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Large fold-out newspaper clipping of 50 years Elex- 1916-1966- PART 3 - State Fair (1954), first aid

Gold star, Golden Anniversary program,

10-pointed gold star

Elex Club Golden Anniversary - 1916-1966 - Booklet gold cover

Page 1 - Fort Wayne, Indiana General Electric Company The Elex Club's Fiftieth Anniversary, lighthou

Page 2 - Elex Club Fifty Years Ago - Mr. E.A. Barnes, Minnie Blue pictured

Page 3 - Elex Club Today - Helen Deahl pictured

Page 4 - It is my great pleasure to congratulate Elex on its Golden Anniversary (message from Irene

Page 5 - Elex Club's golden anniversary year boasts a membership of 1835 - Roqua W. Shideler picture

Page 6-7 - Elex Officers 1966-1967, Past Presidents 1916-1941

Page 8 - Elex Projects - 3 photos - Partizan, El Par, PenEL chapter presidents, First Elex honorary

Page 9 - Elex Projects - 3 photos - Parkview volunteers, Allen County Home volunteers, Ft. Wayne Sta

Page 10 - Guests - Fort Wayne Management and their wives

Page 11 - Membership of the Original Elex Basketball Team - Manager: Emil Fuhrman , Thelma Campbell,

Page 12 - Program, November 20, 1966, Scottish Rite Ball Room, chairmen

Tag from Cottage Flowers arrangement - GEM - CLUB, Morrison, Ill.

5 photos and gold decoration 50

Photo 1 - woman at podium

Photo 2 - woman at podium

Photo 3 - woman at podium

Photo 4 - woman at podium

Photo 5 - man at podium

Gold decoration - number 50 inside circular bough

5 photographs

Photo 1 - woman at podium

Photo 2 - man at podium

Photo 3 - 2 women at table (2 men cut off)

Photo 4 - 4 women standing behind Elex 1916-1966 display

Photo 5 - man and 3 women standing behind table

3 photographs and 3 god stars

3 gold stars

Photo 1 - over 30 people seated at 2 long tables

Photo 2 - Woman at podium, seated woman next to her

1 large photograph

Photo of man at podium, seated woman next to him

1 Large photograph

Man at podium

Woman speaker in large photograph

Woman speaker and another lady seated beside her

3 photos of speakers

Single woman speaker

3 ladies at podium

3 women at podium plus man and woman seated

2 letters dated Nov 21 from Helen Deahl and checks written to Allen County Home and Fort Wayne Stat

50th anniversary letter from Elex president donating 216.50 to Fort Wayne State Hospital and Train

50th anniversary letter from Elex president donating 216.50 to Allen County Home

$10.05 check to Fort Wayne State School

$206.45 check to Fort Wayne State School

$206.45 check to Allen County Home

$10.05 check to Allen County Home

3 color snapshots

Photo 1 with 3 women and 2 men

Photo 2 with 2 women and 2 men

Photo 3 with 3 women and 1 man

2 color photos

Photo 1, 3 women and 2 men

Photo 2, 2 women and 2 men

6 group photos of Elex members

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Group photo 3

Group photo 4

Group photo 5

Group photo 6

Photo highlights of Elex celebration (one article)

Past presidents photo listed with names, Flora Berger Schlenker, Louise Lawson Wehrle, Minnie Blue,

Additional past presidents photos and names, Mary Leiter Peduto Donna Bauermeister Vachon, Ceal Roma

Recent past presidents photos and names, Mary Statterthwaite, Martha Newell, Betty Puff, Novella Pap

Helen Deahl current president listens to past president Eva Tucker

1916 Elex Club Basketball Team, Flossie ehrhart Davis, Harriet Droegemeyer, Sophia renken Fuhrman, F

Thank You Card and Anniversary Card

Thank You Card

Inside Thank You Card to Roqua for a Elex Party, Adeline

Thanks So Much!

Inside card Jan. 24, 1967 Dear Roqua Thanks so much for the picture Love Helen Miller

Out side card Yellow Rose

Inside card Jan.23, 1967 Dear Roqua from June Allgeier

With Our Best Wishes On Your Anniversary

Inside card Happy Anniversary Best Wishes from Tiffin G.E.W.O.T.'S

Out side card Big Blue A

Inside card Dear Roqua Thank you for my picture taken at the Elex Anniversary Party Elaine Adams

Thank you notes for Golden anniversary

Thank you note from Flora Shlender

Front of thank you card

Inside note to Mrs. Jack Shideler and Mrs. Paul Deahl

Thank you message from Sophie Renken Fuhrman and Velma Renken

Thank you with pink flowers

Thank you note to Roqua

Rest of thank you from L. Wehrley

Thank you note from Mary Peduto- January 19, 1967

Thank you notes for Golden anniversary

Thank you to Roqua & Elex Club from Marty Meyer

Elex Club 1916-1966 napkin

Thank you to Mrs. Helen Deahl president of Elex Club from John Welch- November 22, 1966

