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Front Cover: Scrapbook engraved in golden letters; sticky note: May 1987-April 1991

Front Cover of Quintus Chapter of Elex Club booklet: Co-founders: Roqua Shideler, Virginia Buhr. Adv

Quintus Chapter has: Flower, Daisy; Colors, Purple & White; Slogan, Stand Together; Meetings; 3rd F

Charter Members: Dorothy Brimeyer, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns, Virginia Buhr, Charlotte Clover, Jane C

List of officers, committees, telephone numbers, history, contacts and hospitality , Roqua Shideler,

Purple Roster page

Memory of Jane E. Crain, Deceased May 26, 1978

Luella Boyce, Dorothy Beasley, Martha Brenner

Dorothy M. Brimeyer, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns, Virginia Buhr, Charlotte Clover, Jeanette Conrad

Marie Griffin, Esther Fisher

Jean France, Virginia Free, Leona Fuller, Marie Gehle Berneice Gephart

Nance Morgan

Luetta House, Lorena E. Heiman, Helen E. Kleim, Blanche Mulligan, Loretta Mulligan

Lela Ompach

Annabelle Partee, Grace Plattner, Geraldine, E. Schmidt, Roqua Shideler, Lorine Peters

Millie Schroeder

Mary Smoak, Nellie Tappmeyer, Helen Wagner, Kathryn Walper, Kathryn Van Zant

Adopted Woman: Fronia Keohl

Purple Programs page

April-June 1978, Hostesses: Roqua Shidler, Virginia Buhr, Clara Bruns, Gerry Schmidt

July-September 1978, hostesses: Mary Smoak, Dorothy Brimeye

Oct-Nov 1978, Hostesses: Marie Goble, Lorena Harman, Nellie, Grace

Dec 15 Christmas Party and New Year festivities, Leona Fuller Berneice, Senior Citizens Center

The Quint poem

Sympathy card loose in front of the book: Cover has a robin on a tree limb in front of a sunny road

Inside a note from Edie Van Doarn

May 1987 page with 5 photos of the new officers installation at Hall's Guest House

caption handwritten: Installation at Hall's Guest House. New officers: Pres Betty Brown, v.pres. Val

photo of the New officers: Pres Betty Brown, v.pres. Valda Heinkel, Secy. Betty Campbell, treas. Lor

photo: Clara Bruns, Betty Brown and other with candles, May 1987

photo of Betty Brown, May 1987

photo of Clara Bruns, May 1987

photo of a table d?cor flower centerpiece

6 more photos from the Installation at Hall's Guest House May 1987 on this page

photo of 8 ladies with candles, May 1987, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns

photo of 5 ladies, May 1987, Betty Brown

photo of the flowers d?cor

photo of 7 ladies with candles, May 1987, Betty Brown

photo of the flowers d?cor

photo of a lady looking at a scrapbook

April 1978 page with Quintus Chapter booklet for their 10th anniversary and two thank you cards

pink covers booklet - 10th Year Quintus 5th chapter of Elex 1987-1988

p. 1 Quintus Chapter 1987-1988, slogan, colors, flower, co-founders Roqua Shideler, Virginia Buhr Da

p. 2 The Joys of This Life

p. 3 Charter Members: Dorothy Brimeyer, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns, Charlotte Clover, Jeanette Conrad,

p. 4 Past presidents: Roqua Shideler, Virginia Buhr Dahlin, Annabelle Partee, Addie Stonebraker, Nel

p. 5 Officers: Betty Brown, Valda Heinkel, Betty Campbell, Loretta Mulligan, Clara Bruns; Committees

p. 6 Board and regular meetings dates and locations: Martha Brenner, Nellie Cotterly, Mary Schumm, G

p. 7 regular meeting schedule continued, August - September 1987: Joan France, Maxine Baker, Marguer

p. 8 regular meeting schedule continued, October-December 1987: Geraldine Frederick, Annabelle Par

