Andrew Forst (most likely) TINTYPE

Unknown couple TINTYPE

Alma Forst Pierce seated in white dress

Unknown baby wearing hat TINTYPE

Unknown woman posing TINTYPE

Jake Forst as a child (Alma Forst uncle or cousin)

Andrew Goodsell (son of Clara Forst Goodsell)

Clara Forst Goodsell (sister of Alma Forst Pierce)

Frank Carlton Pierce with Alma and Robert Pierce ...

Alma Forst Pierce at Aunt Sarah Forst Wright's when it belonged to Andrew and Mary Forst

Probably John Forst with Hattie Barber Forst TINTYPE

John Forst (most likely) TINTYPE

Mary Frey Forst (Andrew's wife and Alma's mother)

Unknown couple TINTYPE

Labeled Andrew, but most likely Jacob Forst, Sr. TINTYPE

Unknown baby TINTYPE

Sarah Veasey

Frank Carlton Pierce sitting on left with two unknown men

Frank Carlton Pierce portrait

Lula Forst Hayward

Unknown family posing on scene of moon and stars

Ella Forst Rasler (sister of Alma) and Frank Rasler

Alma Forst Pierce pregnant with Robert (died as a baby) on a dredge boat

Fred Forst (brother of Alma) and Esther? Forst

Robert Pierce at dinner on a dredge boat, possibly in Hugo, Minnesota

Robert Pierce seated on steps of dredge boat, maybe in Hugo, Minnesota circa 1916 to 1918

Fred Forst portrait

Alma Forst Pierce on far right with Lake Bethel Church

[left to right] Ira Elcho-Harbaugh, Mark Coney

Sarah Forst Wright (possibly college graduation)

Miss Jessie Pierce, Stroh, Indiana

Andrew Forst, Clara Forst Goodsell, Ella Forst Rasler

Jacob Eatinger, son of Alma Pierce's cousin

Franklin Dale Pierce as baby in spring of 1926

Miss Lucinda Forst, South Milford R 1 (Andrew Forst's sister, daughter of Isaac)

Baby Robert Forst Pierce (son of Alma) in casket

1-Franklin Dale Pierce, 2-Mary Jean Pierce, 3-Kathryn Roberta Pierce (Reed),

Unknown woman in car, man speaking to her

Maude Perkins Murry (relative of John Forst's wife) and Mr. Blanchard

Mrs. Maude Sousley

Unknown women

Unknown man taken in Chicago

Will Pray family (no relation)

Cora, Jacob and Charles Eatinger

Lucinda Forst and John Forst (brother and sister) with unknown child

Frank Rasler (husband of Ella Forst)

Alma Forst Pierce and Ella Forst Rasler on vacation in the Rockies during 1958

Unknown woman

Zella Rippie (no relation)

Unknown baby with toy horse

Robert Pierce in front of dredge with workers

Uncle Frank Pierce [2nd from left in black hat] under a tree with other musicians

Aunt Lizzie Forst with Uncle Levi Hostetler

Unknown woman in the Himalayas

Frank Carlton Pierce in front of car circa 1946

Laura Chaffee Ford

Justus L. Pierce while a member of the militia

Mary Barber

Barber girl--"one of mother's friends"

Unknown baby

Unknown farm couple--Marysville, Kansas

Ethel Miller Hollopeter (relationship unknown)

Christian Crusaders band

John Forst in work clothes

Will Goffes with baby--Grant City, Missouri

Mary Frey Forst, February 24, 1879

Unknown couple

Unknown man posing near column

Unknown baby

Two unknown women

Unknown woman

Unknown woman with child

Mary Jean Pierce as a child

John Forst

Paul Sousley

Cousin Glenn Broderick Arnold of Elkhart and San Francisco

Jessie Pierce in front of her house in Stroh during the winter

Group photo in front of building (possibly church group)

Mary Jean Pierce at the beach

Mary Jean Pierce also at the beach

Clara Forst Goodsell, Sarah Forst Wright and Alma Forst Pierce [first three]

Sarah and Alma Forst in front of porch

Clara and Alma Forst [Alma standing]

Andrew and Mary Frey Forst and family

Robert Broderick Pierce and Alzina Shields Pierce farmhouse

Uncle Frank Pierce standing on dredge

Robert Broderick Pierce

Ella Forst Rasler

Unknown men at boiling pot near auto


Sarah Forst at age 22

Ella Rasler and unknown friend

Alma Pierce in white dress in front of Stroh house

Adult Sarah Forst Wright (teacher)

Floyd and Sarah Forst Wright

Robert and Alma Pierce in horse and buggy

Gerald, Kathryn and Mary Jean Pierce.

Andrew Forst in his 80s

Robert and Alma Forst Pierce wedding photo

Dredge with crew

Dredge also with crew

Tri-State college photo with Frank C. Pierce

[1st row] Harrison Grandle

[standing, left to right] Miss Madge Bucher, Stroh

Tri-State college photo with Frank C. Pierce

Alma Forst Pierce with her brother-in-law Earl Hayward

Ella Rasler and an unknown person

Dorcas Bupp and her invalid baby brother

Harold Reed

Mary Frey Forst (mother of Alma Forst Pierce) with Andrew Goodsell

Miss Nettie Ashley, Stroh, Indiana

Jessie Pierce (daughter of Robert B. Pierce)

Shields family home at the east end of Lake of the Woods

Donald Hayward in front of a P-47 airplane

Alma Forst Pierce swimming with an unknown woman

Robert Pierce [2nd from right] with dredge works in 1917

Alma and Kathryn Pierce circa 1919

Franklin Dale Pierce in front of Aunt Ella's house

John Forst standing on a lawn

Justus L. Pierce funeral collage

Frank Carlton Pierce portrait

Marguerite Sadler Forst

Andrew Forst farm

Aunt Jessie Pierce and her class

Mrs. Weltha Swoveland, WM

Laura Chaffee-Ford (Green, Kansas)

Grandpa Valentine Frey

Ella Forst Rasler holding Andrew Goodsell

Two cars with possibly Alma Pierce

"camera picture taken by Vern Jackson:

Frank Carlton Pierce [left side]

Sarah Forst Wright [left] and Ella Forst Rasler

Group of people with Jessie Pierce

Harvey Forst

Unknown boy

Unknown couple--Lamar, Colorado

Justus Pierce

Unknown couple--Clay Center, Kansas

Unknown woman (taken in Angola, Indiana)

Unknown couple and two children--Clay City, Kansas

Aunt Sarah Forst and Uncle John Forst

Unknown man

Unknown woman

Ruth (age 7 years) and Frisco (age 5 years) Crawl

Harriet Brooks

Pamelia Brodrick Pierce

Robert Pierce

Robert Pierce