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Front cover

28 page booklet of unlabeled pictures

Booklet cover page - Gen-E-Dek Club, Bosunwood, Arlington Park, Sept 9 1978, J G Logsdon (owner-trai

Page 1 - Arrival and check-in

Page 2 - Arrival and check-in

Page 3 - Check-in, Cocktails

Page 4 - Friday Night's Party

Page 5 - Friday Night's Party

Page 6 - Friday Night's Party

Page 7 - Friday Night's Party

Page 8 - Friday Night's Party

Page 9 - Sat. Business Meeting

Page 10 - Sat. Board Meeting

Page 11 - Friday Night's Party

Page 12 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 13 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 14 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 15 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 16 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 17 - Sat. Long Grove

Page 18 - Sat. Races

Page 19 - Sat. Races

Page 20 - Sat. Races

Page 21 - Sat. Races

Page 22 - Sat. Races

Page 23 - Sat. Races

Page 24 - Sat. Races

Page 25 - Sat. Night Cocktail Party

Page 26 - Sat. Night Banquet

Page 27 - Sat. Night Banquet

Page 28 - Sat. Night Banquet

3 thank you cards and one letter in envelope

Card with log & flowers on front

inside of card from Dolores Connin to Catherine and Amanda and Partizan Club for calls and cards af

Thank you card with orange and blue flowers on front

Lorine Peters to Partizan Club - thanks for dinner and gift

Envelope says Give to Vivian, Mary Jane Kappel, 1979-80 Dues, $10.00 associate

Enclosed letter to Partizan Club from Mary Jane Kappel to accompany membership check

Thanks to all of you card

Thanks from Bernie and Bill Pepe

Elex Club July Calendar and 7 photos

July Calendar

Photo 1 Four ladies in candle ceremony

Photo 2 Three ladies, one with candle

Photo 3 Four women by table, one holding a picture

Photo 4 Six women, four with candles

Photo 5 Eight women seated at table

Photo 6 Three ladies with candles, one behind podium

Photo 7 Two rows of banquet tables with Elex ladies

August Elex Calendar, Vote for GE Club Officers, Partizan Chapter Installation Banquet and two perso

August Calendar

El Par and Elex 5 chapter meet for lunch at the GE Club Auditorium

Partizan Chapter meets at Salem United Church of Christ

GE Club candidates for office: President-Paul Beltz and Bernie Ebetino; First Vice President- Paul S

Note from Ingrid to Partizan members

Partizan Chapter Installation Banquet Program May 15, 1979, front cover

Title Page of 32nd Installation booklet

Incoming and Retiring officers of Partizan

Entertainment and Scripture quote

Thank you from Edna M. Biddle, retiring president

Personal note from Helen Wolf to Edna, handing in her resignation from Partizan Club


Lady in floral hat

Second woman in hat

Both hat women

Candle ceremony

Lighting candles

Partizan women sitting at table

Letter and 5 photos

Women with candles

Candle lighting


Four women at raffle for afghan

Raffle with four women

Envelop from Annette Hastings to Mrs. Vivian O'Neill

Front of thank you note

Thank you to Partizan from Annette Hastings for sympathy cards

2-page handwritten report and 1 letter from Crossroad Fort Wayne Children's Home

Page 1 of report lists monthly activities at Crossroad July through December

Page 2 of report lists monthly activities at Crossroad January through May and a thank you to all co

Letter of thanks to Partizan Chapter in care of Alice Hahn from John M. Gantt, Executive Director of

2 fliers (yellow, white)

Elex Club News - July 1979 - Project 667, GE Women's Clubs Midwestern Convention, October 5, 6, 7, 1

Convention Agenda

2 fliers (pink, blue)

Elex Club News - August 1979 - page 1

Elex Club News - July 1979 - page 2

1 letter, 3 cards 1 photograph, 1 newspaper clipping

Thank you "sew" much card with mouse on pin cushion

Inside of card to Agnes from Annette Hastings, Sept 6., thanks for year book and club membership

Envelope for letter from H. A. Pequignot to Hazel McDougal

Letter from Helen A. Piquignot requesting withdrawal from Partizan Club due to family illness

Tri-fold card with roses and butterflies

Inside of card from Edba Biddle thanking Partizan Club for money and niceties during her year as pre

Thank you card with purple flower decoration

Inside of card, Aug. 23, from Annette Hastings thanking Partizan Club for kindness

