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front cover of the scrapbook, yellow leather

back of the cover - New York Times, August 23,1953 article Lower-Income Group's Tour Abroad

Our Plane

Along the Way of TWA

The aircraft for their flight

Lucky horseshoe

Our Plane caption

Happy Shamrock

Flight tickets, information and photo

Caption, Our Flight Ticket

Ticket Sleeve front cover

Inside Ticket Sleeve, without ticket

Ticket open to front/back

Ticket open to show inside

Photo caption: Checking our luggage in at the G.E. Club

Photo showing woman with her luggage for trip

Our Express Receipt

American Express Receipt cover

Final payment receipt for Elex trip

Service while you are en route

Relief-Panorama of the Rhine; The Mouse-Tower near Bingen

Map of trip caption, pointing to page 5

Map of Europe

Luggage Insurance Policy, Stub for passport and Notary Cost

Luggage Ins. Policy label

Luggage Insurance Policy form

Label for Passport payment stub

Passport stub

Notary Cost note

Notary receipt for Betty Jane Ruff

Notation of other costs on page 7

Deposit receipt an application for General Electric Elex Escorted European Tour for Betty Ruff

Happy trip cards

Cards from Mom and Pop Saint and Jean from Houston Texas

Card 1 front

Card 1, part 2

Card 1, part 3

Card 2, front

Card 2, inside

European Tour booklet and Bon Voyage party invitations

European Tour booklet part 1

European Tour booklet part 2

European tour booklet part 3. Tour 1-for 15 days

European Tour booklet part 4. Tour 2-for 22 days

Card from Mrs. William E. Locker

Bon Voyage from Jo and Bill Locker

TWA card

Invitation to Bon Voyage party at YWCA on June 4th.

Mamie Eisenhower sends best wishes to Elex Club for upcoming European Tour

Best Wishes from First Lady Mamie Eisenhower To Elex Club on their European trip

News article on Mamie Eisenhower's letter to Elex.

Labels of: TWA and NORTHEAST airlines and Grosvenor House Park Lane London,W., on the Saturday, Fe

NEWS-SENTINEL, Rotogravure section: 300 Fort Wayne Women to Globetrot. Pictured Mrs. Helen Wood and

I. Meyers takes payment from J. Wass; Passports: M Olson, R. Wibel, and J. Woods; Passport Pictures:

2 newspaper clippings and a picture of a rabbit face.

Once in a lifetime Trip Awaits Elex Club Members clipping

Pictured in clipping called "EUROPE IN '53 OR BUST" are Elex club members Lucille Keller, Donna Bau

Small bunny face

2 newspaper clippings and GEORGEV PARIS label

A newspaper article by Ernest E. Williams about the announcement of two European tours scheduled to

continued of the article by E. Willliams


Fortune magazine 1953 article with a picture of a group of ladies and a face of boy wearing a green

Fortune--June 1953

comic: boy face wearing green hat.

Virginia Molden is providing French lessons for some of the G.E. workers. Among them are R. Wibel (

Fort Wayne Flies to Paris: More than 100 G.E. women are going

Article: American factory workers are taking a three-week summer vacation in Europe has come to pass

continued; The group will hit Amsterdam, Cologne, Wiesbaden, Lucerne, Milan, Rome, Rapallo, Nice and

3 sections of the story about the Fort Wayne Elex Club and the cost details of the European Trip an

Section 1: Staying at the Waldorf Hotel in London; the Grand in Paris , the Mediterranean in Rome; H

Section 2: continued. Irene Meyers, the G.E. supervisor of women's activities

Section 3 continued. Mrs. Roosevelt's cookies


Continued write-up on the trip, a match cover and room reservation card

Write-up continued: Helen Engle and other tell of their financial arrangements; Miss Meyers arranges

Red match book cover


Inside the room card

Newspaper article about Miss Irene Myers and a decal of a dog under the words "Our Trip Planner"

