Front cover of the Elex 52-53 album

Inside of front cover - Handwritten note

Handwritten note says 2nd Shift 1952-53

Loose items in front of scrapbook - 1 newspaper clipping and 3 photographs

Clipping - Engagement notice for Roqua Marcille Wibel (mother, Flors L. Wibel) to Jack E. Shideler,

Photo of approximately 16 women - caption, Banquet May 1943

Photo of Irene Meyer, Elex 2nd shift

Photo of 3 women - caption unclear - Lu, Charlotte, Marty

1 photograph, 1 newspaper clipping on pink construction paper background

Photo of Grace Collins

Photo of 1952-53 officers - Roqua Wibel (not in photo), Grace Collins, Justine Brown, Mary Olson, Ma

Elex Luncheon poster

Poster - Elex Luncheon Jan 20th Y.W.C.A., Hear Kathryn Turney Garton review The Houses in Between, l

4 newspaper clippings

Clipping - Niagara Trip Reservations Due Feb. 16 for Feb.21-22 trip via Nickel Plate Railroad - cont

Clipping - Let's Talk About Europe trip - John B Crane, Dr. Oswald Ryan - Wardrobe Planning Classes

Clipping - Employees May Make Reservations for Two-Day Winter Excursion Feb. 21-22, says Roqua Wibel

Clipping - Second Shift Elexers Slate Holland Party - Tiptoe Through the Tulips - Feb. 24 says Grace

Elex Supper poster featuring the Swiss Yodlers in costume

Bosses Luncheon poster featuring the Bell Ringers

Two photos from Bosses Luncheon

Photo one

Photo two

Bell Ringer photo 1

Bell Ringer photo 2

Photos from Bosses Luncheon

Uncaptioned photo

L-R Donna Baumeister, Grace Collins, Maxine Root, Geraldine Schmidt, and Roqua Shidler

Newspaper article and separate photo

Elex Club and GE War Veterans Association plan Ice Cream Social, Dorothy LeBrecht

GE retirees Mrs. Edward J. Braun and Mrs. Nora Coburn in Paris

Tip-Toe Thru the Tulips Square Dance Elex Noon Luncheon poster

Elex Tulip

Elex Twirl Whirl Square Dance poster

Twirl Whirl announced in Newspaper with two photos

News article for Twirl Whirl Square Dance, Mrs. Wilbur Yergens, Maxine Root, Mrs. James Collins, Ger

Photo L-R Miss Mary Leiter, Mrs. Roy Lindenberg and Miss Roqua Wibel

Photo L-R Miss Maxine Root, Miss Donna Bauermeister, Mrs. Grace Collins, and Mrs. Wilbur Yergens

Photo L-R Justine Brown, Mary Leiter, and Theresa Lindenberg with Twirl Whirl Poster

Elex Luncheon Lenten Vespers poster with the Melody Trio

Easter Egg Sale April 2nd get them from ELEX

Friday March 13, 1953 Elexers Plan Annual Easter Egg Sale April 2 for Defense Project and G.E. Super

G.E. Supervisor tell plans for Summer Tour, Irene Meyers, Dorothy Raver

Friday March 13, 1953 Elexers Plan Annual Easter Egg Sale April 2 for Defense Project The Third Annu

Twitcher Meets Gladys Moore

Easter Symbols, Elex Club Plans Easter Egg Sale, Newspaper clipping 5 ladies and Cross Good Friday C

Easter Symbols

Elex Club Plans Easter Egg Sale, Roqua Wibel, Grace Collins, Mary Olson, Maxine Root, Geraldine Schm

Newspaper clipping 5 ladies, Miss Geraldine Schmidt, Miss Maxine Root, Miss Roqua Wibel, Mrs. Grace

Cross Good Friday Church Services

Newspaper clipping Altrusa Club has Guest Speaker at Thursday Meet, Store's Top Executives, and Chil

