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Elec Club 1962-63 album front cover

Front page pencil drawing of a building and 1962-1963

Red rose and "A Wonderful Year with ELEX"

golden letters: May, June and July

Page with 3 forms: pink, yellow and white, Membership drive, May 1 through May 11, Roqua Shideler

pink: Join ELEX club for the '62 and '3, Roqua Shideler advisor

yellow: to ELEX contact girls, snack session April 30,1962

white: August 24,1962 Elex contact girl list for hospital visitors

page with 3 newspaper articles about membership drive for 1962-63

Newspaper article about women employees membership drive

Newspaper article: More Than 1,400 Join Elex During Membership Drive

Newspaper article: Elaine Adams, Martha Newell Head Slate of Candidates

Candidates for ELEX Offices Named for 1962-963

Elaine Adams

Martha Newell

Marge Doty

Vera Sowards

Marge Rollins

Billie Whitlow

Mary Murphy

Betty Williams

Dorothy Beasley

Anna Ruth Clements

Rozella Koons

Mary Shreve

Madonna Bailey

Irma Hanny

Darlene Heare

Rose Marie Miller

Elaine Sutter

new page 1962 Club Elections Ends Today

clip: Week-long Elex Club Election Ends, Elaine Adams, Martha Newell,Berniece Kratzxch, Marge Doty,

Elex Club Ballot May 18, 1962, Elaine Adams, Martha Newell, Marge Doty, Vera Sowards, Marge Rollins,

New Page: Installation red rose

Four black and white photos, installation of new officers

Two women with candles, Maybe incoming and outgoing president, one of them appears to be Elaine Adam

Two women, one on left Elaine Adams. Congratulating kiss

Billie Whitlow and Marth Newell? At ceremony

Group of elected officers

two newspaper clips and a poem

Elaine Adams Elected Elex Club President: Elaine Adams, Mary Shreve, Rose Marie Miller, Vera Sowards

Clip: Set Perfect Attendance at Elex Board Meetings, Novella Pape, Lorena Buuck, Carol Estes, Helen

Swing Low poem

Photographs of elected officers celebration

Four women at celebration

Ceremony of elected officers

Ceremony of elected officers

Ceremony of elected officers, Dorothy Beasley?

Ceremony of elected officers

Ceremony of elected officers page continued

Ceremony of elected officers Elaine Adams holding flowers

pink angel

Ceremony of elected officers

Photograph of elected officers

4 pages stapled on this page , events for May-June 1962

drawing on yellow paper ELEX Friendship Garden

invitation for tour - luncheon to Decatur May 17, 1962, Central Soya Company, Roqua Shideler, Carol

Participation form check list to join Elex activities, June 1962, Elaine Adams, Vera Sowards

invitation to Elex Club members for picnic supper - bingo, June 25,1962 Shoaf Park, Elaine Adams, Ro

?.Digest Decatur Edition May 17, 1962

photo of Decatur plant (Central Soya Co.)

Newsletter ?Digest Vol.9 No 74 May 17, 1962 Decatur edition

new page with Elex Friendship garden program, a bird and a poppy flower Easter Muzzillo

Elex friendship garden cover

one day conference June 9,1962 at Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

P. 2 Theme, Slogan and Elex Pledge

p.3 Presidents Message

p.4 morning meeting, luncheon, afternoon meeting, Martha Newell, Vera Sowards, Elaine Adams, Roqua S

p.5 your conference committee: Addie Stonebraker, Novella Pape, Bernice Woodcox, Maxine Baker, Doris

p.6 Friendship Garden a poem by Darlene Heare Bldgs. (4-6)

p.7 Elex Club of officers 1961-1962 Novella Pape, Carol Eastes, Martha Newell, Edith Driefke, Virgin

p.8 This Past Year report of the activities

p.9 Notes


bird, flower, note Easter, Esther Muzzilo

Elec Club 1962-63 officers contact info

p.1 President Elaine Adams, First vice president, Vera Sowards, Billie Whitlow, Betty Willimas, Virg

p.2 Committees Darlene Heare President's Scrapbook, Mary Satterthwaite, Mary Olson, Martha Newell, H

p.3 Coffee servers Levona Clark, Mary Harper, Wilma Bischoff, Helen Hull, Edith Dreifke, Ruby McBrid

p. 4 club setup Adele Wietfeldt, Mabel Harber, Mabel Schaaf, Caroline Hans, Mae Didrick, Ida Mugford

p.5 First Shift Contact Girls Elaine Adams, Ina Arney, Peggy Bandt, Esther Batchelder, Dorothy Beasl

p.6 Keister, Zelda; Kratzsch, Berniece, Virginia Mollet, Nancee Morgan, Martha Newell, Margaret Norm

p. 7 First Shift Program Dates Monday, October 8, 1962 - Fashion Show by Stillman's

p.8 Second Shift Contact Girls Phyllis Arkwright, Eveline Best, Helen Bradley, Lorena Buuck, Marge D

p. 9 Hospital Visitors Parkview Pauline Baatz; Lutheran Marie Anderson

New page 5 newspaper clippings for June

Partisan officers to be installed May 15th , Mabel Harber, Ann Fox, Bea Helms, Catherine Lauer, Hild