Photograph of 11 seated women

Clipping of Effie Wyatt, 1949 retiree, still going at age 86

2 brochures

Brochure for Midwest General Electric Women's Club Convention, October 5, 6, and 7, Kalamazoo, Michi

Brochure, page 1 - Midwest General Electric Women's Club Convention, Kalamazoo Hilton Inn, Kalamazoo

Brochure, page 2 - Convention information

Brochure, page 3 - Friday, October 5, 1979

Brochure, page 4 - Saturday, October 6, 1979

Brochure, page 5 - Saturday, October 6, 1979continued

Brochure, page 6 - Sunday, October 7, 1979

Brochure, page 7 - List of Midwest Conventions with location, hosting club, and attendance, 1949-198

Brochure, page 8 - Hostesses Rotor-Stator-Ettes, Pam Kuipers, Paula Mann, Florene Helmus, Donna Nann

Candlelight Service program (pink paper) - page 1, cover

Page 2 - Program and convention Pledge

Page 3 - 2 poems, Just One Little Candle and God Be With You

1 flyer and 1 newspaper clipping

Green flyer - Elex Club News. October 1979, project number 517, Monte Carlo Night, Mel Smith will au

Clipping - October Elex Calendar lists all October events

Elex Club News 2-pages, 2 newspaper clippings

Elex Club News blue page - Nov. 12, 1979 Supper and program, Bazaar

Elex Club News yellow page - Nov. 15, 1979 Luncheon and Travelogue by Bob Sievers, raffle winners Be

Clipping - Elex hosts bazaar November 12

Clipping from Journal Gazette on Nov. 15, 1979 - Partizan chapter 32nd annual tea at 12:30 p.m. Tues

Elex Club News 2-pages

Elex Club News cream page - Dec. 1, 1979 Shop at Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, Michigan via 7 I

Elex Club News blue page - Dec. 9, 1979 Elex Club Annual Christmas Program, Alberta Malcolm, Mary El

5 newspaper clippings

Elex Hosts Bazaar November 12 at 3:30 p.m., program and supper at 4:45

Elex plans 1 day shopping spree December 1 in Dearborn, Michigan via Indiana Motor Coach

January Elex Calendar

March Elex Calendar

May Elex Calendar

Elex Club News 2-pages

Elex Club News yellow page - Jan. 14, 1980 film presentation: The Many Faces of France and supper ca

Elex Club News pink page - Jan. 17,1980 Bingo and luncheon, project 522, Mary Ellen Hillegas bought

7 pages of activity notices and Elex Club News

Page 1 - Letter from Mary Ann Gregory about GE Midwest Women's Convention September 26-28 at Des Moi

Page 2 - Elex Club News March 1980 - Recipes General Electric Comes Home To cookbook for sale - Virg

Page 3 - Elex Club News - April 14, 1980 Invite your Boss to Supper at Goeglein's and program featur

Page 4 - Elex Club News - April 17, 1980 Invite your Boss to Lunch at Lester's Party Room and progra

Page 5 - Letter from Mary Ann Gregory about GE Midwest Women's Convention September 26-28 including

Page 6 - Elex Club News - Flea Market May 17, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. chaired by Catherine Schlup and Betty Sc

Page 7 - Elex Club News - 1980 GE Midwest Women's Convention September 26-28 planned by Gets Club of

2 page history of Partizan Chapter 1978-79 and 3 newspaper clippings

History of Partizan Chapter mentions Edna Biddle, Helen Wolf, Vivian O'Neal, Annette Mowan, Irene Va

Page 2 of Partizan History

Clipping - 5 chapters of Elex Club have joint picnic Sept 19 hosted by Quintus Chapter

Clipping - Elex Club sponsors picnic for residents of Lawton Park Nursing Home affiliated with GE.

Clipping Club Beat - Partizan chapter picnic on Tuesday at Pond Pavilion, Franke Park.

