picture of Attorney Cynthia Penn Amber- talk on Child abuse

August 1995 thank you

Inside thank you card- from Anita Koeneman

2 newspaper articles wit pictures

Dog's best friends are loving owners- article

Betty Fulton & her canine friends

September 1995 page

5 chapter luncheon Sept 15, 1995 program front cover

Program's 1st page

Program's 2nd page

5 chapter luncheon Guest House

Photo of luncheon with couple ladies- spring season basket with eggs on table

Photo of luncheon table- winter season small xmas tree on table

Photo of luncheon table- fall season fall arrangement on table

October 1995 page

GE quarter century deceased pensioners- Aug 15, 1994- Aug 23, 1995

Continuation of deceased pensioners

October 1995 chairperson Clara Bruns

November 1995 page

Photo of C.P. Anabelle Partee at M.C.L.

Photo of Betty Williams & Vera Sessler

Photo of Eleanor Gligor & Alice Jenkins

December 1995 page

Photo Christmas party- C.P. Mary Linkhart

Photo of Val Heinkel

Photo of table decorations

Photo of Martha M. collecting dinner money

December 1995 page with Christmas cards

Christmas card with fireplace

inside Christmas card from Lorine Peters

Deck the Halls verse

Christmas card with carolers

inside Christmas card from Ginny Free

Photo of Mary L., Val H., Deloros B. and Betty F.

1995 page with cards

Purple thank you card

inside thank you from Glendola Barnett

Thank you card with picture of plant

Inside thank you card- from Annabelle Partee

Thank you card

Inside thank you card from Lucy Fiechter

4 notes of resignation from club

Note from Phyllis Nelson- 4/12/96 resigning from club

Card with wicker chair

Inside of card Marguerite O Connell- 3-17-96 resigning from club

Note from Ina Mae Bice- 6-1-95 resigning from club

Outside of card with rocks/yellow flower

Inside of card from Naomi Overly 6-7-95 resigning from club

Associate Members page with a letter and a card, March-April 1996

letter from Glendola Barnett Quintus friends, 3-14-96 wants to remain as associated member of Quintu

pink card with tulips

inside the card: Kathryn Walpev, April 19, 1996, will be an associate of Quintus

3 letters and a card for Quintus donations donation November-December, 1995

James H. Tighe thanks Quintus Loretta Mulligan for the $50.00 gift to Northeast Indiana Radio Readin

June E. Moord thanks Quintus/Loretta Mulligan for the $50.00 gift to Matthew 25 Health and dental C

Sue Lewis thanks Quintus/ Clara Bruns for the $25.00 gift to the YWCA Shelter for Women of Violence,

Nancy Louraine thanks Quintus for the $50.00 gift to Turnstone, 12-13-95

"1995" title on this page with three letters/receipts for Quintus donations

Lillian C. Embick thanks Quintus/ Loretta Mulligan for the $50.00 gift to AJ Audiences Unlimited, 12

Vernon Graham thanks Quintus Loretta Mulligan for the $50.00 gift to The Associated Churches of Fort

GE Fund Matching Gift Center check for $50.00 to Audiences Unlimited 12/11/95

GE Fund Matching Gift Center check for $50.00 to Associated Churches of Fort Wayne 12/11/95

"Obituaries" title on this page with 7 obituaries, 1995

card : "To Thank You"

inside the card: 12-20-1995, signed: The Satterthwaite family

newspaper obituary for Mary Mildred Satterthwaite, retired from GE in 1962

newspaper obituary for Harry L. Chapman, Churubusco

obituary card "In Memory" with a forest and a dear

inside the card: In loving memory of Harry L. Chapman, services and funeral

D. O. McComb & Sons card for Mary Mildred Satterthwaite (July 24, 1913-December 20, 1995)

Newspaper obituary for Michael D. O'Connell, GE worker for 38 years

D. O. McComb & Sons card for Michael D. O'Connell (November 2, 1939-July 7, 1995)

Title page,6 newspaper obituaries, front of a sympathy card with sheep coming down a mountain, thank

Obituaries 1995

Card: Psalm 23:1-3

Obituary 1: Mary M. Schumm, 79,lived in Fort Wayne most of her life. Retired from GE after 47 years.