p. 9 regular meeting schedule continued, January- April 1988: Faye Lenz, Esther Muzzillo, Virginia

p. 10 regular meeting schedule continued, May 20 1988; Members: Lorine Peters

p. 11 Members list continued: name, address and phone number: Maxine Baker, Glendola Barnett, Doroth

p. 12 Clara Bruns, Betty Campbell, Wanda Chapman, Jeanette Conrad, Nellie Cotterly, Flora Crawford,

p. 13 Sylvia DePew, Lucy Fiechter, Esther Fisher, Joan France, Geraldine Frederick, Virginia Free, B

p. 14 Marie Gehle, Eleanor Gligor, Marie Griffin, Katherine Hanshew, Lorena Heiman, Valda Heinkel, A

p. 15 Violet Klopfenstein, Anita Koeneman, Faye Lenz, Mary Linkhart, Margaret Miller, Blanche Mulli

p. 16 Martha Musselman, Esther Muzzillo, Jean Nebehy, Berneice Newer, Marguerite O'Connell, Lela Oms

p. 17 Annabelle Partee, Grace Plattner, Mildred Schroeder, Mary Schumm, Roqua Shideler, Virginia Sim

p. 18 Addie Stonebraker, Annabelle Van Curen, Kathryn Walper, Betty Williams, Kathryn Van Zant, Sigr

p. 19 Eugenia Kingrey, Mildred Gronau, Helen Keim; In Memory: Charlotte Clover, Jane Crain, Leona Fu

card with two kids on a garden bench

inside the card: Lorine Peters writes to Quintus members

card with red roses

inside the card: Addie S. thanks for the lovely plant

June meeting

June label

Six ladies behind table with coffee and pie slices

Photo with caption--Beverly Yingst taught us basket weaving. Ladies have name tags on, but most are

Women working on basket weaving

Two ladies starting a basket

Learning how to basket weave

Two women trying out weaving baskets

Meeting pictures, article of Elex officers for 1987-1988, and photo of Betty Fultons' dogs

Ladies receiving instruction in basket weaving

Three women looking at what appears to be packages of decorated napkins

Elex officers 1987-88. L-R front are Fred Eckart company representative; Cindy Slater 2nd vice -pr

Photo of Betty Fulton's Yorkshire Terriers: Brutus and Bruno

July Quintus auction

July label

Note--Roqua Shideler was auctioneer for an auction that netted $91.75 for Quintus

Six ladies standing behind refreshment table

Roqua auctions an embroidery item

Lady at snack table

Roqua holding an auction item

Auctioning two decorative pillow

August page and picnic at Lake George

August label

Quintus Picnic at Lake George--group photo

Two ladies eating on cottage steps

Lady picking out a melon while two others watch on

Women enjoying picnic by the lake

Six Quintus ladies posing by wheelbarrow of melons

3 photographs, 1 recipe, 1 card

Photo with caption - Lucy Fiechter and husband with deer they made, lake in background

Photo of sailboat on lake

Photo of group of about 37 women on deck of lake house

Recipe for Yum Yum Good Cake by Lorena Heiman

Front of card with painted autumn scenery

Inside of card - Thank you from Betty Williams for prayers and cards during health issues

September page - four photographs with captions

September label

Photo of Chapter Presidents at Sept. 15 meeting - Lois Turris (El Par), Clara Patterson (Partizan),

Photo of Elex president Edith Van Doorn and 1st vice president Sandra Tucker

Photo of woman with centerpiece, shares caption with next photo.

