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Front cover of the album engraved golden letters ELEX CLUB 1960-1961

first page "This is Our Life", a woman silhouette, The Fort Wayne ELEX CLUB Project #319 Slogan "60-

five newspaper clippings on this page April-May

Elex Plans Interesting Program for Easter Festivities on April 11, photo of the First Presbyterian C

Elex-Ers to visit site of Old Fort Quebec in July - August, photo of Quebec

Pen El Chapter Lists Two Activities in April, Adele Wietfieldt, Bertha Gruber

$440 in suggestion awards, photo of Dorothy Gerig, Carl Saaf, Harold Niemeyer, Lawrence Gardt

El Par Meeting set for April 20, Martha Esper, Mary Myers, Helen Moring, Martha Brandenburg, Veronic

May clipping with 2 newspaper clippings and a card laying on top of this page of 9 Indians sitting

May clipping

Card cover of 9 Indians sitting in a half circle, 1 Indian holding a bowl

Inside card a thank you dated 4/25/61 from Lucille Salas

Back of card Squaw Game A Tamcradt Card Silk by Hand Mesquakie Indian Settlement

Newspaper article with picture of Betty Brown and Bertha Burnau to Vie for Presidency

Newspaper article about Elex Membership Rolls drive risen to net of 1,354, Membership Drive Nets 1,

Betty Brown Elected President of Elex Club newspaper clipping and 2 black and white photos

Pictured clipping of Betty Brown 46th President holding coat of arms and includes the 1960-61 offi

Photograph of Wallace E. Beer with 2 new lady officers.

Photograph of Betty Brown with 2 other ladies and Wallace E. Beer at installation of new officers.

5 various photographs of ladies holding candles

9 ladies holding candles unnamed

Wallace E. Beer with 2 unnamed ladies holding candles

14 ladies unnamed with candles and Wallace E. Beer

Unnamed lady with candle

2 unnamed ladies with candles

4 photographs 3 of unnamed ladies holding candles with Wallace E. Beer included and 1 of Betty Brow

4 unnamed ladies with candles and Wallace E. Beer in the background

Photograph of Betty Brown and 1960-61 officers displaying the coats of arms

Photograph of 2 unnamed ladies holding candles with Wallace E. Beer and another unnamed lady in the

2 unnamed ladies with candles and Wallace Beer and another lady in the background

Elex Club 1960-61 Officers 8 pages of names and contact info

Elex Club 1960-61 Officers: President, 1st and 2nd V. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees, Dir

Committees 1960-61

Coffee Servers, Utility

First Shift Contact Girls: Elaine Adams, Ina Armey, Maxine Baker, Dorothy Beasley, Alice Brockett, V

Donna Jean Mougin, Martha Newel, Grace Ober, Marj Rollins, Doris Salge, Lucille Salas, Mary Satterth

First Shift Program Dates

Elex Chapters' Meetings

Second Shift Board Members Jessie Wass, Lorena Buuck, Ellen Henry, Marjorie Doty, Wilma Pfierman, Do

Committee sign-up form

Membership drive and other forms May 1960

newspaper clipping Membership Drive of Elex Ends May 41

pink paper: Join Elex Now, membership drive

Letter from Roqua Wibel Elex Club Advisor and sign-up form for a kick-off breakfast April 29

Procedures for Elex Club operations by Roqua Wibel

Voting form for president, directors, first and second vice presidents, trustees and secretary May 1

two announcements and a booklet on this page

yellow page Elec Mother and Daughter Party May 2, 1960 at the Hobby Ranch House on North Anthony Blv

blue page Theatre Party May 12, 1960

Fort Wayne Civic Theatre presents Auntie Mame, booklet front cover

p. 2 commercials

p. 3Festival Music Theatre's four shows

p. 4 Power for Grouth Indiana & Michigan Electric Company

p. 5 Costume Rental

p. 6 more adds

p. 7 Anthony Award Night, June 4

p. 8 adds

p. 9 Cast Profiles Dan Schwartz, Emma Glasa

p. 10 Auntie Mame The Characters

p. 11 production assistants

p. 12 cast profiles continued

p. 13 Johnny's Nite Cap commercial

p. 14 Poinsatte commercial

p. 15 cast profiles continued

p. 16 commercials

Members of Management

Sustaining Membership

Magnavox add

back cover of the booklet Civic Theatre membership prices and sign-up form

June page with two invitations and a letter

Elex Club annual board banquet June 11 at Hall's restaurant US 30 East

Annual executive board banquet and installation of officers June 6 at Hall's Guest House 305 East Su