6 newspaper clippings

Clipping - Elex film and presentation about Alaska, Lorine Peters reservations

June 1980 Elex Calendar

September Elex Calendar

Clipping - photo of Ruth Fuller and Irene Valentino

November Elex Calendar

October Elex Calendar

6 photographs

5 ladies, one pinning a corsage on another

woman at microphone

Back of photo says Partizan - 5 Chapter, Sept. 24

8 women during candle ceremony

3 women standing

8 women during candle ceremony

6 women during candle ceremony

2 photographs and 1 newspaper clipping

6 women during candle ceremony

3 women, 2 seated at table

News-Sentinel clipping, June 6, 1980 - Crossroad Children's Home article mentions Marycarole Carnes,

3 Elex Club News

Elex Club News gold page - Sep. 8, 1980 bingo information and calendar of events for 1980-81 club y

Elex Club News tan page - Sep. 18, 1980 bingo information and calendar of events for 1980-81 club y

Elex Club News white page -1981 GE Midwest Women's Convention, October 9-11, 1981 at the Sheraton We

2 Elex Club News

Elex Club News green page - Oct. 13, 1980 Wayne Beaus Quartet, project 539, supper and live entertai

Elex Club News yellow page - Oct. 16, 1980 Mother-Daughter Banquet, project 540, Lester's Party Room

3 Elex Club News

Elex Club News tan page - Nov. 10, 1980, vaudeville by the Masquers of the Shrine, winners of Sept.

Elex Club News white page - Nov. 20, 1980 Luncheon and Bingo at Lester's Party Room, winners of Sept

Elex Club News white page - Nov. 29, 1980 Sopping Trip to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, pr

"Gift Lift" Letter and 2 months of Elex Calendar

Gift Lift letter asking for donations of unwrapped gifts for the Byron Health Center

Elex March Calendar of events.

Elex April Calendar of events.

4 photos and 2 newspaper clippings

Photo with 3 ladies ( 2 white 1 black) holding a tray with colored goblets

4 ladies in the picture and they are displaying a cake.

Photo of 3 ladies caught in the kitchen preparations

Photo of a group of people on the lake enjoying time on a pontoon.

Clipping of Juanita Schiemann, Joann Bowers and Lorine Peters as they make arrangements for the Ann

Announcement of the start of Elex macram? class

4 Elex Club News Newsletters and 1 convention flyer

Elex Club News, February 9, 1981

Elex Club News, February 19, 1981

Elex Club News, April 13, 1981

Elex club News, April 16, 1981

Midwest Women's Convention Indianapolis Indiana flyer

Grueninger Travel Itinerary for Elex New England Islands Cruise, Pages 1-3

Grueninger Itinerary for Elex Club New England Island Cruise July 19-26, 1981, Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Elex Club News and Annual Christmas Program announcement

Christmas and Thank You cards

Card 1, To All of You

Inside first fold

Inside unfolded, to Partizan Members from Lorine

Card 2, Holiday Greetings

Inside, Thank You for notes from Partizan members from Veora Halig

Thank You card

Thank you for expressions of sympathy from Ingrid

Holiday and Thank You cards

Thanks for Your Kindness During My Illness

Thank you to Partizan from Hortence Stevenson for book and well wishes

Quote from Helen Steiner Rice

From Annette Hastings, for remembering her with new list of Partizan members

Thank you card

From Sarah Harris

Holiday candles

Christmas greetings from Annette Hastings

Thank you

Thank you for calls made during her recovery, from Mary Rogers

Thank you cards and notes

Floral notecard 1

Thank you for support during hospital stay from Waloris Connin

Back of decorative envelope

Thank you card

Thank you for sympathy for sister from C. Eva Wetrick

Floral notecard 2 Continued thanks from Waloris Connin during her recuperation period at home

Continued thanks from Waloris Connin during her recuperation period at home

Thank you card

Thank you for well wishes during hospital stay from Alice Watson

Thank you card, Calendar for May, and Mother Daughter Banquet announcement

Thank you card

Thanks for calls and cards during hospital stay A Longwell

Elex Calendar for May

Mother Daughter Banquet details

Letter from Journal Gazette and 2 page hand written reply underneath

Letter from Journal Gazette regarding changes in club news coverage

Reply to letter from Journal Gazette page 1 from Betty Clawson

Page 2 of reply

5 large stapled pages of partizan history, 12 stapled pages of committee reports 1979-80

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 1, May-August activities

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 2, August-February activities

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 3, March-April activities and project reports,

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 4, project reports

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 5, project reports

History of Partizan Chapter 1979-80, Page 5 (back side), project reports

Crossroads committee report, June-July 1979

Crossroads committee report, August 1979

Crossroads committee report, September 1979

Crossroads committee report, October 1979

Crossroads committee report, November 1979

Crossroads committee report, December 1979

Crossroads committee report, January and February 1980 (no activities)

Crossroads committee report, March 1980

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