Front cover of the scrap book made out of wood with "Scraps" title and a paper note:"1946-47"

black paper title page "1946-47"

Newspaper articles on Lucille Covault, new Elex Club Officers and Executive Board

Banner-" The Elex Club Is Headed Your Way"

Article on Lucille Covault, who was appointed Treasurer of Elex Club effective April 29. She is suc

Newly elected Elex Officers. Seated L-R Annette Bauman, Jean Caster, Dorothy Heckman, and Lorine Pe

Dorothy Heckman and Jean Caster appoint 1946-47 committees. Includes Bernice Riley Kratzsch, June M

Executive Board meeting, McMillan song book, Delightful Deceptionist photo, Club parties announceme

Elex Executive Board to meet September 26

McMillen Song Book songs 1-5

Songs 6-26

Songs 27-31

To Entertain Elex, Maxine Wedertz, the "Delightful Deceptionist"

Oct 7th to be dinner party for day shift girls; and Oct 8th is a luncheon party for the second shift

Elex Matchbook

Frederic Chopin a Novel by William Murdoch

Kathryn Turney Garton performer

Drawing of Frederic Chopin

Catherine Saurer Smith performer

Announcement and news articles about Chopin performance

Chopin announcement Luncheon on November 14 at the YMCA

The Elex Club Presents

News story about Chopin production. Kathryn Turney Garton will review the book about Chopin and wil

Article describing the book by William Murdoch and the history of Chopin; along with the performers

Halloween barn dance page

Newspaper clipping- Halloween barn dance Oct 26

Halloween barn dance bulletin Oct 26 Kline's Barn

Newspaper clipping- Halloween barn dance Oct 26

Black & white photo of 3 people in costume

Black & white photo of 2 people in costume with Irene Myers written above the photo

Pictures of Halloween barn dance

Black & white photo of 3 people in costume

Black & white photo of several people at dance- G. Balyeat, N. Williams, C. Stanford

Black & white photo 1 in costume

Hallowe'en Barn dance

Black & white photo of 4 people in costume

Black & white photo of 2 people in costume dancing

Chopin page

Chopin by William Murdoch- picture

Newspaper clipping and picture of Kathryn Turney Garton review of Life of Frederic Chopin

Folded program of Chopin

Unfolded program of Chopin

6 newspaper clippings

General Electric Elex Club Fort Wayne Works- Indianapolis 11-23-46

Newspaper article of reservation deadline for Sonja Henie Ice review

Newspaper article Sonja Henie

Newspaper article- tickets purchased for Elex excursion Sonja Henie

Newspaper article- deadline Nov 18th

Newspaper article- excursion schedule listed

Newspaper article- tickets are in

Artwork of Sonya Henie posed on skates

4 newspaper clippings

Newspaper article- supervisor of women's activities- Irene Meyers

Newspaper article- Elex Club plans parties for day and night girls

Newspaper article- Elex selling Christmas wrap

Newspaper article-Christmas program presented by Elex Club

6 black & white photos of Christmas party

Black & white photo of several people at party

Black & white photo of Chas Wilt dressed as Santa

Black & white photo of man in front of microphone

Black & white photo of 2 entertainers

Black & white photo of Santa and a man on stage

Black & white photo of Jean (Brown) Besselman playing piano

Merry Christmas to all- page

Black & white photo of entertainer on stage

Black & white photo of several people 1 being Dorothy Heckman Bixler

Merry Christmas to all

Black & white photo of several people on stage

Black & white photo at Christmas party- Veora Habig

Civic theatre page

Elex Civic Theatre party- bulletin

I.A. Terry to portray "Papa" in play

Newspaper clipping- White Elephant Bingo Party- Jan. 8, 1947 YWCA

All Elex Club board members meeting times

Spring Fashion Revue- page

Spring Fashion Revue- announcement

Black & white photo of fashion show

Black & white photo of fashion show- bride

ELEX Valentine Luncheon Feb. 5th, Y. W. C. A. And one photo and newspaper clipping

ELEX Valentine Luncheon Feb. 5th, Y. W. C. A. 12 Noon Special Program Featuring Bob Shreve and the S

Photo one man and 5 ladies Dorothy Heckman, Mary Ellen Strak, Jean Castor, Gadys McMillan, Mamie All

Newspaper clipping Elex Receiving Greeting Cards by the Hundreds

Photo Easter Party Entertainers, Newspaper clipping Theater Party for Elex Night Girls April 10, Fea

Newspaper clipping Theater Party For Elex Night Girls April 10

Featuring the Easter party for day girls sponsored by the Elex Club will be the Harmonaires from Rad