Cover of card is an expression of thanks.

Inside: Bob and Nancy family of Mary Schumm wrote to Esther and the members of Quintus thanking them

Obituary 2: Winifred Scheurich Dixon, 70, she retired in 1986 after 43 years as a cashier with GE.

Cover: in loving memory

Inside: Winifred J. Dixon, born: June 12, 1925 died: October 14, 1995

Obituary 3: Sylvia V. DePew, pasted away at the age of 80. Surviving are 2 daughters and 1 son. Mar

Obituary 4 along with D.O. McCombs and Sons card: Jacqueline Rose Schowe was stillborn. Date of bi

Obituary 5: Jeanette "Jean" v. Conrad, 79. Retired in 1973 after 35 years of service at GE. July 19

Obituary 6: Cornelia "Nellie" Parr Cotterly 77, retired in 1980 after 30 years at GE.

4 cards

Cover: outline of a landscape with a large tree full of leaves, farmhouse, barn and clouds up above.

Inside: the family of Harry L. Chapman, written by Wanda saying how much she appreciated the warmth

Cover: Thank you in blue letters with flowers, pink, blue and green along the side edge.

Inside: to Quintus members for their kindness shown in remembrance of her son. Marguerite O Connell

Cover: 2 woodpeckers pecking on a tree

Inside: to Mary Stolz from Marguerite sharing her son Michael obit.

Thank you from the family of Michael D. O Connell

Page heading, 1 photo and 1 booklet

January and February 1996: No meetings held on these 2 months

Photo of 3 ladies, all standing, the one in the middle is dressed in black with a gray blazer, 1 in

Purple booklet of the Quintus Chapter Elex 1996-1997, 19th year

Quintus Chapter of Elex Club 1996-1997, Co-Founders Roqua Shideler and Virginia Buhr Dahlin Organize

Elex Club Office, Meetings of Chapters, Chapters of Elex

Chapters of Elex and the derivation of their names

List of Charter Members

Past Presidents

Officers for 1996/1997, Committees and meetings

Officers for 1996/1997, Committees and meetings

Dates of meetings

Dates of meetings

Honorary Members and Associates Members

Honorary Members and Associates Members

Members: Maxine Baker, Dorothy Beasley, Dolores Benzinger, Martha Brenner, Clara Bruns, Betty Campbe

Members: Evelyn Campbell, Wanda Chapman, Flora Crawford, Esther Fisher, Geraldine Frederick Virginia

Members: Betty Fulton, Jeanne Gladieux, Eleanor Giligor, Valda Heinkel, Dee Jackson, Anita Koeneman

Members: Mary Linkhart, Marie Martin, Loretta Mulligan, Martha Musselman, Esther Muzzillo, Annabelle

Members: Mary Saxton, Vera Sesslar, Mary Smoak, Mary Stolz, Pauline Tracy, Annabelle VanCuren, Kathr

Members: Betty Williams, Marilee Young.

In Memory: Charlotte Clover, Jane Crain, Sylvia DePew, Leona Fuller, Luella Boyce, Nancee Morgan, Ad

3 very good sayings: People take your example far more seriously than your advice; Have something to

1996-97 Elex Club Slate of Officers, 15 photos, 3 more names without photos at the bottom of the pag

Evelyn Miller, President, LMCS, T/S

Brenda McCurdy, First Vise-President, GE Motors, 6-2

Pendy Selking, Second Vice-President, GE Motors, 6-2

Kris Gerardot, Secretary, LMCS T/S

Ann Hans, Trustee, LMCS, T/S

Anna Saylor, Trustee, LMCS, T/S

Irene Trimble, Trustee, LMCS, T/S

Carolyne Wagner, Trustee, GE-Transf., 26-5

Marcia Funk, Director, GE-Motors, T/S-14

Liz McGhee, Director, GE-Transf., 26-3

Betsy Meinzen, Director, LMCS, T/S

Judy Mettler, Director, GE-Motors, 19-2

Karol Adams, Carry-over Director, LMCS, T/S

Jan Hoopingarner, Carry-over Director, LMCS, T/S

Cindy Slater, Carry-over Director, LMCS, T/S

April 1996 page with booklet from the 47th GE Midwest Women's Conference, hosted by: Gem Club, Morri

