front cover of the Elex 54-55 album

Front of loose note card to Elex Club from Dolores Haslup - girl in yellow dress and 4 blue and gol

Inside of note card to Elex Club - It was a pleasure to keep this book for the Elex Club. Dolores Ha

Going Places with Elex 1954-55 Georgette Hetzel President

Membership drive September 7th through 21st and Optimism booklet for a speedy recovery

Membership drive flyer

Optimism booklet with speedy recovery wishes from Elex

Pages 2 and 3

Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7

Pages 8 and 9

Pages 10 and 11

Pages 12 and 13

Pages 14 and 15

Pages 16 and 17

Pages 18 and 19

Candlelight Tea pictures and napkin

Two women and a man standing in front of a fireplace

Four women and a man during a candlelight ceremony

Yellow Candlelight Tea napkin

Candlelight Tea photos

Captioned left to right: Florence Hargan Joyce Brumbaugh and Mary Zirkle

Two ladies holding candles with a man

Woman seated at table

Group of Elex women at Candlelight Tea

Elex Officers holding sign announcing 1507 Elex members for the year

News article of election of new Elex officers and their photos

Announcement of new Elex officers

Georgette Hetzel new president

E Maxine DiGregory first vice-president

Peggy Bandt second vice- president

Dorothy (Mary) Olson secretary

Phyllis Borkenstein trustee

Marian Leiter trustee

six photo portraits of Elex ladies

Joyce Brumbough

Mary Becker

Louis McKeifer

Betty Thompson

Mildred Kochler

Helen Studler

October page, skeleton and pumpkins

Varsity Glee Club of Purdue University

big photo of the men's choir

circle photo of Albert P. Stewart

big glossy photograph of Albert Stewart and a newspaper clipping

Al Stewart autograph on the photo in front of Purdue Glee Club choir

clipping: Purdue Glee Club at Elex Meeting Oct. 11

Midwest Fall Conference schedule and pictures

Midwest Fall Conference schedule and pictures

Midwest Fall Conference GE Women's Club October 16-17, 1954 - Hotel Wolford, Danville, Illinois

p. 1 Picture of Irene Meyers and poem about her by Lucille Carter

p. 2 Agenda

p. 3 Saturday Banquet

p. 4 Church Directory

p. 5 Autographs - Notes

doll face and pink paper " Conference - Danville"

photo of the conference

photo of three ladies

photo of the conference

photo of the conference

5 photos and a Thank you card

Photo 1 shows a doll face with stars for eyes, a photo a lady and a open box with a ring in it

Photo 2 has 7 ladies 1 standing and the other 6 sitting at a long table

Photo 3 has 3 ladies and 1 man setting at a long table looking at a lady that is standing

Photo 4 has 2 ladies standing looking down at another lady laying down in what looks like a play

Photo 5 has 4 ladies standing with one of them partially cut off and one of them holding a small do

Thank you card the letters of Thank you are covered with flowers

Inside card Irene Meyers writes to the Elex Club Thank you for your part in my loving ring will alwa

November page with 2 Greeting card and a picture of a fully cooked Turkey

Greeting Card showing a Turkey standing in the yard in front of a white fence

Inside card colored leaves white fence and a picture of a farm in the background "To be Thankful on

Greeting Card showing a comic pilgrim looking at ears of corn and a cook turkey

Inside the same pilgrim seated in a chair holding his stomach stuffed from the wonderful meal " Mea

Magazine cut out of a fully cooked turkey

Newspaper clippings and three photo

Newspaper clipping Elex organizes new chapter for retired women employees

Newspaper clipping 'The Three Suns' - Recording Stars to perform at Elex Nov. 8 Meeting, Georgette H

New Elex Chapter to organize Nov. 10 at a coffee hour

Photo of three men

Photo of three men on stage

Photo of lady on stage

Photo of the Three Suns and ladies on stage

The Three Suns RCA Victor Recording Artist to the Wonderful Gals at the Elex-Our Thanks Marty, Arti

Photo of Two ladies on stage

Photo of one lady on stage

Photo of the Three Suns--Marty, Artie, Micky

December cut out of Santa, 8 star sticker and two front of Christmas card

December cut of Santa and 8 star sticker

Front of snowman card

Front of Holiday card of Santa

Photo of baby, Christmas tree and gifts, Four star sticker and photo of man and baby on stage with s

Photo of man and baby on stage with snowman and four star sticker

Six photo of women

Photo one of Lady on stage

Photo two of ladies on stage

Photo Three of one lady passing of gift

Photo Four of two ladies passing out gift

Photo Five ladies passing out gift

Photo Six Group of women

Thank you note from Irene Meyers and three photo

Photo of Irene Meyers

Photo of Irene Meyers with flowers

Photo of Irene Meers with three other ladies

Seven Newspaper clipping

Retired Elex Club Members select Pen_El as name for new chapter organized by Nettie Englebrecht, Gra