7 Black and White photo one hand written lists of names and clipping of 30th Anniversary Minnie Blue

Photo one 7 ladies and 3 men at head table

Photo two 30th Year lady on stage and room full of ladies

Photo three of 8 ladies and 4 men at head table

18 ladies in photo four

Photo five line of 12 ladies and 2 men

Hand written lists of names Veora Ryder Habig, Cora Polhamus, Irene Fox, Hilda Rodenbeck, Helen Blee

Photo six line of 6 ladies and one man

30th Anniversary Elex Club celebrates its thirtieth birthday December 6 and Elex extends an orchid t

Photo seven room full of ladies at celebration

1 newspaper clipping and 3 handwritten letters/speech notes

Clipping - Elex Club to be Honored on 30th Birthday, April 26 [1947], purchase tickets from Irene Me

Speech page 1 - April 24, 1947 - History of the evolution of the women's clubs at G.E. mentions Mrs.

Speech page 2 - mentions Francis Perkins.

Speech page 3 - mentions Hugo Eckener (news clipping attached), Everett Lord, Irene Meyers.

Speech page 4

Letter page 1 - April 29, 1947 - to Miss Heckman from Mawley? & Lord?

Letter page 2

Letter - April 3, [1947] - To Lorine Peters from Mr. Barnes

9 photographs

Photo 1 - long line of women waiting to visit booths

Photo 2 - 1 person doing skit

Photo 3 - 3 people at microphone in costume

Photo 4 - 2 clowns

Photo 5 - Women (and 1 little girl) in line at dinner booth

Photo 6 - Women at booth getting drinks (caption saying Eva Tucker seems to go to this photo)

Photo 7 - - 3 people at microphone in costume

Photo 8 - Girl in costume performing on stage

Photo 9 - Skit involving tiger and tiger-tamer

1 flyer and 3 photographs

Flyer for Mother and Daughter Party, May 8, program featuring Charles Bilskie and Tiny, his guide do

Photo of Eva Tucker, her mother, and Irene Meyers (captioned)

Photo of Charles Bilskie and Tiny, his guide dog performing

Photo of room full of mothers and daughters at program.

3 notecards and 2 letters

Notecard front with picture of Pioneer Mill, Spring Mill Park, Indiana

Notecard inside to Mrs. Peters from LaVena M. Freeman - Mr. Freeman and I will attend banquet.

Notecard front has flower arrangement.

Notecard inside to Miss Peters from Dorothea Paul - regrets, cannot attend anniversary banquet

Notecard (blank front)

Notecard inside - March 29, 1947 - to Lorine from Lillian Wolf - Will attend banquet

Blank front of letter

Letter - April 3, 1947 - To Irene from Flora Schlenker - accepting invitation to banquet

Letter page 2

Folded view of letter

Inside of the letter - May 6, 1947 - to Dorothy Heckman from JC MacQueen to say thank you for being

Event announcement and a photo on this page, April (1947)

Elex Day Girls Spring Festival April 7, (1947),Martha Lee

Photo of a trio musicians with two guitars and a violin

6 photographs from Mother-Daughter Party May 6, 1947

Photo 1 - 9 women standing

Photo 2 with caption: Charlotte Stanford & mother, Dorothy Heckman

Photo 3 - 3 women standing [Dorothy Heckman on left]

Photo 4 - 3 women standing [Dorothy Heckman on right]

Photo 5 - 13 women standing

Photo 6 - 3 women, Dorothy Heckman presenting something to one of the mothers

Page header, photograph, caption clipping from Mother-Daughter Party May 6, 1947

Page header: Elex Night Girl Entertainers

Photo - 4 men "The Doctors of Harmony"

Caption clipping - "Doctors of Harmony" of Elkhart, Indiana - "Jumbo" Smith, Max Cripe, "Butch" Humm

5 photographs from Mother-Daughter Party May 6, 1947

Photo 1 - Cora Polhamus presenting something to 2 unidentified women.

Photo 2 - Woman presenting something to 2 women, all unidentified

Photo 3 - Lois Miller presenting something to 2 women while another woman presents to 2 other women.

Photo 4 - Veora Habig presenting something to 2 women

Photo 5 - Photo of the room with many mothers and daughters seated at banquet tables.