Letter from Roqua to the board members June 1, 1960

6 Partizan Chapter newspaper clippings of events plus 1 cartoon of a man with a black eye and a woma

Board Meeting for breakfast at Bertha Mattes home, Annette Hastings, Catherine Lauer, Agnes Schlotte

EL Par chapter 2 events in June, sewing and a picnic, Elma Wise, Nina Cheney, Martha Doerhman

Partizan Chapter events, Board meeting in the home of Mrs. Claud Voss and Cancer pad sewing at the h

Cartoon of a woman and man with a black eye sitting on the sofa. The text says for a smooth operatio

Newspaper clipping Partizan Chapter Potluck at Franke Park, hostesses are Mrs. Nual Mcvey, Mrs. Edn

Pen El Slates Picnic Potluck hosted by Mrs. Otto Werling, Mrs. Fred Krauter and Mrs. Hazel Bennett.

Cancer Pad Sewing , Monday June 27th all day scheduled by the Pen El Chapter

Certificate This is our life Margaret Taylor

Certificate This is our life

Margaret Taylor

July 1960 page

Annual one day conference announcement Saturday, July 9

Elex Club July 9 matchstick box

5 Banks add

newspaper clipping Partizan Chapter Sets Potluck Dinner at Park July 19, McMillen Park

newspaper clipping Elex Promises Cool Day for Annual Conference

booklet The Fort Wayne Elex Club Presents "This Is Our Life" July 9, 1960

p. 1 one performance only at Hall's Guest House

p. 2 Producer Mary Satterthwaite, production Assistants list of names

p. 3 Cast

p. 4 act three

p. 5 Shakespeare All the world's a stage

p. 6 Notes "60-61 One For Fun"

p. 7 Notes "United We Build"

page with a newspaper clipping and a map of St. Lawrence Seaway

map of St. Lawrence Seaway

clipping Lack of Participation Kills Elex Club's Trip

two newspaper articles on this page

Mass Exodus Starts Next Friday as 7,000 Enjoy Paid Vacation

Forgot Anything? General Electric News Friday, July 15, 1960

August page

newspaper volume 43 Friday, August 12, 1960 photo of the participants - Annual business review of d

Miss Widel Hostess of the Riley House and Certificate of Appreciation awarded to ELEX Club

200 Ladies tour Riley House

Contact List Elex Hospital Visitors

James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association to Miss Roqua Wibel

Letter to Miss Roqua Wibel Awaiting arrival Aug. 24,1960 from Bess New

Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Elex Club 7-1960

GE Secretary Pearl Coulter Scotland Trip

Aug.16,1960 Mrs. Hazel McDougall

Soft Drink Prices UP 10 cent

Pokagon attract second shift Elex Girls this month Sept. 1960 / Two Events set by Partizan Chapter

Pokagon attract second shift Elex Girls this month Sept. 1960 / Two Events set by Partizan Chapter

Pokagon State Park Lake Party and Luncheon Sept. 22, 1960

Potawatomi Inn Place mat

Trails and activities in Pokagon State Park

Map of Pokagon State Park

September 1960-61

Four Events on Pen El calendar Sept. 12, Olga Welch, Rose Johnson, Elva McMaken, Gladys McMillan

El Par Season's activities

El Par Season's activities same second clipping

Meter Gals Party Sept. 12, Nellie Bellamy, Mayme Rohr, Delta Schmoe

Compiles long service Mary Wahle May 1920

Hospital Session Set

Martha Newell and Benjamin Knuth shake on profitable ideas

Pilot GE club in 1960-61, Jerry Duryee, Hubert Myers, Voyce Brumbaugh, Bob Guingrich, Carl Brandt