John B. Crane write-up " Europe Needs Women Like Miss Irene Myers"

Our Trip Planner and a decal of a puppy wearing a green bow

"Elex to Tour Europe in 1953" article dated Friday March 21, 1952 Fort Wayne Indiana, a decal of a s

2 decals: Charing Cross Hotel Strand, London, W.C.2 Southern Railway Company

Article in the G.E. News dated Friday May 22, 1953: Reservation deadline nears for the Elex European

1 periodical called The MONOGRAM June 1953 and 2 baggage tickets

Cover of the MONOGRAM blue in color and pictures

Page 22 MONOGRAM Personality article about Irene Meyers

Hotel Charring Gross London purple baggage ticket

Excelsior Cologne white baggage ticket

Three newspaper articles about Elex travels to Europe

122 Women Airborne on Dream Trip.

122 Fort Wayne Girls, 19 to 77, Off to Europe. Marie Fox

142 Working Girls to Start Mass Flight to Europe today

Girl wearing scarf.

Band, Breakfast, Official Delegation to Bid bon Voyage to G.E. Travelers; and girl with puppy

Envelope from letter sent from US Congress

Letter from E Ross Adair, 4th District Representative of Indiana, explaining the attached copy of t

Copy of the US Congressional Record from July 24, 1953 describing the Elex Club trip to Europe

Folded newspaper article on the departure if GE women from Fort Wayne airport; Cards from Tannus Ho

Tannus Hotel in Wiesbaden

Excelsior Hotel in Rome

Top half of departure article

Bottom half of departure article, Jessie Wass, Pegg Leiter,

Luggage tag, hotel and restaurant souvenirs

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam

First Beer in Germany

TWA Luggage Ticket

Hotel De Plasmolen Restaurant Front of brochure

Inside of tri-fold brochure

Insert in Hotel brochure

General Electric News Candid Camera August 1953 covering the European Vacation

Elex Club Goes Abroad

Elex Club Goes Abroad headline

Elex Club Goes Abroad article, part 1

Girl with umbrella 1

Girl with umbrella 2

Article part 2, and 2 photos

Elex Club Goes Abroad article, part 2

TWA Constellation plane ready for takeoff

Wolcottville Marching Band see GE travelers at departure. Edward Bradley band director, is son of H

2 News Sentinel clippings : 1 of 4 ladies waving good -by and 3 ladies having lunch plus a decorate

Estel Kessling, Grace Effler, Jan Feldhaus, and Esther Lohmueller, pose with the GE monogram of flow

Sisters Barbara Burry, Lucinda Pettie and Viola Anderson pictured having breakfast the day of depart

2 newspaper clippings

Clipping 1: People in the background waving good-by, piled luggage, and baskets of fruit presente

Clipping 2: In Paris Roqua Wibel, Irene Myers and Frieda Knoche are welcomed by the mayor.

2 labels, 1 clipping, a Paris souvenir and a little girl decal

GE tourists find old world is wonderful,

But home is best place after all

The Elex group pose in Rome after an audience with Pope Pius XII

Little girl wearing a head scarf: Rome and Paris

Paris etching: HOMMAGE DE'L ACCUEIL DE PARIS' given to Irene Myers by the mayor as a souvenir.

GE Tour 2, the departure to London, schedule and arrangements. 3 pages

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

London stay

Hand written note-Stayed at Charing Cross Hotel

London map, front and folded

Inside of map, talking about benefits of air travel vs. steamer

Possible English destinations to visit and suggested itineraries

Street map of central London, top half

Street map of central London, bottom half

Note-London was Reserve

Goat sticker

Pardners in Crime

Note-Pardners in Crime Edon in Oxford England

Two Elex tourists in England, with Kitty sticker

Lunch at the Shakespeare Hotel

Girl with scarf

Ate Lunch here note

Shakespeare Hotel Souvenir Menu-front

Souvenir menu-back

Location of Shakespeare Hotel in Stratford on Avon

Article in Dublin paper

Sunday Independent July 26, 1953

U.S. Women Workers Set New Idea In Holiday Travel; Irish horse head; and note- Dublin Ireland paper