Altrusa Club Guest Speaker at Thursday Meet, Mrs. Harry Lauer, Margaret Buchan, Mrs. Fred Church, Mr

Meet the Store's Top Executives Irene Myers from Grand Leader

Child, Lady, Clown Bud Curtis Elex Thank-you from Ice Cream Social

Along the way of TWA?TWA Constellation Flight color-photo of Trans World airplanes

Newspaper clipping Flying Start on a quick check tour of two of the world capitals and 1952-53 offi

Flying start are Robert Smith & Dorothy Smith Kammen of Smith's travel Bureau at Wolf & Dessauer's s

Newspaper clipping 1952-53 officers of Partizan Chapter by Irene Meyers, club adviser are Faye Voss

Paris in the Spring Elex Night Girls Mother & Daughter Luncheon May 5th 12:00 noon YWCA Variety Prog

Photo: Room full of Women

Photo: three ladies one holding flowers

Photo: Rachel Fisher and women at table looking at flowers

Photo: 3 ladies one holding flowers

June Breakfast for the Night Girls June 9, 1953 11:30 a.m. $1.25 reservation by June 5 ELEX CLUB

5 newspaper articles about Europe bound Elexers

Elexers going to Europe and attending dinner style show at Grand Leader- June 16, Doris McKeefer, Ev

Elex Club vets announce change in social hours- 1953 Ice cream social- July 9

Second series of Elex classes on European travel, Helen Wood, Jack Anspach, Doris McKeefer, Evelyn B

Thanks from Elexs

Clare Boothe Luce to greet Elex Club on visit to Italy, Doris McKeefer

Large black and white photo and 2 newspaper articles

Black and white photo of 2 women in front of display of Flights to Europe leaving July 25 1953

Newspaper article Elex Club announces plans for square dance April 25, Evelyn Blakley, Mary Leiter,

Newspaper article about Europe!!!!!

4 newspaper clippings and pictures

Reservation deadline nears for European trip- Mary Alice Keiler and Roqua Wibel pictured

Picture of Hedwig Harrison and Irene Meyers- pennies for passport

Picture of Dorothy Jensen and Ida Mugford brushing up on their French

Picture of Donna Bauermeister working her way abroad- Mrguerite Fenner, Betty Puff, Mary Saxto, Bett

Fly TWA to Europe- page

Fly TWA cut out

What should I wear- caption with picture of Mrs. Helen Wood and Miss Doris McKeefer

Caption- How can I afford it? And picture of Miss Irene Meyers and Mrs. Jessie Wass

Picture of Houses of Parliament, London, England

Picture of Desmond Castle ruins, Adare, Ireland

Newspaper article of Network to cover ilex Club takeoff

Pictures and captions of getting ready for European trip

Picture of Gladys Beverforden taking pictures for passports- Betty Spittler, Aleda McWhirter and Emm

Dr. H.W. Garton and Nurse Mae Mulvane giving shots for trip- Marguerite Fenner, Donna Bauermeiser an

Picture of fishing boats near Lisbon, Portugal

Fort Wayne women to Globetrot- page

Map and caption 300 Fort Wayne women to Globetrot

Pictured Mary Olson and Roqua Wibel swearing in for passports by deputy clerk Jane Woods of Federal

Article-leaving July 25, 6 planes spending 22 days in Europe

2 newspaper clippings and couple of pictures

What about foreign languages? Virginia Molden- French class and Jack Ansbaugh speaks on foreign cust

Picture and caption of banks of the Stour

Pictures of Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris France and The Parthenon, Athens Greece

Bon Voyage breakfast and travel plans

First half of Bon Voyage article, Edward Bradley, Mr and Mrs Carl Vogelgesang, Harry W. Baals, Mrs.

