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Front cover of Elex Pen El 56-62 page 1, line 2, Book 12

Title Page

Photo of Irene Meyers with employee and Thanksgiving prayers

Irene Meyers supervisor of Women's Activities at GE talks with an employee

Roses decoration

Thanksgiving Prayer card

Cup Daffodil John Evelyn

Roqua M. Wibel and roses

Roses photo 1

Roqua M. Wibel photo

Baby rose

Roses photo 2

Roses photo 3

Christmas decoration and nativity photo

Pine Christmas decoration

Children in nativity scene

Santa pictured with children

Pen-El meeting Jan 12

Pen-El meeting Jan 12 Grace Collins president with Bertha Gruber vice president, Mabel Wagner secre

Pink flower 1

Pink flower 2

Pink flower 3

Pink flower 4

Rocking chair

1 newspaper clipping, 4 purple flower cut-outs, 1 cake picture

Purple flowers 1

Purple flowers 2

Pen El meeting at 2 p.m. - Hostesses Mrs. Maude Weigel, Mrs. Bertha Albright

Valentine cake - Be Mine -with pink roses

Purple flowers 3

Purple flowers 4

1 newspaper clipping

Pen-El meeting March 9 at 2 p.m. at home of Mrs. Rose Johnson, Mrs. Ethel Brown assisting

1 news clipping, 1 church bulletin, 1 note in envelope, 1 flower cut-out

Pen-El Luncheon, April 13 at noon, at home of Mrs. Trulie Nelson, Estella Morrolf helping

Church Bulletin

Bulletin page 2 - North Highlands Church of Christ, March 6, 1955

Bulletin page 3

Bulletin page 4

Note card wishing success, from El-Par president Mamie Allen

Envelope - Pen-El

3 white lilies

1 flower cut-out, 1 news clipping, 1 napkin

Lily of the valley flowers

Pen-El meets May 11 at 2 p.m. at home of Arba Kertz, assisted by Edith Venrick

Folded napkin with roses on it

Two Photo Newspaper clipping of El-Par 3 yellow roses

Photo of 12 Ladies

clipping El-Par, Partizan members to Fete Pen-El Chapter potluck picnic at Franke Park June21 Lilli

Cut out of Yellow Roses

Photo of 4 Ladies

Four American Flag stickers, Clipping Pen-El Sets Supper Meeting July 13, and cut out of Blue Flower

Number one sticker of American Flag

Number two sticker of American Flag

Pen-El Sets Supper Meeting for July 13, supper meeting followed by a theater party of Pen-El Chapter

Number three sticker of American Flag

Number four sticker of American Flag

Cut out of Blue Flowers

Magazine cut out of beach and Light Pink and Dark Pink Flowers

Magazine cut out of beach

Cut out Light Pink and Dark Pink Flowers

Cut out of two set of Flowers Light purple with yellow center, Clipping Pen-El Meeting and With a s

Cut out of one set of three flowers light purple with yellow center

Clipping Pen-El Meeting Next Wednesday will hold its September at Lakeside Park Pavilion at 1 pm lu

"With a Smile", a poem

Cut out of the second set of three flowers light purple with yellow center

Midwest Conference G. . Women's Clubs DeKalb, Illinois Sept. 10-11, 1955 , church service, Candle li

Conference Worship hour booklet, Sunday, Sept. 11, 1955

p. 1 Rev. Victor Griffin

p. 2 Message and Benediction

Midwest Conference ribbon, white with red letters

a prayer

G.E. logo made out of blue paper circle and white rope

Ella Willer Wilcox Said It, a poem

Candle Light Service

Roqua Wibel and Joyce Halle conducted the service

Roqua Wibel

Roqua Wibel, Phyllis Stevens, Carolyn Thierfelder

God Be With You

p. 3 Conference Pledge

candles were donated by First Baptist Church et al

newspaper announcement on this page, decorated with two sets of flowers


clipping: Pen El Slates Wiener Bake at Memorial Park Oct. 12, Grace Collins, Blanche Bell, Anna Grie


newspaper announcement for November 9 on this page, with flowers for decoration


clipping: Pen-El Sets Breakfast Meeting November 9, at Nellie Bellamy, 705 Anderson Ave.


newspaper announcement for December 8 and Christmas Star flowers for decoration on this page

red Poinsettia flowers

clipping: Pen-El Slates Turkey Supper for Thursday at Arba Curtz home, 2607 Smith St.