Thank you to Mrs. Knight from D.J. Harrington- November 29, 1966

2 newspaper clippings and letter to members

Audrey Monnier elected new ABWA president- newspaper clipping

Beulah Shaffer donates blood for blood drive- plant donates 5000 pints- newspaper clipping

List of suggested classes to start in January 1967

December page

Hand drawn winter scene through a window

2 photographs-1965

Photograph of Dick Byrd & Janine

Photograph of Fuller Bros

Reverse page- An Old Fashioned Christmas information on party to Elex Club members only- December 11

Elex 1966 Christmas info

Elex 1966 Christmas collection November 23- December 2- GE needy families

Elex Club 2nd shift info & sign-up sheet for gift wrapping & decorating

Gold foil sticker

Elex Club members only Christmas party- December 11 information

Christmas party article and pictures

Fuller Brothers headline Elex Club's "Old Fashioned Christmas"- newspaper clipping

Photograph of several members at the Christmas party

1 woman standing alone - dark dress

1 woman standing alone - light colored dress

Gold foil sticker

4 photographs from Christmas party

Photograph of man with headphones recording

Bert Rose- photograph signing on stage Taf Arnold on stage

Woman singing and man playing guitar- photograph, Dick Bryd and Janine

Taf Arnold playing banjo- photograph, Bert Rose band

Gold shiny candle sticker

Gold shiny Christmas tree sticker

2 photographs and foil stickers

Taf Arnold photograph

2 foil Christmas tree stickers

Photograph of 4 men playing instruments and singing - Fuller Brothers

Photograph of man and woman & sticker, Dick Byrd and Janine

Photograph of Dick Byrd & Janine

Gold foil sticker of Santa and sleigh

4 photographs from Christmas party

Photograph of the 4 Fuller Brothers

Santa Claus greeting a woman- photograph

Woman sitting on a sofa- photograph

Several people in a photograph by Christmas tree

2 letters

Letter from Thomas A. Katsanis to Miss Helen Deahl dated December 12, 1966 to acknowledge receipt of

Letter from Katharine Capps and Gayle Stout to Mrs. Roqua Shidler dated December 13, 1966 - appreci

2 photographs and a gold snowflake

People standing around donated television

People standing around donated television

gold snowflake design

January page with drawing of 2 children playing on snowy slope

Photograph, newspaper clipping, theater party flyer

Photo of Civic Theater marquee advertising the play Two for the Seesaw

Clipping - Theater Party for Elex Club set January 22

Elex Theater Party flyer (Project 464) - Civic Theater, January 22 to see Two for the See-saw

3 gold stars over clipping with photo of Houses of Parliament, London, 2 gold seals below

3 gold stars

Clipping - Elex Club Members Now Planning 21-Day Tour To Europe Beginning July 31 - photo of Houses

2 gold seals

News clipping with photo and gold doily accent

Clipping with photo of Eiffel Tower, Paris - Kelseys Big E European 21-day tour July 31, contact Roq

Gold trim accent

February page with drawing of 3 soldiers marching with 2 drums and flag

Flyer with butterfly sticker, clipping with photo

Flyer - Elex Classes 1967 with butterfly sticker

Clipping - Roberta Bryant (photo) opening studio on Coldwater Rd. to teach makeup technique

Blue flyer and photography

Blue flyer with gold angel sticker for Elexers and their bosses supper and program (Project 465), Fe

Photograph of singer on patriotic stage, Max Cooper

Newspaper clipping The Smart Set/GE Elex Club Bosses' Night Features Top Entertainment

Newspaper clipping The Smart Set

Newspaper clipping GE Elex Club Bosses' Night Features Top Entertainment Max Cooper

Two ladies and man on stage, The Smart Set

Large Gold Sticker

Picture of Max Cooper Satire from the Stars with 6 gold flower sticker

Picture of the Smart Set with 5 gold flower sticker

Newspaper clipping June 14, 1966 The Smart Set After+B420:B445 Dark: Kings Cub has the Smart Set By

Pink flyer, red & white heart decoration, red flower on doily, newspaper clipping

Pink flyer (project 466) - Elex Club Night Girls Bingo Party-Luncheon, February 16 at 12 o'clock noo

Small white heart on large red heart decoration

Pressed red carnation on white doily with red ribbon

Clipping - Second Shift Elexers Hold Party Feb. 16, luncheon-bingo and request for cancer pad materi

Newspaper clipping with picture of colosseum in Rome

Clipping - The Colosseum in Rome part of 21-day Big E European tour leaving Fort Wayne July 31, tour

March page with drawing of cross and lilies on hill

White flyer, yellow flyer and gold foil decoration

White flyer - Elex Club presents Flower & Yard Series starting Wednesday March 1 at 8 p.m. for five