Second half of Bon Voyage article and photo of Cathedral of Milan Italy, Harold Zeis, David Cunningh

Pictures and newspaper photos from European tour

St. Peter's in Rome

Typical Swiss Scene

Roman Style Baths

Photo from Bath

Uncaptioned photo from a seaport on European Tour

Additional pictures and photos from European Tour

Palace de L'Opera Paris France

Old Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley

King's Spring in Pump Room

Sally Lunn's Bun shop one of oldest houses in Bath

Notre Dame

Editorial cartoon regarding Elec Club Travelers

Bon Voyage party announcement and picture plus New York stopover photo of GE women

News coverage of Bon Voyage party, Allan Liehtenberg, Helen Bradley, Edward Bradley, Chester Lichten

Party photos L-R Lois McWhirter, Mary Saxton, Betty Puff, and Helen Hoffman

AP photo of GE Women in New York before takeoff to Europe. GE vice president LR Boulware bids goodb

Farewell photos of GE Elex Club travelers

Pilot greets L-R Marilyn App, Marilyn Baldwin, Sue An App, and Virginia Molden

Farewell photos L-R Eileen Steinacher, Chester Leopold, Miss Irene Meyers, Roqua Wibel, and Joseph W

Mayor Harry W Baals gives Miss Meyers a farewell kiss

116 Elex Club members leave for 3 week vacation TWA hostess Peggy Leiter helps Jessie Wass get sett

Elex Club Begins Dream Tour Headline

Dream Tour newspaper story and photo

Dream Tour newspaper story part one, Irene Meyers, Roqua Wibel, Mary Olson

Dream Tour newspaper story part two

Rome tour photo L-R Irene Meyers, Roqua Wibel, and Mary Olson

European tour photos and news articles

Rome photo with Marilyn App and Mrs. Fred Kammen

GE Elex ladies in Rome train station

Elex Club hiking Capitol Hill in Rome

GE girls in Wiesbaden Germany say that there are many available men in Europe, Patricia Lynch

2 newspaper clippings

Europe needs women like Miss Irene Meyers- article

Ambassador receives Elex Club travelers- newspaper picture and caption

Newspaper articles about Europe trip

Crane meets Elex girls in Germany article

2nd part of Crane meets Elex girls article, Marie Fox

Family greets tourist- Lucinda Petit greeted by son Glenn Pettit and daughter Mrs. Orville Owen

Touring Elex Club members return- article

Newspaper articles

Leaders selected for Fund drive - Ab Martin and L.C. Swager appointed United Fund campaign

Roqua Wibel models umbrella from Paris

Now it's back to work elixirs enjoyed great tour article

4 newspaper clippings

Globetrotters return Saturday from whirlwind European tour- article, Emma Vaughn, Ruby Stucky, Dorot

Sorry no chocolate till cooler weather- Bill Schible

Pictured Frank Brouwer and Henry Peeling sport London bought berets

Membership drive to open Elex year Sept 8- article

3 newspaper articles

100 employees GE- singing "Back home in Indiana" on arriving home- picture

GE to build new plant on Bloomington, Ill. site- article

Jonesboro Ark. New specialty motor plant site- article

Elex club goes abroad pictures

Giant Connie- picture of 81- passenger TWA plane prepares for take-off

Roqua Wibel presents mayor of Paris with fractional horsepower motor from GE, Irene Meyers, Frieda K

Musical farewell by Wolcottville High band at airport, Edward Bradley, Helen Bradley

Overall article about trip to Europe, Claire Booth Luce

Paris etching- Parisian landmarks, Irene Meyers

More newspaper clippings about trip

Pictured- fruit for all- GE club present group with baskets full of fruit- Charlie Winans, Bill Schi

Group poses in Rome, Pope Pius XII

All abroad- Estel Kessling, Grace Effler, Jane Feldhaus and Esther Lohmueller

Three sisters who made the trip- Barbara Burry, Lucinda Pettit and Viola Anderson

Articles- European vacation

Picture of group front of plane

Elex thank you

Greeted by W.V. Merrihue at lunch in Idlewild Airport, New York

West Germany revives video- article

Picture and caption of wartime bombing shelter home to West German television