Last page of 1955, Nativity painting magazine cut off

Nativity painting magazine cut off

1956 starts on this page, a card

"1956" in golden number on the top of the page

a card, "Congratulations on your anniversary"

inside the card - roses, to Pen El Chapter, signed by E. Berdelman on behalf of the Partizan Chapter

a circle with numbers 1-50

back of the card

January, 1956 page, birthday card, clipping and a napkin

card with birthday cake, one candle, " For Your Very First Birthday"

clipping: Pen El to Celebrate 1st Birthday Jan. 11; Grace Collins, Bertha Gruber, Carrie Krauter, Et

napkin with roses

February, 1956 page - Valentine's card, clipping and a napkin

Valentine's card, heart shaped

inside the card: Rain or Shine

Newspaper: Pen El Chapter Sets Regular Meeting Wed., February 8, Bertha Albreit, Stella Morrols

napkin with two parrots, " Love birds"

March page

St Patrick's Day napkin

Monthly Pen-El meeting at the home of Alva McMaken, assisted by Anna Griebel

Easter month activities

Easter lilies and cross

April 11 meeting hosted by Bertha Gruber and Carrie Krauter at the YMCA Trail's End Room

Thank you letter from Roqua Wibel Elex Club Advisor for Pen El help with the annual Easter Egg Sale

Poem with floral gardens illustrations and YMCA meeting slipping

I Found Loveliness poem with garden paintings

Maude Weikel and Ethel Brown hold monthly meeting in the Old Trail Room of the YMCA

Picnic activities

Picnic food 1

Partizan, El Par, and Pen El chapters hold potluck picnic at the large pavilion in Franke Park June

Thanks to Grace and Pen El chapter from Betty J Puff for their help the past year

Picnic food 2

Chicken dinner at Grace Collins home

Plate of biscuits

Chicken dinner illustration

Hand written note saying there was a chicken dinner at Grace Collins home July 11

August page


Summer activities illustration

Pot luck dinner and food pictures

Food picture 1

Food picture 2

Handwritten note about pot luck dinner at Lakeside Park Sept 12th, Mrs. Nellie Bellany and Mrs. Blan

Food picture 3

October, 1956 page: a clipping, a card, circle map of the building and a handwritten note

clipping: Pen-El Meets Oct. 10, white elephant gifts, Ethel Johnson, Arba Kurtz

Thanking You card, small, blue, with yellow flowers

inside the card: Myrna Barrand

back of the card: Forget-Me-Not card, Cleveland

placemat with printed image of the Fort Wayne YMCA building and all amenities it offers

handwritten announcement for a Pen-El Chapter meeting at the cancer society Oct. 16th

November, 1956 page: a card and two handwritten notes

thank you card with blue and white flowers

inside the card, a bouquet of the same flowers

text of the card and handwritten thank you note by a widow for the flowers for her husband death

back of the card: Hallmark

handwritten note: Pen-El Chapter made 93 doz. Cancer pads on Nov. 20th

handwritten note in red frame: Pen-El meeting at YMCA, Nov. 14, Gladys McMillen, Mabel Waggoner

December 1956, Christmas page with two cards, a napkin and two announcements

Christmas card- house door with a Christmas wreath

inside the card: Boys Town charity, Father Wegner

religious Christmas card

Christmas napkin with red poinsettia, folded like a tie

clipping on a card with a snowman singing: Pen-El Party Monday, December 17 in Miller's Cafeteria, 8

handwritten note: Pen-El Chapters made 75 dozen cancer pads on Dec. 18th

January, 1957 page with a watercolor drawing, a photography, roses and announcements