1 Flyer and 3 photographs from Father-Daughter Party, June 6, 1947

Flyer - Elex Day Girls Father and Daughter Party - Friday, June 6 - Program by Charles Bilskie and h

Photo 1 - Girl marching band

Photo 2 - Girl in uniform with baton

Photo 3 - Charles Bilsky & Dog

2 large photographs

Photo 1 - Native American in full costume

Photo 2 - Layered rock with trees on top

3 photographs

Photo 1 - Man in Native American costume standing with Dorothy Heckman and Irene Meyers

Photo 2 - Group of women in front of tour bus - Martha Arnold Lee, Rosamond Schooley, Caroline Hans

Photo 3 - Women in line for drinks

3 photographs

Photo 1 - Native American pointing to entrance sign that says Chula Vista

Photo 2 - 5 women with food and drinks

Photo 3 - 9 women in Chula Vista boat with man driving - Rachel Fisher, Martha Lee, Dorothy Heckman,

Page had 2 photographs but 1 is missing

Photo 1 is missing, but Dorothy Heckman's name was to the side of it

Photo 2 - Group of women dining out - Irene Meyers, Alma Kurtz, Clara Ringenberg, Dorothy Heckman, C

3 photographs

Photo 1 - Group of women in front of man in white uniform - Virginia Longardner?, Donna Bauermeister

Photo 2 - Women eating together - Scholley identified.

Photo 3 - Man speaking to a group of seated women - R. Schooley, Alna Kultz?, Maude Goodrich, Hedy H

membership drive and a poem on this page, September, 1947

Join Elex Now! Membership Drive September 2-12

The Elex Club poem by Janice Mueller, Taylor Street Plant

Newspaper page with a list of Elex Club nomienees photos and names, B.B. and T.T. tags and a clippin

Elex Club Nominees for 1947-48: 16 portrait photos and names

Eva Fisher, Taylor St.

Elsie Fabian, Bldg. 4-3

Helen Weigele, Bldg. 17-3

Loretta Bloom, Bldg. 26-5

Charlotte Stanford, Taylor St.

Jane Winebrenner, Bldg. 18-5

Luella Schroeder, Bldg. 4-3

Melba Hartman, Bldg. 4-2

June Martin, Bldg. 4-4

Gladys McMillen, Bldg. 19-2

Helen Wagner, Bldg. 26-3

Susie Jones, Bldg. 12-3

Elizabeth Wert, Bldg. 17-3

Virginia Mollet, ldg. 31-2

Naomi Klaehn, Bldg. 19-3

Flossie Davis, Winter St.

blue rhomboid tag: I Am A B.B.

beige rhomboid tag: I Am A T.T.

newspaper clipping: "BB's" and "TT's" Stage Battle For Elex Honors - BB means Broadway Belle, TT mea

BASKETBALL in different color letters diagonally on this page

four newspaper clipping about Elex Basketball

Ceal Romary to Coach Elex Basketball

Good Prospects Turn Out For First Practice; Ceal Romary, Irene Meyers

Photo of Ceal Romary, Elex Coach

Elex Club To Sponsor Strong Basketball Team, Irene Meyers, Personnel Division, announcement

Girls' Major Basketball Club application form

Likely Looking Candidates Make Up Elex Team: Betty Eisenacher, Tommy Williams, Betty Whiteleather, G

nine newspaper clipping about Elex Basketball games

Elex Basketball Team Opens at Indianapolis, November 17: Tommy Williams, Betty Eisenacher, Betty Whi

Elex Loses First Game To Indianapolis Team

Elex Girls Hang Up Two Straight Wins

Elex Girls Drub Delco Remy 40-21

Decatur Girls Next Elex Foe

Elex Defeats Decatur Girls

Kokomo Girls To Play Elex Sat

Elex Wins And Loses

Eager Elexers: photo of the team playing

six newspaper clipping about Elex basketball team

Mustangs Murdered By Elex Sharpies, Butch Whiteleather, Emenhiser, Willis, Eisenacher, Grenback, Wil

Anderson Girls Stopped Cold By Elex Squad; Tommy Williams, Gladys Varner, Butch Whiteleather

Successful Season Enjoyed By Elex with photos of the team players

Gladys Varner

Betty Whiteleather

Barbara Platt

Ginny Willis

Pat Grenzenbach

Betty Eisenacher

Cora Emenhiser

Elex Wins In Easy Fashion

Elex Wins Twice

Decatur G-E Girls Beaten By Elex

three photography pictures on this page

Ginny Willis

photo of a team player

Pat Grenzenbach

two photos of the basketball team players

Gladys Varner

Barbara Platt

two photos on this last page

Cora Emenhiser

photo of a team player

back cover of the scrapbook, made out of wood. End of the 1946-47 scrapbook

loose material found in scrapbook 46-47, that belongs to scrapbook 1956-57 - photo of three ladies

back of the photo: Minnie Blue, 1st Elex President, From 1956-57 Scrap Book