Gold foil decoration

Yellow flyer (Project 467) - Elex Easter Program & Memorial Service, Monday, March 13, 4:45 - menu,

Newspaper clipping, 2 foil angel decorations, photograph

Clipping - Elex Clubs Easter Meeting Will Feature Concordia College Choir - 50 young men present sac

small gold foil angel

small gold foil angel

Photograph of choir singing on stage, Concordia College Choir

Booklet, gold foil cross, folded memorial program

Concordia Senior College Choir 1967 Concert Season booklet cover - Te Deum Laudamus

In Nomine Jesu, Part I

Part I continued, Part II, Part III

Part III continued

Part IV

Part IV continued, Soli Deo Gloria, Ideas expressed in cover design by Michael Hiller, poster design

Concordia Senior College Choir list of members and home towns

Message from the President of Concordia Senior College, Martin J. Neeb with photo of campus

Patrons names & locations

Patrons names & locations continued, Concordia Senior College Choir tour dates 1967

Gold foil cross decoration

In Memory - Elex Club - March 13, 1967 program cover

Program, poem Faith

List of deceased members 1964-1967 and date of death

Blue flyer and newspaper clipping

Blue flyer (project 468) - Spring Sing - Second Shift Elixers - luncheon, program, Thursday March 6,

Clipping - Second Shift to Hear She-Wah-Wahs, quartet from Happy City Chapter of Sweet Adelines, at

Pat says, It's General Electric or GE

Clipping-Pat says, It's General Electric or GE

Gold sticker

Dear Elex Contact Girls: Woman employee is in hospital please contact one of the following if death

Springtime in the valley Elex Club visit the Swiss Alps on 21-day tour to Europe leaves Fort Wayne M

Gold sticker on newspaper clipping

April Hand drawing picture of Girl in Yellow rain coat

Tips for Self Protection Luncheon Monday April 10

Tips for Self Protection Luncheon Monday April 10

Elex Club features Presentation by State Parole Officer April 10, parole Officer Jack A. Fitzgerald

Extra Spring Fun Second Shift Elexers April 20, Second Shift Elexers to see fashion show, and tour C

Extra Spring Fun Second Shift Elexers April 20, Luncheon contact Betty Brackin, Tillie Shultz, First

Second Shift Elexers to see Fashion Show, Barbara Hutmacher, Wolf and Dessauer

Second Shift Elexers to Tour Coke Plant April 20

Elex Contact Girls Only Membership Drive Friday April 28, 1967 Roqua W. Shideler and Gold sticker

Employees Give Blood for Open Heart Surgery Donald Baker's Sister Thankful for help from 18 GE Emplo

Donald Baker, Building 4-1,chats with Shirley Predmore, Building 26-2 during a recent special blood

Past Medical History is recorded on William C. Dutton's card by Mrs. Jean Lee at the Regional Blood

Checking in at the Registration desk before he donated a pint of blood was Roy Soughan Building 8-1

Wife rewards winner Thelma Loveless kiss husband Ray, Ray won $2,225.00 for suggestion

Thelma Loveless kiss husband Ray who won $2,225.00 for suggestion

GE employee jackpot for April Charming Mary JoWiggers got a quick preview a total comfort system (fu

Gold $ stickers and round circle

This 400 year old timepiece at Hampton Court Palace on bank of the Thomes North of London is really


Chapters illustration

3 Elex Chapters meet

Partizan Chapter hosts El Par and Pen El Chapter October 18 at Shoaff Park, Hilda Rodenbeck, Peggy F

Summer and Fall events plus photos

May 10 cancer bandage meeting and installation of officers May 17 at Club Olympia, Oneta Tobias, Ber

Partizan Chapter picnic June 21 and luncheon meeting at the home of Mabel Harber, Hilda Rodenbeck, C

Monthly Partizan board meeting September 6 at home of Peggy Flood and regular meeting September 20

Hilda Rodenbeck plans boat tour of river September 27 and luncheon at Hobby Ranch House followed by

Oneta Tobias installed as new Partizan president and will entertain at her home June 7, Betty Miller

Partizan luncheon set for July 19

November activities includes meetings at Roqua Shideler's home on 1st, rummage sale on 5th, cancer

Photo of 4 women

6 ladies in photo

Roqua Shideler breakfast board meeting Nov 1st, Rummage sale Nov 5th, Cancer pad sewing Nov 8th and

January through March Partizan activities, photos and Thank You card

Photo 1 of assorted women gathered for meeting

Photo 2

Photo 3

Jan 17 meeting at Gas Kitchen at NIPSCO, cancer pad sewing Jan 10th and Jan 3rd board meeting at h

March meetings Feb 14th cancer pad sewing, monthly meeting Feb 21 at Stucky Home Entertainment Cente

April and May meetings April 11th cancer pad sewing, April 18th election of officers, mixer party Ap

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