1957 in silver numbers on the top of the page and a watercolor drawing of winter landscape

big black and white photography of five ladies

a bird and roses for decoration of the page

note in red paper frame: Pen-El met Jan. 9, 957 in the Ship's Cabin at the YMCA, 3rd birthday of the

newspaper clipping: Pen El to Install New Officers Next Week: Ethel Brown, Estella Moroff, Gladys Mc

card from Wayne Floral Shop: from Grace Collins Ethel Browns table bouquet at the retirement as Pres

typed note in red frame: Tuesday, January 22, Pen-El Group folded 45 dozen cancer pads

February, 1957 page

quotes from John Kendricks Bangs

Thank you card - Myrna Barrand thanks Pen-El club for the money they sent her

painted red harts in a blue string for decoration

red rose for decoration

typed note about cancer pads made by the Pen-El club on February 19th

newspaper clipping: Pen El Meet Feb. 13, Rose Johnson, Arba Kurtz

small watercolor winter landscape- the bottom left corner of the page

rose bush magazine cut off image

March-April, 1957

print materials from the Fort Wayne Cancer Society - a flyer, a folder and a list of services provid

front of a flyer about film, Brest Self-Examination

back of the program, Fashion your Future, motion picture, discussion, fashion show by Sears, Memoria

list of the services the cancer society provides to the patients

Cancer Society folder , front

Cancer Society folder, back

inside: personal memo and statistics

inside: breast self-examination instructions in 8 steps

thank you card, small, blue, with yellow flowers

inside the card: Myrna Barrand thanks Birtha for the check

shamrocks for decoration

typed note: Cancer pad sewing met March 19th, Maude Waikel, Bertha Gruber, Bertha Albrecht

typed note: March 13th, 1957, meeting at the Ship's Cabin Room, Mabel Waggoner, Florence Kelsey

Don't forget your pensioned co-worker, magazine cut off image of a man smoking pipe

watercolor green hat and a cane for decoration

prayer by Elsie Janis

April, 1957 page

newspaper clipping: Pen El Sets Meeting at Elva McMaken home, 438 E. Creighton Ave

cancer sewing note, April 16, Mrs. Ney, Bertha Gruber, Bertha Albrecht, Maude Waikel

white flowers for decoration

Pen El Met at Elva McMaken's home, April 10th

letter from Janet MacDonald, Detroit, to Ethel Brown, April 16, 1957

card from the Ellingwood Family

text inside the card

signed name of Carrie Krauter

May, 1957 page

Membership drive, Roqua Wibel, 5/1/57

clipping: Pen El Meeting May 9, Carrie Krauter, Bertha Gruber

typed note, cancer pad sewing, May 21, 1957

a rose for decoration

typed note Pen El Club May meetings in Trail's End Room at the YMCA, Carrie Krauter, Bertha Gruber


tulips, magazine cut off

June, 1957

clipping: Elex Chapters Slate Joint Potluck Picnic, June 18, Franke Park

typed note after the potluck

cut off book illustration, girl and boy at a farm

roses for decoration

typed note: the picnic and the cancer pad sewing on the same date

magazine cut off: rose bush

Induction of officers and Lawton Park July meeting

8 dozen plus 6 cancer pads made this month

Pen El chapter meets at Lawton Park, hostesses Estella Morrols and Bertha Albrecht

Business meeting and hot dogs at Lawton Park Pavilion

Photo of new officers

Installation of new officers at the Chalet: Thelma Voirol, Betty Kummer , Florence Hargan, Pat Gebe

Floral border

August activities page


Boating painting

Poem about August by James Whitcomb Riley

Six dozen cancer pads made by Pen El in August


Floral corner

September meetings

Children's Sunday School picture

Picture of family in garden

September meeting at Lakeside Park with pot luck dinner, Bingo and white elephant prizes

September meeting hosted by Bertha Albright and Maude Wiekel

Pen El made 2121 cancer pads, mended 14 sheets, and 14 pillow slips in August and September

Floral embellishment

Elex conference dinner

Attendees at Elex conference dinner

Ethel Brown and Grace Collins were delegates from Pen El at dinner

Fall Harvest painting

October page

Pen El monthly meeting at YMCA in Old Trail Room

All had wonderful time at monthly meeting


Witch cutout

Black mask

Harvest cutout


November page

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