Picnic supper-bingo slated June 25, Elaine Adams, Shoaff Park's Conklin Pavilion

Newspaper clipping Accent on Value

Partizan officers installed at 15th annual banquet, Mabel Harber, Ann Fox, Catherine Lauer, Bea Helm

Elex one-day trip to Ohio Island slated July 7, Elaine Adams, Catawha Ohio

Elex one-day conference set for June 9, 10-3p.m. Addie Stonebraker, Novella Pape

Girl gardening with blue bonnet on sticker

Elex Club One Day Trip announcement/description of the day,, Elaine Adams, Vera Sowards, Roque Shid

US flag with 4 kids marching sticker

Elex one-day trip to Put-In-Bay, Ohio

New page Put-In-Bay

Lake Erie's Put-In-Bay Popular Island Resort

Lake Erie's Put-In-Bay Popular Island Resort (Left Side)

Lake Erie's Put-In-Bay Popular Island Resort (Right Side)

Lake Erie's Put-In-Bay Popular Island resort (Right Side Map)

Lake Erie's Put-In-Bay Popular Island Resort (Left Side Map)

Visit Perry's Cave, Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Perry's Cave Historical Facts and Statistics

Heineman Winery and Crystal Caves Put-In-Bay Ohio

West Shore Passenger and Auto Ferry

New Page Perry's Victory/State Toast Card/KilnDock Post card

Inside Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Middle Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Page 3 Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Last page Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

State Toast Card

Kiln Dock-Millers Boat Livery, Put-In-Bay, Ohio Postcard

Perry's Victory

Perry's Victory international Peace Memorial sesquicentennial 1813-1963

photo of Cooper's Steaks and fish

September, October and November (1962) golden letters

two programs

Monday, Nov 12,1962 Paul Cherney speaker "The Secrets of the underwater world"

November 15 "White Elephant" gift exchange, Ruth Lowdermilk (Mrs. Herman) presents, Vera Sowards, Ro

four clippings announcements for events

registration for 1962 Midwest General Electric Women's Clubs convention

Varied Program 2nd shift Mrs. Lowdermilk presents chalk-talk

First shift Elex Program, Paul Cherney photo

Second shift Oct 18 program lunch at Dutch Mill in Bluffton, Vera Sowards

magazine clipping of the Paul Cherney presenting the film in color "The Secrets of the Underwater Wo

Series 2 The Red Sea

five announcements for the Midwest G.E. Women's Conference 1962

Midwest G.E. Women's Conference October 5-6-7 Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport, Iowa

flyer with the program of the conference ship and the rule wheel with the events scheduled

river boat "GEM" on the Mississippi registration fee, hotel accommodations, transportation, Project

River Boat "GEM" reservation form, $15 fee

Mardi Gras Nite aboard "GEM"

welcome to Davenport flyer

map of Davenport and Bettendorf

Davenport on the Mississippi flyer and four photo of Ladies

Inside Davenport, Iowa flyer

Backside of Davenport, Iowa flyer

Oct 62 Four ladies by car

Green star Oct 62 Three ladies

Silver star Oct 62 Three ladies

Red star Oct 62 12 ladies outside Hotel Blackhawk

Mark Twain Dinner, Hotel Blackhawk, All Hands on deck, The Gem Oct.5-6 and 7, Winning Hand, Coffee H

Mark Twain Dinner Saturday, 7:00 P.M. Gold Room

Hotel Blackhawk Davenport, Iowa a Distinguished Address

Inside Hotel Blackhawk flyer Earl R. Acherman, Manager

The Dakota Room

The Ambassador Suite Living Room

The Oak Room

The Executive Suite Living Room

The Town House Suite

The Victorian Room

The Mississippi Room

The Empire Room

Puzzled about your entertaining plans

All Hands on deck "Cocktail Hour" Empire Room Saturday 6 Bells

Winning Hand in the Mardi Gras Room Friday Night

Sunday Morning Coffee Hour 8:30-10:30 Empire Room

Southern Belles Luncheon Sunday 12:00

Halloween Face

Come Aboard the GEM October 5-6 &7 booklet

p. 1 Midwest Convention of G.E. Women's Clubs October 5-6-7, 1962 Hotel Blackhawk Davenport, Iowa

p.2 poem "Take Time"

