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Front cover of the scrap book Elec Club 1945-55, green and golden

Scrap Book Of Second Shift Gils and the Elex logo

Our Best Drive in '55, September 1,1954 to June 1, 1955

September, State Fair, Elex Membership Drive, Election and Appointments

Elex Membership Drive, two newspaper articles on the page, decorated with 4 leaves

clipping about the Elex drive 1954-55, Sept. 7-21,

clipping with photo of Georgette Hetzel and Mabel Fisher counting membership cards

three clippings on the page

Gov. of Indiana George N. Craig to Welcome 400 Elex Members at State Fair, Sept. 4

Congressman Adair to Give Elexers State Fair Send-Off, Eddie Fisher, Jan Garber

photo of newly elected Myrtle Bennett, Edna Berdelman, Burnis Cramer and Betty Miller

3 newspaper clippings on this page

Greetings from Governor, photo of Harold W. Handley, Voyce Brumbaugh and Florence Hargan

Partizan to Install New Officers Tuesday, Myrtle Bennett, Edna Berdelman, Burnis Cramer, Betty Mille

Photo of Dolores Connin, Service Award, free membership for her piano music for Elex meetings, Mary

newspaper photo Elex Sees State Fair

U.S. Representative E. Ross Adair, Ab Martin, Irene Meyers and Voyce Brumbaugh

Join Elex Now! Membership Drive September 7th - 21st

Green paper invitation/add for drive and the Gala Opening Oc. 11th Purdue Glee Club

newspaper clippings and green leaves for decoration on the page

Elex Club Election Set for September 22-23-23

Photos of Mary Zirkl and Georgette Hetzel, candidates for president

Photos of Irma Beard, E. Maxine DiGregory, Peggy Bandt and Eileen Vandergrift for vice president 1st

photos of 11 candidates on this page

Mary Olson for secretary

Dorothy Askren for secretary

Helen Studler for director

Ida Mugford for director

Betty Thomson for director

Mildred Koehler for director

Doris Olinger for director

Hedwig Harrison for trustee

Muriel Etchason for trustee

Marian Leiter for trustee

Phyllis Borkenstein for trustee

3 newspaper clippings and 3 green leaves on this page

Elect Georgette Hetzel New Elex President, Betty Thompson, Mildred Koehler, Helen Studler, Marian Le

Elex Club Drive For Membership Closes TuesdayMaxine Baker, Rachael Fisher, Peggy Turschman, Marjorie

photo, Victory Smiles: 1507 Elex Members a good start for a big year, Peggy Bandt, e. Maxine DiGrego

big photo of the ladies from the membership drive, Peggy Bandt, e. Maxine DiGregory, Georgette Hetz

"1507 Elex Members a good start for a big year" sign held by the activists from the drive

a newspaper article, a picture and a yellow napkin on this page, decorated with 5 yellow flowers

Elex members Schedule Installation Tea Oct. 2, Kenneth W. Michael

picture of two ladies in long dresses in front of a fire place

yellow napkin "Elex"

October Installation "Autumn Flame" Conference, red rose

List of second shift board members, contact girls and Taylor Street

Maxine DiGregory, Florence Hargan, Evelyn Dyer, Martha Scott, Bea Lantz

two newspaper clippings

El-Par Plans Picnic at Potawatomi Inn, Lake James, Sept. 15

Partizan Fall Party Oct. 19, Margaret Tomson, Blanche Druesedow, Lola McCage, Pearl Boise, Myrtle Be

handwritten poem about the scrap book by Eveline E. Best

two newspaper articles and a post card Hotel Wolford, Danville, Illinois

100 Elex Members Plan to Attend Conference, Voyce Brumbaugh, Mary Olson, Myrtle Bennett, Mamie Allen

Danville GE Women to Host Fall Conference Oct. 16-17, Roqua Wibel,

post card Hotel Wolford, Danville, Illinois

3 pictures and a paper glass coaster from the hotel Wolford

photo of the conference

coaster, logo HW

photo of the conference

photo of the conference

4 photos and some stickers

Black and white photo of woman with hat and coat on stage

Black and white of a man and woman talking

Black and white photo an open book with photo and couple of boxes with ribbon be side boxes

Black and white photo of a woman writing, sitting next to bed

Yellow flower sticker

October (autumn) page

Elex second shift plans "Autumn Flame" luncheon newspaper article- October 28, E. Maxine DiGregory,

Howard Johnson coaster

Howard Johnson package of toothpicks

October 8th letter to contact girl about luncheon Oct 28 11:30 Howard Johnson restaurant from Irene

