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Red cover

inside the front cover

quote of the week

Happy New Year 63

Thank you card, The Homer Davis family

Thank you card, The Homer Davis text greeting

Thank you card

Text inside by Roqua, December 19

Sympathy Card

Text inside by Emily Groege

Card with a rose signed Berta G.

newspaper clip Newly-Elected Pen El Officers, Clara and Elsa Frede, Ethel Brown, Gladys Beal, Januar

newspaper clip Committee Chairman, Gladys McMillan, Ola Welch, Grace Collins, Mae Helt, Bertha Grube

newspaper clip Pen El to Host the other two Elex Club chapters

FEB February page

Valentine heart

Thank you card

Text of the card by Partizan Chapter, Bev. Helms, February 5, 1963

newspaper clip add for a meeting at the Amer Cancer Society

newspaper add for Elex Club meeting at YW-YMCA, Mrs Thelda Aker hostess, Mrs. Otto Werling, Mrs. Ear

Christmas card with acorns

inside the card signed by Myrna Barrand

Pen El Chapter 1963 year book cover with a rose

Pen El Chapter 1963, Year Book, page 02

Pen El Year Book page 03, Myna Barrand

Pen El Year Book page 4, Gladys McMillen, Dorothy Jensen, Hazel Bennett, Gladys Beal, Anna Griebel,

Pen El Year Book page 5, Thelda Aker, Erma Werling, Rose Johnson, Mamie Basinger, Bertha Albrecht, E

Pen El Year Book page 6, May Didrick, Adele Wietfeldt, Olga Welch, Elsa Frede, Bertha Gruber, Clara

Pen El Year Book pages 7, Maude Waikel, Josephie Haughn, Mabel Waggoner, Roqua Shideler, Emilie Droe

Pen El Year Book pages 8, Beatrice Davis, May Didrick, Ruth Distel, Emilie Droege, Clara Frede, Elsa

Pen El Year Book page 9, Josephine Haughan, May Heit, Dorothy Jensen, Rose Johnson, Florence Kelsey,

Pen El Year Book page 10, Geneva Moody, Maggie Moore, Estella Morrolf, Ida Mugford, Trulie Nelson, M

Pen El Year Book page 11, Adele Wietfeldt, Roqua Shideler

Pen El Year Book page 12, Poem - Manana (Tomorrow)

MAR March page

Thank you card with pink flowers

Thank you card greeting signed by Jo Hanghorn

Photo of 6 women holding candles

Backside of photo: Anna Griebel

Pen-El chapter board meeting/Mrs. Roy Beal

Chapter Meeting to meet: Mrs. Otto Werling

Headline: Two events slated by Pen-El chapter, Mamie Baysinger, Bertha Albrecht, Ethel Brown, Otto W

Photo of 9 women holding candles

APR April page

Pen-El chapter luncheon YMCA, Mrs. Horace Mugford, Mrs. Arba Kurtz, Mrs. Monte Kelsey

Headline: Two events slated by Pen-El chapter/April, Ida Mugford, Arba Kurtz, Florence Kelsey

Easter63: Jesus picture

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception letter from Priests

Red rose flower tag

Photo of 6 women holding candles/April


May page

Thank you note blue lettering

Inside greeting/Gladys McMillan

Postcard with cartoon characters from Kelloggs

Back of Kellogg postcard

Postcard of Kellogg building

Back of Kellogg building postcard

Postcard picture CW Post Memorial clubhouse

Back of postcard CW Post

Newspaper clip: Pel El rummage sale May 15, Mrs. James Collins, Alvin Distel, Vera Fetro

Pen-El chapter board meeting/cancer pad sewing

June Page

Group photo of ladies

Newspaper clip: Pel El two events on June 5th and 12th, May Didrick, Adel Wietfeldt, Olga Welch, Els

Newspaper clip: Pel El events slated June 25th

Thank you card with letter D in front

Thank you note from Alvin Distel family, written by Ruth

Thank you note from, written by Ruth

Adult gate check ticket to Chicago International Fair McCormick Place

Group photo of ladies in front of house with vines

July page

Pel El Chaper: picnic at Lakeside Park, Clara Frede, Mrs. Homer Bell, Mrs. Winnie Nelson

