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1 typed letter from Make-A-Wish Foundation

Letter to Bonnie Knox from Brooke Billingsly of Make-a-Wish Foundation, thank you for contribution.

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter Elex, Bonnie Knox, From Philip Magid of Shriners Hospitals for Children, th

1 booklet, 1 plastic holder with insert

Booklet Cover - 50th Anniversary Pen-El, 1954-2004, "For Others", November 10, 2004

Page 2 - program mentions Edie Van Doorn, Ida Schmidtke, Helen Thieme, Lorine Peters, Marty Wolfe, B

Page 3 - Pen-El past presidents mentions Grace Collins, Ethel Brown, Estella Morrolf, Ida Mugford, E

Page 4 - mentions Betty Goff (deceased), Pat gates, Mary Hirschmann, Florence Kaiser, Vera Neuenschw

Page 5 - History of Pen-El mentions Nettie Englebrecht, Roqua Shideler, Grace? Collins.

Page 6 - Roqua (Schideler), Ida Mugford.

Page 7 - history continued

Page 8 - Helen Thieme.

Page 9 - Martha Baumgartner, Florence Kaiser, Mary Hirschmann.

Page 10 - Martha Baumgartner, Betty Goff, Bessie Shields.

Page 11 - Marilyn Roth, Helen Thieme

File of Life - plastic with insert

Emergency information card side 1 (all blank)

Emergency information card side 2 (all blank)

1 folded program on gold paper

Program for Honorette's Roundup, September 27, 2004 with cowboy and lasso image

Page 2 - Clydie Kelso, Sally Driscoll, Joe Taylor, Patty Corbett, Sharon Sebastian, Marty Wolfe, Bet

Page 3 - Clydie Kelso

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter Elex, Sara Saxman, From Philip Magid of Shriners Hospitals for Children, th

1 typed letter

Letter to Sarah Jane Saxman, Pen-El Chapter Elex Club, from Becky Hill of ywca, thank you for contri

1 memorandum, one brochure about ywca program Eliminating Racism Empowering Women

Memorandum to Friends of YWCA from Marita Hattern of YWCA about Salvation Army purchase of YWCA camp

Trifold brochure - ywca strategic planning report

Address panel of brochure

Page 1 - eliminating racism empowering women ywca, Strategic Planning Report, August 2004

Page 2 - Planning overview by Marita Hattern.

Page 3 - Program/Service Mix by Jerri Lerch, Leadership by Barbara Berghoff.

Page 4 - Facilities by Liz Frederick, Image and awareness by Molly Woodhouse

Page 5 - Financial management and development by Jo Ellen Gustin.

2-sided memo on yellow paper

Page 1 - Memo to YWCA members from Marita Hattern, September 10, 2005, Annual Meeting President's Re

Page 2 -? President's Report Summary continued

Back cover

Gold paper - side 1

Song lyrics

Gold paper - side 2

Song lyrics continued

one issue of Reflections and one letter

Reflections, Visiting Nurse & Hospice Home newsletter, Summer 2004 issue

p. 2, annual report for 2003

p. 3 Meet Dave Hoover, R.N.

p.3 Bloomin' good people, mailing address to Pen-El Chapter Elex Club, 5433 Smith St, Fort Wayne, IN

a letter from Jane Avery, executive Director of the Community Harvest Food Bank to Pen-El Chapter El

two letters

letter from Andy Candor, president of the Visiting Nurse & Hospice Home to Pen-El, thanks for the gi

letter from Napolean Hendrix III, manager of American Red Cross, to Sarah and John Saxman, thanks fo

two letters from November 2004

letter from Fr. Phillip Windman, pastor of Saint Mary's Catholic Church to Sarah Saxman, soup kitche

letter from Nancy K. Schenkel and Ann C. Hathaway from Matthey 25 Health Clinic to Pen_el Chapter El

letter from Jean Joley, Volunteer Center, Allen County Safe Kids Coalition to Pen-El for the $100.00

letter from Pastor Dave Humphreys to Pen-El for the $100.00 donation for the Thanksgiving meal, Nove

four photos

photo of Bessie Shields, Judi Morrise ad another lady

photo of Loraine Paff and Virginia Lous

photo of Sarah Saxman and two other ladies

photo of two ladies

four photos

photo of 3 ladies

photo of Betty Goff, Mary Hirschmann and a lady in blue short sleeve jacket over a white top

photo of Jean Campbell, Mary Stewart and two other ladies

photo of Loraine Paff ad another lady in light blue jacket

1 yellow folded program

Program cover - "Memories" September 16, 2005, Hall's guesthouse, Hosted by: Quintus Chapter

Inside, page 1 - Elex 5-Chapter Luncheon mentions Dee Jackson (Quintus), Marty Wolfe (Partizan), Lou

Inside, page 2 - Dick Helmsing, Betty Campbell, Dee Jackson

1 thank you note, 1 trifold invitation

Folded thank you note - cover shows round blue seal that says Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinics, Es

Inside page 1 - Bible verse Matthew 25:34-40

Thank you from Nancy Schenkel to Pen-El Chapter

Trifold invitation - outside

Panel 1 and 2 form complete picture of boats moored in canal lined with buildings

Panel 3 is blank except for the words: You are Cordially Invited ...