Black and white photo of women at luncheon

Colored leaf sticker

Howard Johnson placement

Oak leaf and 2 black and white photos

Black and white photo of women at luncheon- Mary Strup 4th woman on left side row & Anna Lee on righ

Black and white photo of women at luncheon

Dark red oak leaf

3 newspaper articles and 2 flowers

GE TV Personality to Visit Fort Wayne Oct 31 to Nov 3. Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis

New Elex Chapter to organize Nov 10th- newspaper article

Elex organizes new chapter for retired women employees- newspaper article

Pink flower

Blue flower

3 newspaper articles and several flowers as decorations on page

Reagan to Arrive in Fort Wayne Sunday Evening, Ronald Reagan

Newspaper article about 3 busy days for Reagan in Fort Wayne

Newspaper article and picture- Joan Crawford and Ronald Reagan about script for General Electric The

Pink flower decoration

1 pink flower

single pink rosebud

Bunch of yellow flowers

3 newspaper articles and pictures with flower decorations

Picture of Ronald Reagan and blood donors at Ft. Wayne Regional Blood Center

"Ready for Ronnie" fan club sign with Ellen Johnson, Barbara Ternet and Ardola Metker

Picture of Ronald Reagan with fans signing autographs- Luana Oehlhaffen and Kathryn Pfister

Pink flower

Stem of leaves

On tour with Ronald Reagan page

On tour with Reagan banner

Newspaper picture with Ronald Reagan meeting Generator section- F. Newport, A. Einsiedel, W. Smith,

Pink flower

Stem of blue flowers

Greeting gals/Specialty transformer- Reagan meets Ellen Gerbers, Doris Rinehold and Betty Warren

Awards Banquet- Reagan spoke pictured- Bob Etzler, Dick Thomas, Fred Prange and Erv Huth

Floral decoration

Three-day date with

Pink rosebud

Fan club reception clipping of Reagan signing autographs, Ardola Metker, Ellen Johnson, Barbara Tern

White flower

JA stockholder r. Reagan visited 2 of the Junior Achievement co. - Gretchen Callihan, North Side Hig

Wire Mill Jaunt- Reagan chatted with F.A. Arnold, Loyd Meads, Richard Furthmiller, Albert Henschen a

2 Pink flowers

Getting signature of Ronald Reagan is Laura Starner in the back, B. Witham, Ed Beatty and M. Briggs

GE's TV 2 flowers and 5 newspaper clippings of Ronald Reagan visit

GE's TV 2 flowers and 5 newspaper clippings of Ronald Reagan visit

GE's TV label

Honorary Membership in Elex picture of Ronald Reagan given by officers Phyllis Borkenstein, Peggy B

paper flower 1

Ronald Reagan to visit at the Blood Center with nurse Betty Drennan and Robert McCollister

Ronald Reagan signing his autograph for Dick Tholen, Bob Kerr and Max Poling

Presidents of the organization met with Ronald Reagan for lunch 17 men and 2 women, Justine Brown, A

paper flower 2

Ronald Reagan visit

Theater Star

Ronald Reagan addressing GE Elex Club

Ronald Reagan signature

November activities

Pen-El Chapter Theater Party

Irene Meyer's last party with second shift

Thanksgiving illustration

Article regarding Irene Meyer

Article celebrating Irene Meyer's work ethic and role at GE as Old Master

The Purdue Exponent

Second shift Theater Party, luncheon at YWCA and party at Embassy Theater

News article and photo about Theatre Party plus card from Eveline Best to Irene Meyer

Newspaper clipping about Luncheon and Theater Party plans, and boxes sent to Armed Forces personnel,

Photo of woman at Theater party luncheon for second shift

Thank you poem and comments from Eveline Best for Irene Meyer

Theater party luncheon for Irene Meyer

Photo of Irene Meyer and other coworkers at Luncheon

Luncheon decoration

Women seated at Luncheon table

Theater party luncheon for Irene Meyer - 2 photographs, 3 Thanksgiving cut outs, poem

Photograph of many women at banquet tables

Cornucopia cut out

Turkey cut out

Photograph of standing woman speaking at banquet table with many seated women

Poem - Oh, God, Forgive Me

Pumpkin cut out

2 clippings and 3 Thanksgiving cut outs

Clipping with drawing of pilgrim couple and the story of the first Thanksgiving

Turkey cut out

Poem - Thank You, Lord - Words by Walt

Cornucopia cut out

Pumpkin cut out

3 newspaper clippings and 3 cut outs

Clipping - Elex Club Books Gordon MacRae for Yule Party - Dec. 5 at 2 p.m., says Georgette Hetzel

