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front cover, red leather, at the bottom right corner: QUINTUS VOL II

front page: title: 1983-'84 MAY, Quintus program, a photo and handwritten notes. New officers Virgin

pink covers booklet: 1983-1984 Quintus Chapter, 5th Chapter of Elec, 6th year, decorated with daisie

p. 1 Roqua Shideler, Virginia Buhr Dahlin, Lorene Peters

p. 2 poem "True Happiness"

p. 3 List of members: Dorothy Brimeyer, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns, Virginia Buhr Dahlin, Charlotte Cl

p. 4 Marie Griffin, Mary Linkhart, Virginia Dahlin, Nellie Cotterly, Esther Fisher, Betty Williams,

p. 5 meetings, hostesses: Kathryn Walper, Rose Billue, Fay Lenz, Martha Brenner, Annabelle Partee, H

p. 6 meetings, hostesses: Betty Brown, Esther Fisher, Virginia Free, Joan France, Virginia Simon, Ka

p. 7 meetings, hostesses: Roqua Shideler, Peggy Bandt, Ferne Painter, Addie Stonebraker, Agnes Corde

p. 8 Eleanor Gligor, Glendola Barnett, Alice Jenkins, Flora Crawford, Betty Williams, Emma Nickelson

p. 9 Members: Maxine Baker, Peggy Bandt, Glendola Barnett, Dorothy Beasley, Rose Billue, Luella Boyc

p. 10 Members: Dorothy Brimeyer, Betty Brown, Clara Bruns, Wanda Chapman, Jeanette Conrad, Agnes Co

p. 11 Members: Nellie Cotterly, Flora Crawford, Virginia Dahlin, Esther Fisher, Joan France, Virgini

p. 12 Members: Betty Fulton, Marie Gehle, Eleanor Fligor, Marie Griffin, Mildred Gronau, Kathryn Han

p. 13 Members: Alice Jenkins, Helen Keim, Eugenia Kingrey, Fay Lenz, Mary Linkhart, Blanche Mulligan

p. 14 Members: Esther Muzzillo, Bernice Newer, Emma Nickelson, Margaret Norman, Lela Omspach, Ferne

p. 15 Members: Lorene Peters, Grace Plattner, Geraldine Schmidt, Mildred Schroeder, Roqua Shideler,

p. 16 Members: Mary Smoak, Addie Stonebraker, Kathryn Walper, Betty Williams, Kathryn Van Zent, Sigr

p. 17 Leona Fuller, associate member, last page

photo, caption: Quintus Installation at Club Olympia on May 20

note in purple ink: New Officers: Virginia Dahlin, Maxine Baker, Mary Linkhart, Marie Griffin, Nelli

5 photos, 2 drawings and a daisy

photo of a woman in red dress and a candle

photo of 6 women with candles

photo of 3 women with candles

photo of 3+1 women with candles

photo of two women: one holding a candle, the other reading from a piece of paper

sketch of a cow

daisy cut out

sketch of a fish

6 photographs with captions

Photo - Woman in pink dress holding flowers - caption says: Flowers for Nellie Cotterly, outgoing Pr

Photo - women seated at banquet tables with caption: Bernice (Gephart) Newer, our new bride

Photo - 2 women holding flower arrangement with candle - caption: Lorine Peters

Photo - Many women seated at long banquet table, not captioned

Photo - Woman standing in white pantsuit - caption: New member Katherine Hanshew

Photo - Many women seated at long banquet table, not captioned

June page - 3 sections of program and 1 photograph from True Grist Dinner Theatre event

June page header

Cover from True Grist Dinner Theatre program, Homer, Mich. - James Miller presents The Odd Couple by

Cast and Synopsis of the Odd Couple from program - Bruce Mowrer, Todd Hissong, Matthew Sarles, Charl

Photo of True Grist Dinner Theatre buildings

From program - About True Grist

1 newspaper clipping, 3 photographs, 1 business card

Clipping - P. Todd Fox, Karl Trader, Mary Bills, Tim McKanic pictured in write-up about The Odd Coup

Photo - 5 performers on stage in The Odd Couple

Photo - grandfather clock

Photo - 2 performers on stage in front of seated audience

Business Card - Grist House Antiques & Collectibles - Ray & Jan Daviau, Homer, MI.

3 photographs, 1 handwritten caption, 1 picture of camera

Photo - 5 women standing behind table

Photo - 1 woman standing with open book

Photo - flower arrangement on food table

Caption - June 17 at Shawnee Library - Verneal Amstutz (speaker) - topic "Love", excerpts from Leo B

Caption: Our new camera - Kodak disc 6000 camera pictured

page heading, 1 recipe card, 3 photographs, 1 newspaper obituary

July page heading

Recipe card for Cowboy Cookies from Betty Fulton with caption: Betty Fulton's good cookies!