Clippings from News Chronicle paper (Left half of paper name)

Left side of News Chronicle name-Monday July 27 1953

Headline- Girls from Indiana save 365 pounds British currency for this

Woman with spectacles

Want ad note

Situations Vacant ads

Clippings of News Chronicle paper-General news

Right side of News Chronicle name

British soldier playing rugby and his wife's reaction to his trophies; under General News note

RKO Radio photos of Richard Todd and Joan Rice in Robin Hood movie; and Charles Laughton and Jane Wy

3 clippings from the newspaper: Daily Express, a travel brochure, decal of a dog

decal of a happy dog with his tongue hanging out.

Daily Monday July 27, 1953 clipping

Express clipping with a printed Viking.

News article about the 143 ordinary people; 133 women and 10 husbands take a trip

English paper notation

British travel brochure: Welcome to Britain in Coronation year fold out

Information for travellers

Information fold out continued

2 newspaper clippings of sports

Airborne! Currah Comm tug a war winners

Sports in England notation

Comic of sprint runners. Sprint to the finish line

Full page of celebrating the European trip

Headline of London paper for 7-27-53 reads TRUCE SIGNED

Newspaper clipping reads 3 days in England

Picture of several women beside a plane and heading reads The $20 a week factory girls are here

Newspaper clipping reads they told the palace all about the trip

Sticker of cartoon figure

Full page with headline and pictures of fall fashions in England

Rest of headline for London paper for 7-27-53 reads NO SMILES

Newspaper clipping with 2 pictures of winter dress coats and called fall fashions in England

Cartoon bear sticker

Full page with pictures in Holland

Picture of Mary Jane & Boots in Holland with a Dutch woman

Picture of several people with a Castle in Heidelberg in back

Sticker of little boy cartoon figure

Sticker of bunny face cartoon figure

Germany and the Rhine

Baby face sticker 1

Baby face sticker 2

Course of the Rhine map-folded

Rhine map part 1

Rhine map part 2

Rhine map part 3

Rhine map part 4

Rhine map part 5

Note-Germany was clean and the people industrious

Course along the Rhine in Germany comment

5 receipts for goods bought

Handwritten note - Receipts for goods bought

Receipt - Kristall und Porzellanhaus, Ludwig Kiehl, Wiesbaden, July 31

Receipt - Joh. Hens, Koln - for corks, July 31, 1953

Receipt - Heinz Faisst, Buchsenmacher - for shorts, July 9, 1953

Receipt - Photo Sosna, Heidelberg - Betty Puff for camera case and flash, July 8, 1953

Receipt - Photo Sosna, Heidelberg - Betty Puff, July 8, 1953

2 handwritten notes and 2 brochures

Note - Advertisement for Rhine Wine

Brochure - At Rudesheim on Rhine

Inside of brochure

Brochure - Taunus-Hotel, Wiesbaden

Brochure - page 2

Brochure - page 3

Brochure - page 4

Brochure - page 5

Note - Hotel we stayed at in Wiesbaden, Germany

1 note, 1 watch brochure, 2 cut out pictures, 1 flat card

Note - Watches from Switzerland

Brochure cover - Longines - watches

Brochure - page 1 - English introduction

Brochure - page 2

Brochure - page 3

Brochure - page 4

Brochure - page 5

Brochure - page 6

Brochure - page 7

Brochure - page 8

Brochure - page 9

Brochure - page 10

Brochure - page 11

Brochure - page 12

Brochure - page 13 - German introduction

Brochure - page 14

Brochure - page 15

Brochure - page 16

Brochure - page 17

Brochure - page 19

Brochure - page 20

Brochure - page 21

Brochure - page 22

Brochure - page 23

Boy with feather in cap

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