Inside panel 1 - Whitington Homes and Services for Children & Families invites you to "Fall in Love

Inside panel 2 - Describes featured artists works to be auctioned

Inside panel 3 - detachable RSVP card

1 yellow sheet

Pen El 2005 Meeting -? gives scheduled events March-December 2005

1 pink sheet

Pen-El Officers of 2005 - Pat Gates, Marilyn Roth, Helen Thieme, Lois Perrine, Sarah Saxman, Edie Va

Letter from Whitington Homes and Services thanking Pen El for $100 donation

Thank you letter from Visiting Nurse and Hospice Home for $100 gift check

Elex Clubs Membership drive flyer

Elex Club News Feb 2, 2005

Membership renewal form for Elex Clubs

Community Harvest Food Bank sends thank you for contribution of $105 from Pen El chapter

Various greeting cards

Star thank you card, front

Thank you from Bessie ? and daughter for Pen El sponsoring her in the MS walk on May 14th

Helen Steiner Rice verse on living after losing a loved one

Thank you for sympathy card from Family of Elaine Omo

Thank you card

Note of thanks to Pen El for love and support, from Iris and Max Woodcox

Enclosed photo of Iris and Max Woodcox

Back of photo caption K. Max and Iris Woodcox, 50th Anniversary Jan 23, 2005

Happy Holidays card

Note from Iris over her recent surgery

Elaine E Omo obituary

Additional greeting cards

Christmas card front

to Vera and Pen El from Max and Iris Woodcox

Thinking of You card

From Evelyn Hawkins

Memory card for Elaine E. Omo, front

Memory card for Elaine E. Omo, back

RSVP - Online and an insert for unwanted medication disposal

RSVP - Online, March-April 2005 page 1

RSVP - Online, March-April 2005 page2

RSVP - Online, March-April 2005 page3

RSVP - Online, March-April 2005 page4

Do you need to clean out? your medicine cabinet?

back of the insert - monthly hour sheet for volunteers

Whitington Homes & Services materials -thank you? letter, newsletter and a contribution statement

letter from Marty Kocks-Hamrick to Sara Saxman, he thanks her for the $75.00 check sent on November

Whitington Handprints, August 2004, Vol 1, Issue 3, p. 1 Beth Kennedy, executive Director

Whitington Handprints, August 2004, Vol 1, Issue 3, p. 2

Whitington Handprints, August 2004, Vol 1, Issue 3, p. 3

Whitington Handprints, August 2004, Vol 1, Issue 3, p. 4

contribution statement issued to Pen-El for $25.00, 6/6/2005

an invitation, a card and a letter, 2006

Elex Club invitation for its 90th Anniversary Celebration, November 4th, 2006 at Hall's Guesthouse

a card with a baby and flowers

inside the card - dated 1/8/05, signed Iris, to Pen-El Members, thanks them for the cards

a letter from Gloria Baumgartner, director of community relations for the Lutheran Homes to Sarah Sa

2 Christmas cards, 1 booklet

Card has 2 Christmas stockings hanging on door and says Joys of the Season

Inside of card to Pen-El Sisters from Helen Avery.

Back of card: Cover illustration credit

Red Christmas card with picture of stained glass manger scene

General letter from Pastor Dave Humphreys requesting gifts to rescue Ministries

Back of card contains mailing formation

Patriotic Songs for Annual Night Out - booklet with lyrics and song histories. Pianist: Charlotte Ko

Page 2 - 2 songs and flag image

Page 3 - 2 songs

Page 4 - 2 songs

Page 5 - 2 songs

Page 6 - 2 songs

Page 7 - 2 songs and men raising flag image

Page 8 - Taps lyrics and history with images of man blowing bugle and patriotic bow.