Photo of 4 standing women with caption: July 15 at Fairfield Apartments

Photo of 2 tables of seated women

Photo of Marguerite O'Connell (new member)

Obituary dated July 3, 1983 for Everett J. Redding, wife Mary Margaret, son Dennis, daughters Mary A

1 brochure

Brochure - Ontario/Canada Niagara Falls with photo of river

Inside of Brocure has itinerary for trip from July 23-30, 1983

Brochure flap continues information about trip with GE inside and outside mailing address listed for

Page caption and 5 photographs from Hudson Bay trip

Page caption - Elex July shut-down trip to Hudson Bay (pictures taken by Flora Crawford)

Photo - Man and woman standing

Photo - group standing on concrete steps

Photo - 2 women standing in front of flower bed

Photo - 4 women standing in front of building

Photo - front of Quints Home Museum

August page heading and 6 photographs

August page heading - August 19 at Lake George

Photo - committee planning the picnic (6 women)

Photo - 6 standing women posing

Photo - women filling plates at food table

Photo - women filling plates at food table

Photo - 4 women standing behind woman seated in lawn chair

Photo - 3 woman seated on deck steps watching women and lake in front of them

6 more photos from Lake George and a clipping about Valda Heikel retirement

photo of the ladies on the deck

photo of two ladies in shorts

photo of Valda Heinkel, new member (caption)

clipping: Valda L. Heikel retires

photo of 3 ladies on the dock

photo of a lady in blue pants and more on the deck

photo of some ladies on lawn chairs

6 photos from the Hall's Guest House, Pen El Chapter September 14, 1983

caption: 5-chapter picnic at Hall's Guest House - Pen El chapter hostesses Sept. 14, 1983

photo of 6 ladies, caption: chapter presidents

photo of ladies at the restaurant, caption: a table of Quintus members

photo of Dorothy Faulkner, Pen El Chapter president

photo of a lady in front of a quilt

photo of 3 Quintus members

September 1983 page with 3 more photos from Don Hall Guest House and a thank you card

photo of 6 ladies with fruit buckets, caption: Quintus won the prizes

photo of two ladies in front of the quilt, caption: Blanche Mulligan won the quilt!

photo of a fruit basket

thank you card with flowers in a yellow tea pot

inside the card: Marguerite O'Connell thanks the Quintus girls

October 1983 page: a purple ribbon, Elex Club News and a newspaper photo

purple ribbon Dan Ge, caption: Elex convention at Danville, Illinois

a page of Elex Club News from June 1983 about the GE Midwest Women's Clubs Convention September 30,

newspaper photo of ladies loading their luggage in the bus: Elex Club parties in Peoria: Fran Kuzeff

a letter and a program on this page, September - October 1983, 35th Midwest Ge Women's Clubs Convent

letter from GE, Fred Eckart and Bill Woods invite the Elex members to the reception at the Continent

program agenda for the convention in the shape of the state of Illinois

a booklet for the convention on this page

front cover: map of Illinois, title: Dan-GE Potpourri in '83, Continental Regency Hotel Sept 3-, Oct

back of the front cover: definitions of Potpourri

p. 1 the program for Friday Sept 1, Marilyn Middlemas, Stone Country Band

p. 2 Saturday Oct 1, Jean Gill, Peggy Adair, Lucy F. Miele, Patty Clutter

p. 3 Land of Lincoln Banquet, Ardith Hughes, Royce Elliott and "Rip Chords"

p. 4 Sunday Oct. 2, 1983 Chr. Jamie Woodson, Pearl Ballard, Carol Smail

last page: list of all conventions since 1949 with location, club name and attendance

materials from the convention on this page

flyer for the candlelight service, front page

inside the flyer: a prayer and a pledge by Roqua Schideler 1955

candlelight service chairman Carol Smail

church service program, Jameseller Woodson, Audrey Brandon, Linda Mason, Anna Woods, Margie Woodard

"Kiss Me Kate" presented by Conklin Players Dinner Theatre at Tumberline, Goodfield, Illinois

a list of Musical Numbers in two acts

newspaper clipping, 3 photos and a card on this page, October 1983

clipping: Remember When Club to meet Oct. 17, Dorothy Crist, Annabelle Partee

photo of ladies at a table, caption: Attendance prizes at Remember When dinner

photo of 5 ladies, caption: October 21, meeting at Shawnee Library

photo of Social Security office speaker - Paul Schmidt (caption)

thank you card with yellow roses

inside the card: Marie A. Griffin thanks Quintus girls for their cards for the death of her brother

two photos and two show programs on this November page

photo from a bus, caption: November 17 meeting held on the bus to Indianapolis

photo from a restaurant

Beef & Boards, Funny Girl by Isobel Lennart

Musical Numbers in three acts

two thank you cards and a newspaper obituary on this page

Beef Boards thank you card, front

inside: Beef Boards hopes to see them all in '84

inside: Beef Boards thanks Mrs. Shideler, signed: Sally

card with leaves

inside Mrs. William Yeiter thanks Quintus girls for the plant and for them thinking of her

newspaper obituary of William J. Yeiter

5 photos from the Quintus Christmas Partu on this December page

caption with purple ink: Quintus Christmas party at Club Olympia on December 16, 1983

photo of 5 ladies at a table near Christmas tree

photo of 7 ladies

photo of a lady and a mirror

photo of 3 ladies at the party

photo of more ladies partying

2 photos and 2 Christmas cards on this page

photo of a lady with a present

photo of 3 ladies, caption: L to R: Sylvia De Pew, Margaret Miller, new members and Marguerite O'Con

card: Christmas Thoughts

inside the card: Jenny Free signed

card: Holiday Wishes To All of You

inside the card: to Quintus from Lorene

a letter and a memo on this page, December 1983

letter from Foellinger, Audiences Unlimited, Inc. to Quintus, acknowledging and grateful for the $3