Thank you card

Signed by Bernadine

Thank you to Pel El Chapter Club

From Roqua, June 28, 1963

Newspaper clip about picnic on Wednesday at Lakeside park, Mrs. Bertha Gruber, Miss Clara Frede, Mrs

Appreciation note

The family of Mel L McCune sympathy note

September page

Pen El Chapter trip and rummage sale

Woman holding flowers

Sympathy Card to James B Moody family

YMCA meeting chaired by Miss Maggie Moore Clip, Geneva Moody, Beatrice Davis

magazine flower picture

October page

Napkin from Sheraton Hotel

Postcard from Detroit Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel

Back of postcard of Detroit Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel, with history and description of hotel

Pen El Chapter - Fort Wayne ; Bertha Grueber

Partiza, El Par, Pen L chapters joint meeting, Sears Pavillion

Paper coaster from Sheraton

Pel El Chapter board meeting set for November 6 at Trophy Room of GE Club

Elex Club meeting at YMCA Mrs. Ralph Waikel, chairman

Back of Oct page

postcard Elmwood hotel

Back of postcard with hotel features, Windsor Ontario

FOB Detroit midwest conference program October 11, 12, 13 1963

Page 1 of program

Page 2 of program

Page 3 of program, Jack Qualey Trio

Page 4 of program

Page 5 of program, Thelma Shull, Paul Lennon, Ruth Gilchrist, Janet McDonald, Kay Copeland, Steve De

Page 6 or program

Page 7 of program, Ruth Bergstrom, Virginia Zemboy, Roqua Shideler

Page 8 of program

Page 9 of program

Page 10 of program

Page 11 of program, Virgina Zemboy, Ruth Bergstrom, Thelma Shull, Rose Mcnulty, Virginia Herberholz,

Page 12 of program

Page 13 of program

Page 14 of program

Page 15 of program

Page 16 of program

November page

Thanksgiving gift tag 11-28-63

Picture John F Kennedy (newspaper clipping)

Poems of the week- "What's life about" by Linda Fragman

Pel El Chapter lunch meeting Portage Room YMCA Wed. 1 P.M., Mrs. Jack Shideler, Emilie Droege, Carri

PenEl Chapter Sets Two ents This Month: Nov. 13 1 P.M.- Nov. 26 9 A.M., Roqua Shideler, Emily Droege

John F. Kennedy with John John under desk from Look Magazine

Dec -64 (December)

Christmas Party Set Dec 11, Bernadine McCune, Estella Morrolf, Gladys Beal, Hazel Bennett, Grace Col

More than Just a Day by Henry Van Dyke- clipping

Santa cut out card _Hello-Dec-64

Card front- Christmas from Bertha G.

Card back- Christmas from Bertha G.

3 Santa stickers from page

January 64 page

Greeting card front- Season's greetings

Inside card, Roqua

Christmas Hello card- front

Inside of Hello Christmas card, Emma Werling, 1963

Backside of Hello Christmas with message, Emma

Postcard reminder from Mabel Waggoner Jan. 1 1964

Postcard front addressed to Mrs. Bertha Gruber

Back of January page

Front Thank you card from Ruth Distel

Inside greeting

Inside personal note, Ruth Distel, January 8, 1964

Special friend Christmas Card- front

Inside greeting , Ada Mugford

Pen El, Elex- 1 P.M. Meeting, Maude Waikel

Merry Christmas

Inside, Myrna Barrand

February page

Poem-Live Each Day

Newspaper clip PenEl board meeting Feb 5, Maude Waikel, Carrie Krauter, Thelda Aker

Valentine card cook

Cancer pad sewing


Family thank you card, Loretta Nesswald

Thank you note

Thank you note to the Pen El girls, Hilda Horstmeyer

March page

Clip two events In March, Bertha Gruber, Bertha Albrecht, Rose Johnson

Photo of 6 ladies

Easter Sunday bulletin

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception letter from Priests at Easter