p.3 Friday, October 5. 1962 "Mardigras" Skyline Room 11 th Floor

p. 4 Saturday October 6, 1962

p.5 Mark Twain Dinner Minnie Jo Vigen, Helen Brady, Aldeane Schryver, Joe Gauss

p.6 Sunday, October 7, 1962 Church Directory in Lobby

p.7 Sunday Oct 7, 1962 Southern Belles Luncheon Helen Brady, Marge Egert

p. 8 Sunday Oct 7, 1962 Candlelight Service

p. 9 Name of Clubs and City listing

p.10 Ribbons Key to club colors (Elex - red)

p.11 Birds and Bees

p. 12 Supper Clubs

p.13 Chairmen of Committees, Aldeane Schryver, Jeanette kump, dee Coffey Shirley Hulsebreg, Maizie E

p.14 Guests JH Gauss, JF Fink, RJ Rollet, S Krewitsky, MG Bolhous,AJ Clavin,TA Luther

p.15 notes, empty

Convention, clip, artist and two photos

Convention flyer

Davenport night life

Davenport map


Getting to Davenport

Staying in Davenport

Exhibitions and meetings places recommended

banquets, dinner meetings

facts about the area "Quad-Cities

clip Elex Wins Best Display at Midwest Conference, Elaine Adams, Anna Ruth Clements, Billie Whitlow,

cartoon character paints

photo of the display with two ladies sitting on chairs under "Accent on Value ELEX" poster, Elaine

photo of two ladies at the speaker's podium, Elaine Adams on right and and unidentified woman

letter and photo

letter from Krewitsky to Adele Wietfeldt October 30, 1962

photo of a man and six ladies on a round table - unidentified

4 photos and a sticker - the name Martin Hughes is written on page.

Martin Hughes and woman with table decoration

6 women behind a table with doll decorations

2 men on a stage 1 a singer and 1 playing banjo

Punch bowl on a table

Clip art of elf falling pink scarf blue beret

You'll welcome this programs - program pamphlet and several stickers

Front cover of You'll welcome this programs pamphlet

page 1 of You'll welcome this programs- Something new

page 2 Programs for your enjoyment and pleasure Davenport, Iowa

page 3 Programs for your enjoyment and pleasure Davenport, Iowa

page 4 Programs for your enjoyment and pleasure Davenport, Iowa

page 5 Programs for your enjoyment and pleasure Davenport, Iowa

back of Programs for your enjoyment and pleasure Davenport, Iowa

Train sticker

Clip art of steam boat

Program of candle light service Gem Club, Morrison , Illinois and star stickers

Front cover of candle light service program

opened program of candle light service program

page 1 of candle light service program

page 2 of candle light service program

open pages of 3 and 4 of candle light service program

page 3 of candle light service program

page 4 of candle light service program, Darlene Sharp, Catherine Ryder, Marcella Petersen, Norma Oli

back page of candle light service program

Row of different colored star stickers

Master Maskers- October Elex Club

Newspaper clipping of master maskers- several women

Newspaper clipping of woman having a Halloween paper hat on her head

Newspaper clipping of paper plate with pumpkin cookie and cake piece

October sticker with Halloween people

Clip art of elf walking away with hand in the air

Master Maskers label in lime green

Elex Club entertains Halloween and star sticker

Mask creates a woman of mystery newspaper picture

Newspaper picture of woman taking mask off

Newspaper clipping of Halloween party given by Elex Club for State School students

Newspaper clipping of Halloween party for State school students

Elex Club announcements for October 1962

page 1 of Announcement of Supper-fashion show October 8, 1962

page 2 of announcement for Thursday October 18 Bluffton, Indiana Charter buses

page 3 announcing Elex executive board meeting- October 23, 1962 7:30 Building 4-6 conference room

Elex Club to launch 1962-63 season with fashion show, 6 star stickers

Newspaper article on Elex Club launching 1962-63 season with dinner and fashion show on Oct. 8, with

Color cutout of woman in red suit pasted on white cardboard

Elex Club fashion show

Original black and white photo from newspaper article on previous page, names handwritten on each si

Paper cutout of woman in white coat, black hat and gloves pasted on white cardboard

Paper cutout of woman in tan suit with white hat and gloves pasted on white cardboard

Page with Sleepy Folks sign

Hand lettered Sleep Folks sign with stick figures drawn sleeping on the letters

Piano page with Estey piano pamphlet and piano checklist and four star stickers

Page 1 of pamphlet titled "Nearly a century of music in the home" from Estey Fine Pianos in Bluffton

Page 2 of pamphlet - description and history of Estey Piano

Page 3 of pamphlet- piano design and features

Page 4 of pamphlet - piano models

Page 5 of pamphlet - piano models

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