1 typed letter

Letter to Sarah Jane Saxman, Pen-El Chapter, from Jane Avery - thank you for donation to Community H

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter from Pastor Jeff Keplar - thank you for donation to Rescue Ministries, date

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter (c/o Sara Saxman) from Philip Magid - thank you for donation to Shriners Ho

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter from Andy Candor - thank you for donation to Visiting Nurse and Hospice Hom

1 typed letter

Letter to Sarah Saxman, Pen-El Chapter, from Becky Hill - thank you for donation to YWCA Women's She

1 typed letter

Letter to Sarah Saxman from Ronald J. Harruff - thank you for donation to Mizpah Shrine Temple, date

1 flyer

Volunteer Center @ RSVP flyer explains RSVP, Allen County SAFE KIDS Coalition

Back of flyer explains Citizen Corps of Allen County and Medical Reserve Corps and contact informati

1 sheet with Christmas border and many signatures

Thank you for gift to staff from Concord Village with approximately 20 signatures

2 cards

Card with Santa in sleigh on front

Handwritten note inside card from Rachel describing move to new apartment

Christmas card message signed by Rachel

Back of card

Card with flowered tea cup, vase of flowers, and oranges on front

Handwritten note inside- thanks for cards, prayers and get well wishes during hospital stay, from Pa

Back of card

1 card

Front of card says Merry Christmas to All! With helicopter flying over snow-covered village

Inside of card to Pen-El Members from Lorine (Peters)

Back of card

1 card

Front of card has thank you message over fern image

Inside of card to Pen-El Friends from Mary Hirschmann - thanks for cards, prayers, concern during su

Back of card.

2 photographs

4 women at table covered with photographs, "Welcome to five chapter luncheon" sign in background

Back of photo caption - Sarah Saxman, Sharon Quinn, Dee Jackson, Ragina Flynn

2 women seated at table with balloons

Back of photo caption - Liz McGee, Judy Mettler ?

1 flyer

Steel Magnolias at Beef and Boards Dinner Theater, Indianapolis August 9, 2006

1 typed letter

Letter to Pen-El Chapter from Joe Jordan - thank you for donation to East Wayne Street Center, dated

1 certificate

Certificate to Pen-El Chapter Elex Club contributed to 100 Million Dollar Club, Shriners Hospitals f

1 sheet

Sheet explains symbolism of the dollar bill

3 cards

Thank you card with drawing of a Shriner carrying a child on front

Inside of card to Sarah from Ron Harruff - thank you for donation

Card has Santa fixing a toy fire truck on front

Inside of card - Christmas greeting signed by Pat

Back of card

Card has 3 snowmen singing

Inside of card to Pen-El Members from Lorine Peters has Christmas greeting and note of thanks for ca

Back of card

2 cards

Card has hummingbird and 2 flowers on front

Thank you for sympathy and memorial service from Duane, Andreana, and Anthony Donahue.

Back of card

Christmas greetings with snowy houses, full moon, and Santa with his sleigh

Inside of card to Pen-El Members from Lorine Peters - Christmas greeting

Back of card

2 cards

Card has manger scene on front

Card from the staff of Concord Village - thank you for gift for the staff

Back of card

Matthew 25, a part of the fabric on front of brown card

Thank you for donation from Nancy Schenkel, dated December 3, 2007

Back of card

2 photographs

6 women doing a ceremony

Caption on back: From left to right: Sara Saxman, Edie Van Doorn, Darlene Schibley, Lorine Peters, P

3 women standing

Caption on back: Lorine Peters - center, Judy Mettler - left - president, Pat Gates - right - Past p

2 photographs

4 women doing a ceremony

Caption on back: Lorine Peters - center, , Darlene Schibley - left - secretary, Lois Perrine - right

4 women singing in front of man at piano, table of seated women in foreground

Caption on back: 2008, singing group from Decatur

2 photographs

3 women: 2 with candles, one in the middle holding a piece of paper

caption on back" 2008, Judy Metter, Lorine Peters, Pat Gates

4 women, 3 with candles, one with paper

caption on back: Left to Right Eddie Van Doorm

2 photographs

5 women standing, 4 with candles

back: Sara Saxman, Darlene Schebley, Edie Van Doorm, Judy Mettler, Pat Gates

4 women standing, candles in hands

back: 2008, Sara Saxman, Darlene Schebley, Edie Van Doom, Judy Mettler

2 photographs

3 women at a table

back: Oct meeting, Lois Perrine, Sarah Saxman, Edie Van Doorn

a lady standing

back: 2008, Cindy Heffelfinger Elex President

3 photographs

4 women sitting at a table and 1 standing

back: standing: Cindy Hefelfinger

4 ladies

back: E Jones

two women

back: Oct meeting, Mary Hall & Judy Mettler

3 photographs

1 women sitting at a table holding cards

Back of photo Edie VanDoorn

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