Snowman cut out

White flower cut out

Clipping - Elex Club to Sponsor Class in Beginning Photography - Jan. 10 for 8 weeks - Paul Perry in

Clipping - Retired Elex Club Members Select Pen-El as Name for New Chapter, Nettie Englebrecht found

Pink flowers cut out

3 newspaper clippings, 1 with photo, 2 cut outs

Pink flowers cut out

Clipping - 5-Year Holding Period Ends Dec. 31 for Savings & Stock Bonus Bonds part 1

Clipping - 5-Year Holding Period Ends Dec. 31 for Savings & Stock Bonus Bonds part 2

purple flowers cut out

Clipping - Iris Traylor pictured with S-D Day badge - Safe Driving day set by President Eisenhower

Purple flower cut out

December page - Frosty the Snowman cut out, Reception for Irene Meyers, Christmas Party

Invitation and cut out

Invitation to Elex reception for Irene Meyers retirement, Dec. 22, 1954, 2-5 p.m.

Flower cut out

2 clippings and 4 cut outs

Cut out of woman

Clipping - announcement of reception for Irene Meyers, Dec.22, 2-5 p.m., says Georgette Hetzel

Cut out pink rose bloom

Cut out pink rose bloom

Clipping of photo of 3 women presenting friendship quilt with 1600 embroidered names to Irene Meyers

1 clipping with picture, 1 clipping with poem, 4 cut out roses, 1 doily

Clipping - Irene Meyers with 3 men - I.H. Freeman, K.W. Michael, L.C. Swager

Rose cut out

Rose cut out

Clipping - Poem - Irene - Words by Walt

Rose cut out

Round doily

Rose cut out

1 clipping with picture, 1 red napkin, 2 rose cut outs

Clipping - Irene Meyers Honored by GE Friends at Elex Reception, with picture of television being pr

Rose cut out

Red napkin says IRENE MEYERS 1919-1954

Rose cut out

Irene Meyer's affectionate farewell article and pink flower decorations

Irene Meyer's affectionate farewell article

Thank you from Irene Meyers

Random pink rose cut out

Random stem of pink roses cut out

2 articles and 2 snowmen stickers

El-Par meets Wed. Dec 15 home of Julie Martin, Marie Herr, Hazel Martin, Helen Bangert

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman sticker

Partizan Party Dec 21 article- Bertha Mattes home, Frances Hart, Edna Tarmon, Edith Venrick

Snowmen sticker

Merry Christmas page

Merry Christmas signage with 2 red snowflakes

Christmas round the world article

Snowman cut out

The Christmas story article

Christmas brings out our best page

Santa cut out with woman's face for Santa's face

Christmas brings out our best poem by W.L. Whonsetler

Snowman cut out

Black and white photo of a snowman on stage

Christmas is for everyone page

Christmas is for everyone article

Snowman figure with 3 women- photo

Snowmen cut out

Black and white photo of 3 women standing in front of stage

January page

Roqua M. Wibel- page

Roqua M. Wibel named supervisor

Picture of Roqua Wibel with lavender flowers

Roqua Wibel article, Irene Meyers

Lavender flowers

2 articles and 2 cut outs

Elex to sponsor photography classes article, Paul Berry, Mary Jane Horrell, Veora Habig, Kathryn Tur

Blue flowers cut out

Sign up for Elex Club members for cooking session

Blue bird cut out

5 articles and bird stickers

Elex club Let's be feminine classes article- Jan 17 start, Veora Habig, Nina Harman Shannon, Maxine

Robin sticker

El-Par meeting Jan. 26 book review article

Elex class feature new spring millinery article, Mrs. Eley of Schiller's Millinery

Snow or no- Partizan to hold snowball party- article Irene Ofenloch chairman, Betty Skevington, Marh

Robin sticker

Pen-El to hold first meeting January 12- article, Bertha Gruber, Mabel Wagner, Carrie Krauter, Grace

Announcement letter and purple flower cut outs

To Contact Girl from Roqua Wibel announcement January 11, 1955

Purple flower cut out

Cooking school page

Schueler's General Electric cooking school pamphlet

page 1-2 recipes - Shrimp Hawaiian and Pizza Pie

page 2- 2 recipes - Cherry Parfait Tarts and Orange Marmalade-cream cheese dip

page 3- 3 recipes- Brown sugar jiffy frosting, Scotch steak, Roquefort cheese dip

Purple flower cut out

Your favorite "pin up" booklet

page 1- of booklet

page 2-of booklet Reddy Kilowatt

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