Photo of woman with green and white afghan. Caption: Prizes won by Virginia Dahlin and Betty Fulton

September 23 trip to Beef and Boards and Union Station - 1 brochure, 1 postcard, 1 anagram puzzle, 2

Page heading - Our trip on September 23 to Beef and Boards and Union Station

Beef & boards brochure cover - Mame (the musical) - September 9-November 8

Brochure - page 1 - Production staff and producers

Brochure - page 2 - Mame cast and crew

Brochure - page 3 - Cast of performers and list of scenes

Brochure - page 4 - cast bios, J. Gregory Davis, Jay Clayton, Cynthia Meryl

Brochure - page 5 - cast bios, Judy Johnson, Diane Houghton, Brian Horton, Doug Holmes

Brochure - page 6 - cast bios, Kim Johnson, Mark Korres, Garrett Lutz, Jill Patton

Postcard of Union Station

Anagram puzzle

Photo of 3 women standing outdoors

Photo of women on bus - Caption: Betty Fulton's fancy hose

2 photographs and 1 thank you card

Photo of 3 women standing outdoors

Photo of woman beside Christmas tree

Front of card has bucket of berries spilled out onto red and white cloth on ground

Inside of card - Thank you from Grace Plattner

October page - Midwest convention

October label

Description - 1987 Elex Convention, October 2-4 at Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 249 E

Convention brochure cover with postcard of Michigan shoreline inserted

Brochure page 1 - Title page - 1987 Midwestern General Electric Women's Club Convention

Brochure page 2 - convention information, Tim Kistler

Brochure page 3 - convention program - Friday

Brochure page 4 - convention program - Saturday

Brochure page 5 - convention program - Saturday, Larry Cox, Ray Finecey, John Boyd, Brenda Bos, Joey

Brochure page 6 - convention program - Sunday, Doris Brinks, Lois Achterhof

Brochure page 7 - List of convention locations 1949-1988

Brochure page 8 - 1987 Rotor-Stator-ette Membership - Lois Ashterhof, Martha Adams, Mary Amaro, Stel

Postcard of Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Pantlind Ballroom

Photo of Pres. Edie Van Doorn, Fred Eckart and Lois Perrine

Photo of 9 Quintus members at the conference: Loretta Mulligan, Betty Campbell, Val Heinkel, Betty B

7 photographs from 1987 Elex Convention

Photo of 6 women: Betty Campbell, Lois Perrine, Vera Neuenschwander, Val Heinkel, Hulda S. (Sturzen

Photo with caption: At the Grand Amway Hotel

Photo of woman standing beside large flower arrangement

Photo of 3 women standing

Photo of many women seated at banquet tables

Photo of 2 women standing

Photo with caption: Banjo player provided entertainment on Saturday night

1 program, 1 brochure, 1 photograph from 1987 Elex Convention

Candlelight Service program front

Candlelight Service - page 2, Brenda Bos

Candlelight Service - page 3

Gerald Ford Museum brochure

Brochure page 2

Brochure page 3 - convention program - Friday

Brochure page 4

Brochure page 5

Photo with caption: Civic auditorium across from Grand Amway Hotel

5 photographs from October 12th Elex Supper Style Show

Photo 1 - Annabelle Porter in pink dress

Photo 2 - Woman in pants outfit

Photo 3 - Woman with black pants and white jacket

Photo 4 - Woman in pink dress with caption: Annabelle Porter, a model at the October 12th Elex suppe

Photo 5 - Annabelle Porter modeling her dress

4 photographs from October 16 program, 1 newspaper clipping

Photo 1 - 6 women standing behind dessert table

Photo 2 - Caption: October 16 program - Flo Wilson gave a book review "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trou

Photo 3 - Woman seated behind pumpkin and flowers

Clipping - Fort Wayne Elex Club first to subscribe to the Friendship Milk Train Campaign, Betty Stei

Photo 4 - 5 women standing behind dessert table

November page - 4 photographs and 1 note card

November label

Photo 1 - 5 women standing behind dessert table

Photo 2 - Caption: Steve Meyers from the Allen County Public Library's Genealogy Department was spea

Photo 3 - Dessert table with cornucopia centerpiece

Photo 4 - Caption: Marie Griffin Martin - our new bride

Blue notecard

Thank you for wedding gift (gift card to Halls) - from Marie & Alec Martin to Quintus girls

December page - 5 photographs

December label

Page heading - Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Hall's Guest House

Photo 1 - 7 women at gift table

Photo 2 -Woman in white jacket

Photo 3 - Caption: Mildred Schroeder and Mary Linkhart won candy made by Lucy Feichter

Photo 4 - 2 women in front of Christmas tree

Photo 5 - Woman holding up her gift (wind chimes?)