Quad Cities Midwest Magic on The Mississippi River,1996 - front cover of the booklet

Title page: Midwest GE Women's Club 47th Convention Radisson Quad City Plaza Davenport, Iowa April 1

p. 1 Convention Information

p. 2 Friday - April 12, 1996 Registration, Ginny Kimmer, Jeanne Leal

p. 3 Friday - April 12, 1996 Sue Larson, Sharon Walters, Bingo, Mae Nelson, Rosie Truit

p. 4 Saturday April 13, 1996 meetings, Mary Grant, Paula Gladfelter, Helen Null, Deb Schroeder

p. 5 Saturday April 13, 1996 Afternoon Tours

p. 6 Saturday April 13, 1996 evening banquet Kathy Hansen, Jan Earhart, Ben Ulin

p. 7 Sunday - September 20, 1992 worship services Cindy Jones, Sharon Johnson

p. 8 Convention Committees: Paula Gladfelter, Gloria Ivey, Becky Hovey, Deon Stoecker, Mae Nelson, R

p. 9 List of Midwest GE Women's Clubs conventions 1949-1966, location, hostess club, attendance

p. 10 p. 9 List of Midwest GE Women's Clubs conventions continues 1967-1996, location, hostess club,

p. 11 last page " In Appreciation" note from the Gem Club

May 1996 page Installation of new officers and a card with irices

Officers 1996-1997: Marilee Young, Gerry Frederick, Pauline Tracy, Anita Koeneman, Dee Jackson

Committees: Kathryn VanZant, Mary Linkhart, Dorothy Beasley, Martha Brenner, Marie Martin, Evelyn Ca

Services: Mary Stolz, Annabelle Partee, Martha Musselman

card with irises

inside the card; Annabelle Partee to Quintus

June 1996 page with 3 photos and a newspaper article

Photo of Jim Andrews Fort Wayne Zoo

Photo of C.P. Jean Gladieux

newspaper clipping: Rare white alligator arrives at the zoo

photo of three ladies, caption: Serving with Jean are" Dorothy Beasley, Esther Muzzillo + Jean

1996 White Blue-eyed alligator (at Children's Zo) page with a big article

article " Rare Mutant Gator! At the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Page heading with 4 photographs with captions

Heading: July 1996

3 ladies standing. Caption: Kathryn VanZant, Val Heinkel and Eleanor Gligor

4 ladies leaning over a table looking at pictures. Caption: To bring a picture of our self(40 years

8 pictures laying on a table. Caption Mary Stole?

1 photograph within a photograph of a lady in a black dress with a white collar.

Page heading plus 2 photos and a caption.

Heading: August 1996

Picture of 3 ladies sitting at a table at ATZ on Tillman. Mary Saxton, Annabelle VanCuren, Virginia

Another picture with the same 3 ladies. First one is wearing a printed top, next to her a blueish gr

Page heading, a program and 2 pictures with notions.

Heading: September 1996

Orange cover of the 5 Chapter Luncheon on September 17, 1996 called "Golden Memories"

Inside the program for the luncheon:

Attendees: picture of 3 ladies 2 standing: Florence Hargan and Sharon Sebastian; sitting Gerry Frede

Attending the 5 Chapter Luncheon. Picture of 2 ladies sitting at dinning table. Jeanne Gladiex and

3 pictures and captions.

5 Chapter Luncheon: Picture of Long banquet table covered with white table cloth, several ladies si

Picture of Dee Jackson Standing Giving the Quintus Speech

Picture of Lorine Peter Standing at the banquet table.

Page heading with 3 photographs.

Heading: October 1996

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