Elex Night Girls plan Luncheon Theater Party Nov. 18, Maxine DiGregory, vice president, Mabel Fann,

Elex Club Mrs. Frank Mattes, 1004 Woodview Blvd, will hostess 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon for Christ

Elex Club, The Partizan Chapter will celebrate its eighth anniversary with tea at 1 o'clock Tuesday

El-Par Meets Wed. El-Par Chapter of Elex Club will meet for Christmas Party Wednesday December 15 at

Elex Club Sponsor Class in Beginning Photography, wight-week class will begin Monday, January 10 Pau

Elex Reception for Irene Meyers on her retirement with reception Wednesday, Dec. 22 Georgette Hetze

You are invited as a guest of the Elex Club to a reception on Wednesday, December 22, 1954 given in

Santa cut out and 3 photographs with 6 blue and silver stars

Santa cut-out with face of Irene Meyers

Photo of Irene Meyers and 3 men standing behind banquet table

Photo of Irene Meyers receiving gift from woman

Photo of Irene Meyers receiving scrap book album from man

3 photographs, poem, and gold foil letters spelling Irene Meyers name

Photo of 3 women presenting television to Irene Meyers

Photo of 4 women holding quilt with handwritten caption Mamie Allen, Doris Reiter, Irene Meyers, Zel

Photo of 2 men and 2 women with Irene Meyers and scrapbook - handwritten caption with arrow Marion L

Poem Irene, words by Walt, W.L. Whonsetler

2 newspaper clippings and thank you card

Clipping with photo - Irene Meyers Given Affectionate Farewell During Last Day on Job, with Georgett

Clipping - Irene Honored By GE Friends At Elex Reception mentions her Charles A. Coffin Award in 195

Front of thank you card - Thanks to All of You with flowers and rhinestones

Inside of thank you card to Elex Board from Irene Meyers

January page with card

Stenciled letters black, green, gold glitter - January Happy New Year 1955

Front of card - boy with horn, horseshoe, top hat, and cards

Inside of card 1 - picture of boy with horseshoe, top hat, and good luck sign

Inside of card 2 - New Years wish, unsigned

2 photographs of Ronald Reagan Elex visit

Photo of Ronald Reagan with group of 18 men and 2 women around table

Photo of Ronald Reagan laughing with group of 8 women

Green paper inserted in album to mark Ronald Reagan visit - his name written across top

Photo of Ronald Reagan with small newspaper clipping

Photo of Reagan autographed - My Thanks & Best Wishes to all of you in Elex, Sincerely, Ronald Reaga

Clipping - Honorary Membership in Elex presented to Reagan

Congratulations page for Roqua Wibel with picture, news clipping, card, and decorations

Photograph of Roqua Wibel

Heading from newspaper clipping - Roqua Wibel Named Supervisor of Womens Activities, Elex Advisor

Clipping - L.C. Swager announces Roqua Wibel, employee since 1936, will replace Irene Meyers

Green ribbon flower decoration

Front of thank you note shows plate with flower and leaf design on pink background

Inside of card to Elex Girls from Roqua to thank them for red roses

Photograph and 5 blue foil stars

Portrait by Maurice Seymour, autographed, To Elex, with all good wishes, Kathryn Turney Garten

Book review notice with decoration, 5 newspaper clippings and 1 photograph

Book review of The Dollmaker by Harriette Arnow, review by Kathryn Turney Garten, with design cut ou

5 blue foil stars arranged diagonally

Photograph of 6 women standing behind table, Blondie Frankhart, Miss Hetzel,Bertha Bannister, Mrs Co

Clipping to accompany photo - Grace Collins receives lifetime membership in Elex Club - Blondie Fran

Clipping - Elex Club Lets be Feminie Classes Start Monday Night - 8 classes - Maxine Baker, Nina Har

Clipping - Snow or No - Partizan Chapter Snowball Party in the Gas Kitchen - Irene Ofenloch, Betty S

Clipping - Elex Let's Be Feminie Class to feature Millinery - Mrs. Eley of Schillers Millinery, Corn

Clipping - El-Par will entertain Partizan Chapter at book review and luncheon Jan. 26 at noon

February page with card and 5 cut out decorations

Valentine card - Front with beaver next to chewed tree and hearts

Inside of card - unsigned

Heart on doily decoration - one on each side of card

Ballerina dancing on heart-shaped floor cut-out

Ballerina dancing on heart-shaped floor cut-out

To My Valentine cut-out

4 clippings, 1 with photograph

Elex to Sponsor Photography Classes, Paul Perry and Mary Jane Horrell on the picture

Pen-El to Hold First Meeting January 12, Bertha Gruber, Carrie Krauter, Mabel Wagner