Memo from Melvin R. Phillips to Virginia from the Quintus for the Quintus gift for Project 25

5 photos and a business card on this March '84 - April page

photo of 6 ladies, caption: Quintus meeting March 16th at Shawnee Library

photo of a lady with St. Patrick's green hat, caption: Nellie Cotterly won her St. Patrick's day hat

photo of a lady in white, possibly Mary Ellen Hillegas

pink business card of Mary Kay cosmetics, Mary Ellen Hillegas, Skin Care Consultant

photo of 4 ladies in front of a table with food

photo of two ladies, caption: Georgetown Library April 27

Elex Club News and photos from Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Michigan and Fairlane Town Center in D

Meadow Brook Hall

Three women on grounds of Meadow Brook Hall

Two ladies in front of McDonald's

Three Elex ladies by tour bus

Elex Club News regarding plans for day trip to Michigan

1983-1984 Quintus Chapter Annual Report

May 1984-1985 Quintus Chapter book and photo of Installation of new officers

Label for 1984-1985 year

Front cover of 1984-1985 Quintus book

Title page of book with club symbols and founders

Pages 2 and 3. Poem on Kindness; Charter Members and Past Presidents

Pages 4 and 5. Past Presidents (cont'd); Committees 1984-1985, Board and Regular Meetings.

Pages 6 and 7. Regular meetings (con't)

Pages 8 and 9. Regular meetings, Installation Banquet date and start of members list through Doroth

Pages 10 and 11. Members list through Eleanor Gligor

Pages 12 and 13. Members list through Emma Nickelson

Pages 14 and 15. Members through Sigrid Yeiter

Page 16. Associate Member Leona Fuller. In Memoriam May 30, 1984

Quintus Installation of new officers May 18. L-R Marie Griffin, Director: Mary Linkhart, President:

Six photos from Installation Banquet

Photo 1 Three ladies standing by banquet table

Photo 2 Three ladies by table, two by window

Photo 3 Two women lighting candles

Quintus member standing behind table

Two ladies with lit candles

New Quintus officers

More Installation Banquet photos, obituary for Leona M. Fuller

Flowers for Marie Griffin, out-going President

Floral piece

Three women sitting and three standing

Two women lighting their candles

Three women in candle light ceremony

Obituary dated May 30, 1984 for Leona M Fuller

two newspaper clippings and 4 photos on this June page

newspaper photo of the Elex club officers for 1984-85: Lois Fuhrmann, Shirley Beard, Sally Eichhorn,

clipping with photo of Sally Eichhorn, president

photo of 4 ladies

photo of Nomi Querly, caption:" New member"

photo of a lady at a table with flowers and candles

photo of the centerpiece decoration - roses

4 clippings on this page about Miss Virginia's Mission House

caption:" Quintus gave $100 to Miss Virginia's Mission House"

newspaper article by Dave Haynes of the News-Sentinel: Miss Virginia's Mission House: a miracle plac

article continues

newspaper photo of Paul T. Rezel and Miss Virginia Schrantz serve free food to the poor at Mission H

newspaper obituary for Flora S. Brown, sister of Cornelia Cotterly

3 photos and a card on this July page

photo of 5 ladies around a table with flowers and cookies

photo of the table with flowers, candles and food

photo of a lady with a framed butterfly, caption: Yvonne Klachn embroidery guild of America, "show a

card to Quintus

back of the card, signed by Yvonne Klachn

5 photos on this August page, caption: Picnic at Lake George

photo of the ladies at a table, Picnic at Lake George

photo from the Picnic at Lake George

photo of 3 ladies sitting in lawn chairs at a deck

photo of a group of ladies, Picnic at Lake George

photo Picnic at Lake George

6 photos, Picnic at Lake George, August 1984

photo from the Picnic at Lake George

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, two ladies eating

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, group of ladies at the deck

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, melon curved

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, table with food and ladies around it

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, ladies at the deck playing cards

6 photos from the picnic at Lake George

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, view toward the deck, table with two ladies up front

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, table with four ladies

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, a lady in red tank top

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, view from the lawn

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, outdoor games

photo from the Picnic at Lake George, the deck, lady in white up front

5 photos from the picnic at Lake George August, 1984

photo, picnic at Lake George

photo, picnic at Lake George, zoom ball

photo, picnic at Lake George, deck

photo, picnic at Lake George, zoom ball game

photo, picnic at Lake George, two ladies at the deck

four thank you cards on this September page

Special Thanks to All of You card with apples, squirrels and birds

inside the card Marie thanks Quintus members for the cards and the plant, she missed the picnic at

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