3 greeting cards

Card 1 - Thank you card from Esther Fisher

Inside of card 1

Inside of card 2 - To members of Quintus - thank you for cards and letters - from Esther Fisher

Card 2 - Christmas wish to all

Inside of card 1

Inside of card 2 - to all Quintus Chapter members from Lorine Peters

Card 3 - Happy Holidays

Inside of card 1 - Note to Betty from Helen Keim and Psalm 96:11-13

Inside of card 2 - Christmas greeting from Helen Keim

Obituary, note of Dorothy Brimeyer's brother passing, and two cards

Front of card People like you make the world nicer

Thank you from Annabelle Van Curen for expressions of sympathy

Obituary for Kenneth J Redding, brother of Annabelle Van Curen, Janet Kahale, Mabel Magnuson, Helen

Handwritten note that Dorothy Brimeyer's brother, Oscar Meyer died in December

Front of sympathy card

Card to Quintus members who lost family members during the holidays, from Elex president Edie VanDoo

January-February 1988 Thank you cards, deaths of Adeline Stonebraker, Burlen W Beasley, and Agnes T

January-February 1988 label

Picture of Adeline R Stonebraker, Born August 30 1917 Died January 4, 1988

Obituary for Adeline "Addie" Stonebraker, Flora Sordelet, Jeanette Brown, Marie Lauer, Catherine Hof

Front of Thank You card

Thank you to Quintus for cards, plant and visits , Flora Crawford

Obituary of Burlen W Beasley, brother of Dorothy V Beasley dated 1/21/88

Obituary of Agnes T Cordes dated Feb 88, Ann Hettinger, Joseph Cordes

Thank you card front

Mary Linkhart thanks Quintus for angel, plant, visits, phone calls, and cards during hospital stay

Card front with N initial

Thank you to Annabelle and Quintus for plants and cards sent to Jean Nebehy

March pictures of meeting, obituary, and thank you cards

March label

Shamrock 1

Shamrock 2

Shamrock 3

Six ladies at March meeting

Bob O'Reilly showed his film of a trip to Ireland

Death notice of Horace G "Chip" VanMatre, brother of Virginia Free

Thank you card front cover

Thank you to Quintus from Ginny Free

Front of floral thank you card

Lorine Peters sends thanks for get well cards she received from Quintus

April Meeting and 10th Anniversary of Quintus with purple crepe paper decoration

April label

Six women by refreshment table at meeting

Table decorated for Quintus' 10th Anniversary

Special 10th Anniversary Quintus cake

Daisies Quintus club flower

Daisy corsage

Meeting pictures and photos from New Orlean's trip

Charter Members picture: L-R Clara Bruns, Marie Gehle, Betty Brown, Virginia Free, Lorena Heiman, Ro

Photo: Lorena Heiman got the centerpiece

Charter Members of Quintus on 10th Anniversary

Photo of New Member Jean Gladieux

Picture of 5 Quintus members who went on the Elex trip to New Orleans April 30-May 6: Virginia Simon

1987-1988 Annual Report-Quintus Chapter of Elex page 1

1987-1988 Annual Report-Quintus Chapter of Elex page 2

May-Installation Banquet at Hall's Guest House

May label

Caption-May 20 1988 Installation Banquet at Hall's Guest House with outgoing officers as hostesses,

Two ladies performing candle ceremony while another looks on

Two different women doing candle ceremony

New officers with their candles

Lady holding gavel with flower

Candle ceremony continues with two more women

Another officer is installed

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