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Boy in nightshirt and cap

Card from Maison Kesselbach, Lucerne

2 notes 1 watch guarantee booklet, 1 Switzerland folded map, 1 clock decoration

Note - Guarantee for my watch

Watch guarantee booklet - cover

Watch guarantee booklet - How to care for your Longines watch

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Europe

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Europe continued

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Europe and America

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in America continued

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in America continued

Watch guarantee booklet - Guarantee, dated August 3rd 1953

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Africa

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Africa continued

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Africa, Asia

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Asia continued

Watch guarantee booklet - Distributors in Asia, Australasia

Watch guarantee booklet - more care and use instructions

Cuckoo clock cut out

Switzerland by Rail and Alpine Postal Motor-Coach - cover

Map - Tessin travel information

Map - Valais travel information

Map - Small interior map

Map - Holiday ticket information

Map - Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland travel information

Map - The Grisons travel information

Map - The electrified Gotthard line

Map - Swiss Alpine Posts

Map - Gotthard Express photo and info

Map (large color)- Left or West part

Map (large color) -Central part

Map (large color) - Right or East part

Note - Switzerland was beautiful

5 receipts for goods bought

Receipt - Ahrens, Luzern, Ladies watch, Aug 3rd 1953

Receipt - Peter Maeder Lucerne, Switzerland, Aug 3rd 1953

Receipt - Ruckli, Luzern - Wristwatch sold to Betty Puff

Receipt - Schneider, Zurfluh, Luzern - for pocketknife, August 3, 1953

Receipt - H. Schuster, Luzern - Bracelet, August 4, 1953

Rabbit decoration, map of Rome, 1 note

Rabbit cut-out decoration

TWA City Map of Rome cover

Inside first fold of map

Inside second fold of map

Top half of map

Bottom half of map

Handwritten note - Rome is Ancient and Historical

1 newspaper photo, one dog decoration, 1 travel reservation, 3 handwritten captions

News Sentinel photo of Elex Club members hiking up Capitol Hill in Rome, ancient Roman Forum in back

Dog head cut-out

Hotel reservation with handwritten caption

American Express Travel Service Hotel Reservation -Hotel Atlantic, Nice

1 cut-out and 3 newspaper articles

Girl cut-out decoration

Clipping with photo - Marilyn App photographing Mrs. Fred Kammen in front of Roman Forum

Clipping with photo - Elex Club members with Ambassador to Italy, Claire Booth Luce, at U.S. Consul

Loose clipping with photo - Lothar D. Graf, sponsored by Margaret Schneider and Gladys Fuhrman

2 newspaper clippings and 1 cut-out decoration

News Sentinel, August 10, 1953 - Photo of Elex Club members arriving home

Cat in blue jacket cut-out decoration

Clipping with photo - Lee Romolo talking to Irene Meyers, Roqua Wibel, and Mary Olsen about what to

Paris France

Baby face

Paris is warm, gay, and happy notation

TWA City Map of Paris, front, folded.

Paris map, first fold, promoting flying to Paris

Paris map second fold, attractions and suggested itineraries

Paris map, top half

Paris map, bottom half

Nice and Versailles

Jeweler in Nice

Inside: receipt for jewelry purchased

Elex group at Palais de Versailles

Receipt for belts (?) with baby face

Picture of Paris given by the mayor of Paris

Hand written Paris caption

Black and white picture of Paris

Note: Mayor of Paris gave each of us a picture of Paris. Baby illustration added.

French Strike strands tourists

Headline Tuesday August 11, 1953: Paralyzing French Strike Leaves Tourists Stranded

Full news article on French Strike with sad puppy

Paris Caf? , cartoon of the same and a cut out of a boy and girl sweetheart

Paris Caf?

Cartoon scene of a Paris caf?

Sweetheart cubbie bears

3 News Sentinel clippings and a smiling bunny

Fort Wayne News Sentinel Monday, August 17, 1953

Back Home, Frank Brouwer and Henry Peeling wearing their London -bought berets

Roqua Wibel and Irene Meyers laden with souvenirs from Paris,

Happy bunny dressed in a green jacket

Two newspaper clippings

Mrs Lucinda Pettit is greeted by son Glenn Pettit and daughter Mrs. Orville Owen. Back Home article

Article continued.

Shannon Airport, Ireland Price List, notation and martini glass

Price List; 1st August, 1953 tri-fold

Irish and Scotch and Canadian & American Whiskey, Brandy, Gin and Rum

Aperitifs, Wines, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Cigars

Cat and mouse in a martini glass and notation

Letter from E. O. Cocke Vice President of Sales Trans World Airlines to Miss Betty Jane Puff. This

The Monogram August 1953 and cut out of girl wearing a red hat with a flower on top

GE August 1953 copy of The Monogram

Inside: a picture and article of the Elex club Globe Trotters

Decal of a pretty girl wearing a red hat.

Clipping dated Friday August 21, 1953 and a notation " What happened while we were away".

Entire Slate Re-Elected in the GE Club Balloting :William Schible, Mary Saxton, Charlie Winans, Les

"What happened while we were away" notation

Card, handwritten note and WE DID?.

Cover of the card has a bell boy carrying luggage.

Inside of card and signed Loie? & Jen

Note from L


The End and a small brown dog

The End

Small brown dog who looks like he is praying.

Back Cover

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