Pen El, Elex meeting 3/11/64

April page

Board meeting Elex Club Pen-El Chapter 9, Mrs. Jack Shideler

Pen EL Chapter, Roqua Shideler, Mary Didrick, Olga Welch, Trullie Nelson

Clipping Calling spring

May page

Wednesday Elex Club board meeting, Otto Werling

Pel El sets all-day rummage sale, Emilie Droege, Dorothy Jensen, Mabel Waggoner

Miss Wietfeldt, W.J. Miller wed

Poems of the week: Step by step

June Page

Large postcard Wagon Wheel Playhouse

Message on back of postcard, Gladys Beal

pink Wagon Wheel Playhouse ticket / June 29, 1964

Theater party for Pen El members, Adele Miller, Estelaa Morrolf, Erma Werling

Elex Club chapter potluck/Foster Park, Mrs. Adele Miller, Mrs. Otto Werling, Mrs. Charles Morrolf

Back of June page

Pen El meeting set Oct. 14th, Maggie Moore, Elsie, Frede, Vera Fetro

Mrs. Merl Waggoner obit

Pen El chapter luncheon, Mrs. George Baysinger, Mrs. Peter Haughan, Mrs. Ethel Brown

Two events slated by Pen El

Pen El sets Activities next month, Mrs. Ethel Brown, Mrs. Mamie Baysinger, Mrs. Josephine Haughan

Untitled page

Sympathy card-Bridge that leads beyond

Inside of sympathy card

October 64 tally front

Inside tally Oct. 64

Back of tally Oct. 64

November 1964 page

In grateful appreciation

inside message-Homer Bell family

red gift tag/Nov. 64

Elex club /Nov. 11, 64 meeting, Anna Griebel, Mrs. Alvin Distel, Mrs. Monte Kelsey

Attendance Award presented to The Pen El chaper Oct. 2-4,1964

Dec. page 1964

Four Santa Claus

Nativity Scene Dec. 1965

Back side of Nativity Scene Dec. 1965

Jan. 1965 page

Anniversary Pen-EL

Doll with three gold star

Pen EL to Install Officers Jan. 13 Bertha Albrecht President, May Didrick, Mamie Baysinger, Gladys B

Pen EL Party Slated Dec. 9 Chairman Clara Frede, Arba Kurtz, Dewey Wickliffe

In grateful appreciation

Sympathy card family of Floa Wibel

Feb. 1965 Page

Five Women

Eight Women holding candles

Pen EL Meeting Set Feb. 10 Chairman Miss Elsa Frede, May Heit, Estella Morrolf

Red heart

Thanks a million card

Thank you card from Florence Kelsey

March 1965 page

Newspaper clip Pen El Luncheon Set March 10 at YMCA Clara Frede chairman, Luella Hockemeyer, Roqua S

Thank you card green with butterflies

inside text signed Blanche

inside text signed Blanche

St Partick card handmade

Photo of 5 ladies holding candles

April 1965 page

Church flyer for Easter Lord with white lillies

Cathedral of the immaculate conception 112 South Clinton str Easter services

three events listed by Pen El Chapter for May , clip, Josephine Haughan, Trulie Nelson, Maggie Moore

Pen El Ladies to meet, clip, dessert luncheon and program, Ethel Brown chair, Rose Johnson, Anna Gri

oval handmade red card with a rose

number 25 inside the card

card "GRACE", flowers around

thank you note signed by Grace

May 1965 page

newsp. Pen El Two Events in May

card, girl watching a wall callendar

inside the card, Dear Maude and girls,

inside the card, Dear Maude and girls,

inside the card, Dear Maude and girls,

clip, Pen El, Elex Club meets to tour the Eckrich plant

thank you card, yellow rose

June 1965 page

Wagon Wheel restaurant-playhouse flyer

Wagon Wheel Playhouse program for the season June-Sept, 6 musicals

back, more info about tickets, prices,reservations

clip, trip to Warsaw

red, circle handmade card with 2 dandeliums

clip, potluck picnic at Lakeside Park, Blanche Bell, Hazel Bennett, Dewey Wickliffe

clip Pen El Picnic July 12 at Lakeside Park Trudie Nelson, Blanche Bell, Mamie Baysinger

July 1965 page

image from a magazine: beach, palm trees, boat with 2 ladies, 2 guys in the water

clip, Pen El picnic at Franke park pavillion No. 1, Mrs. Horace Mugford, Mrs. Ralph Waikel, Mrs. Mon

card with a butterfly, BERT in the corner

September 1965 page

white card, Mrs. Jackson Edward Shideler, Jr.

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