Elex Mystery Trip

Elex Mystery trip set for Sept. 10

Elex Club Mystery Trip II for Member only

Hagerstown Smorgasbord Indiana dinner napkin

Guy Welliver's Smorgasbord Hagerstown Indiana place mat

Houses pictures not captioned and Soldiers and Sailors Monument postcard

House number one

House number two

House interior

Echo I photo by Rex Mericle plant photographer in Bldg 8-2

Soldiers and Sailors Monument postcard

Job improvement article

October Page titled Strike

Convention of Midwest General Electric Women's Clubs in Tiffin Ohio

Registration information for Convention pg. 1

Registration information for Convention pg. 2

Convention flyer

Front of special bulletin regarding convention in Tiffin Ohio

Back of special bulletin regarding convention in Tiffin Ohio

Jacob's Patio Lounge napkin

Tiffin Ohio convention

Tiffin Topics Convention Special page 1 front

Tiffin Topics Convention Special page 1 back

Tiffin Topics Convention Special page 2

Tiffin Topics Convention Special page 3

Roqua Wibel name badge

Roundtable napkin

Shalimar napkin

Elex October Fashion Show

Newspaper clipping for Fashion Show with Jessie Wass and Betty Brown

Fashion Show information sheet

Additional Fashion Show announcement

Elex Club Bulletin Date change for Fashion Show from Oct 10 to Oct 17

November page

Elex Club ticket #2360, yellow, "Void" handwritten

Hunter's Paris Preview of Holiday Fashions

back of the card Order of Review

another copy of the same card with written names of Wanda Andersen, Gladys etc.

front of the second card invitation

photo of a blonde lady smiling

photo of a young lady in front of a Fashions for Wearing sign, holding a puppy toy

back of the photo written in pencil "2 prints", George H. Kaiser, 537 Charlotte, Fort Wayne, IND.

page with 8 photos of the Fashion Show

photo of a lady in a dress

photo of a lady in a shirt animal print

photo of a lady in pants

photo of a lady in short sleeves dress and gloves

photo of a lady in sleeveless dress

photo of a lady in short dress

group photo of 7 (5 women and two men)

group photo of 4 women

page with 8 more photos from the fashion show

photo of a lady in a light color coat with a hat and a hand wormer in animal print

photo of a lady, cardigan on her shoulders, dark hair, dark skirt

photo of a lady in a coat, dark hat and gloves

photo of a lady in a fur collar coat

photo of a lady in a hooded coat

photo of two ladies

photo of 5 ladies

group photo of all the participants in the Holiday Fashions event

December page

White Christmas Bells - announcements of the Elex Club Christmas Program December 11, "Belles of Ind

Meet Bob Lewis & Ginny flyer

inside the flyer - comedians

back of the flyer: contact: Paramount Attractions, Sheraton Hotel, 505 N. Michigan Blvd, Chicago 11

Bernard Dolnick, superintendent, thanks the residents and staff of the Fort Wayne State School

Elex "Winter wonderland" Party flyer- Dec 10

Belles of Indiana- annual Christmas program Dec 11 newspaper clipping and note

Newspaper clipping

Sticky note on the weather

7 photographs and 2 newspaper clippings about Dec party

Photograph of woman with paper in hand in front of microphone

Photograph of woman white dress in front of microphone

Photograph of woman in front of microphone

Two events slated by El Par Chapter- Dec 6 and Dec 21- newspaper clipping

Photograph of woman and man on stage

Christmas dinner set- Dec 14- newspaper clipping, Anna Griebel, Clara Friede, Adel Wietfeldt, Gladys

Partizan Yule Party- Dec 20- newspaper clipping

Photograph of man holding rope

Photograph of woman behind microphone

Photograph of woman holding microphone

Christmas customs and vice president picture- newspaper clippings

Christmas customs newspaper article

Vice president H.A. MacKinnon holiday statement- newspaper clipping

January 1961 page

January 1961 banner

What kind of year will it be? Picture of 4 people on New Year's Eve print

1961 page

Photograph of man holding camera

Back of photograph

Eastman Kodak Company- Charles A. Kinsley- biography

1961 Elex Classes- sign up- 1/8/61

Kodak's Alaskan Show gives travel photo tips information sheet

Camera blazes Alaskan trails in Kodak color travelogue information sheet

Release "Alaskan camera trails" information sheet

Take home tips for better color pictures- pamphlet

Photograph page of pamphlet- 5 colored pictures

2-6 Instructions for better color pictures

4 black and white pictures

7-10 instructions for taking pictures

11-14 instructions for taking pictures

4 black and white pictures

Back of pamphlet

Several pages for Elex Club events and information

Elex Club supper/program- January 9 1960

Various information for holidays, insurance and stock info

General Electric news letter- February 8, 1961

Indiana Association for Mental Health thank you

New hours announcement cashier service

Elex Club Theatre Party January 30, 1961- announcement

Belles are ringing program- Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

page 2 of program- advertisements

page 3 plays for the 1960-61 season

page 4 advertisements

page 5 advertisements

page 6 advertisements

page 7 advertisements

page 8 advertisements

page 9 cast profiles

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