Elex Club Members to Entertain Bosses at Feb. 14 Meeting in GE Club, Doris Olinger, Margaret Buchan

Elex Rummage Sale February 11 and 12

seven clippings on this page, February events

Partizan Plans Party, Feb. 15, Gas Kitchen, Myrtle Lauer, Pauline Gilbert, Luella Tarmon

El-Par Meets Feb. 16, Lois Miller, Anna Ripsberger, Marty Meyers, Minnie Barr

Elex Second Shift Sweetheart Luncheon Slated for Thursday, Bef. 17 at YWCA, Lorna Eley, Georgette He

Board to Convene, Alva Morin

El Par Chapter Reveals Officers for new season, Alva Morin, Mrs Louis Schmoe, Mrs Frank martin, Mrs

El-Par Officers Elected for 1955, Zella Wittmer president

Elex Club St. Patrick's party at Gas Kitchen, Clara Cooper hostess, Clara Cooper, Mrs Paul Rodenbeck

March, St. Patrick's day, horse shoes, green hats, clovers

St. Patrick's card

inside the card

three clippings on this page, March events

Partizan Meets Tues., Clara Cooper, Hilda Rodenbeck, Oneta Tobias, Martha Zehendner

El-Par Slates Election, Martha Doehrman, Martha Esper, Belle Buchan, Violet Elliott

Elex Schedules Lenten Programs, Rev George B. Wood, Trinity Episcopal Church

April, Easter bunny and a card

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter card with yellow ducklings

inside the card

two clippings and four photos on this page

Elex Members To Fete Bosses, April 21, One-act comedy "The Light-house Tragedy", Martha Scott, Flore

photo of the event

Photo of 4 ladies

photo of5 ladies

photo of 3 ladies in funny hats

MAD HATTERS, Helen Smetzer, Vergie Stevens, Ruth LaPrad

2 Black and white photos

2 women arranging flowers

Black and white photo of 2 rows of women having a meal

7 newspaper clippings

El-Par Board to meet- article- April 28 at YMCA, Frieda Morin, Zella Wittmer

EL-Par Easter article- April 20 at Freida Morin's home

Elex egg sale- newspaper article, Georgette Hetzel

Pen-EL luncheon set April 13 home of Mrs. Trulie Nelson, Estella Morrolf

Newspaper article and picture- Elex egg tree, Leonard Gruber, Esther Dalman, Doris Ollinger

Newspaper article Elex slates annual egg sale April 7; First shift street fair April 11

Newspaper article El-Par chapter Easter party meeting Wednesday home of Mrs. Alva Morin, Mrs William

May page

Outside of Mother Day card

Inside of Mother Days card

Picture of a flower arrangement

Picture of a flower arrangement

Picture of a flower arrangement

Gold star stickers

3 newspaper articles and 1 name card

El-Par spring party slated for May 18- newspaper article, Caroline Hans, Clara Bingenberg, helen Mor

Elex Mother-Daughter Party held May 1 at GE Club- article, Barbara Potter, Ernestine Wagner, Henry W

Partizan chapter sets annual May breakfast- article- Helen Miller chairman, Nora kern, Phyllis Wagne

Mrs. Leon C. Swager- name card

2 Black and white photos and newspaper article

Black and white photo of 3 women in front of microphone with large pot of flowers

Remembering mother- article Elex Club party May 1- Mrs. Bertha Miller received prize for youngest mo

Line of women various ages with potted flowers on the floor in front of them

3 black and white photos and blue star stickers

Black and white photo of a woman singing with a man playing piano

Blue foil star sticker

Black and white photo of a woman singing with a man playing piano

Black and white photo of a woman tap dancing

2 Black and white photos and gold star stickers

Black and white photo of tap dancer

Gold star stickers

Black and white photo of man on a unicycle

2 newspaper clippings

Elex Member Drive ends, election is May 16-20, ballots to Thelma Voirol, candidates - Maxine Baker,

Elex Membership Drive Begins Monday, kickoff breakfast Monday at 9 a.m. - per Georgette Hetzel

3 color photographs and 2 silver foil stars

8 women and 1 man holding candles

4 women and 1 man holding candles

Back of photo - Therese, Betty T.

3 women in front of fireplace

2 color photographs and 3 blue foil stars

Photo of 3 seated women, 9 standing women, Mary Baker written under

Photo of 5 women, 1 man, seated at banquet table

1 Newspaper clipping and 2 brochures

Clipping - Plans for Nine-Day Florida Trip During Shutdown - Georgette Hetzel, Roqua Wibel, Veora Ha

Miami Beach brochure

Miami Beach brochure page 2

Miami Beach brochure page 3

Miami Beach brochure page 4

Elex Club Miami trip brochure