Mevel Props, Simon, Dorothy Birkhold, Payne Ohio, Grandma

man unknown, Pearl Renner, Blanch Russell, Queen Pallot

Velma, Dick, and Alan Lehman, Joan Huy, Dorothy Huy, Mr. and Mrs. Lehman at Defiance Dam, Defiance O

Stirk Circle and G.A.R. Picnic at Mama's in the county near Ganesville

Mattie Martin, Marie McGriff; Note from Marie

Geo and Gertie, Geo Jr., Newkirks, Swayzee


Starlucks and Galbraiths, Swayzee Ind

Class of 1914

Bertha Ridgeway, Mevel Props; Note from Mevel

Virgil, Denzell, Merwyn, Nettie, and Sill Mullins; Note from Nettie

Mama's Birthplace, Marion Ind

Jeff Patton, Drowned Sugar Creek

Aunt Nellie Romick, Laramil Wyoming, Mama's Aunt

Frank Hochensmith, Bippus Ind, Grandma's nephew


Marie and Curtis McGriff, Swayzee Ind

Marie McGriff Gosbin

John, Lucy, and Marie McGriff

Ann Harrod

Mama, Bob and Ann, Me

Helen and Ann, Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne Ind


Dad and Ann


Hazel Pence, Ethel Collins, Bernice Mullins, Mattie Martin, Helm Adams, Jia Haynes

Walter Adams and Virginia, Doug, and Lila Harrod

Walter Adams

Walter Adams

Wilson Bros., 31 Dec 1942

Wilson Bros., 6 Feb 1943

Wilson Bros., 23 Feb 1943