Scrapbook cover 1941-42

Inserts in front of scrapbook: 1 obituary, 1 initiation booklet, 1 professional portrait, 1 blue she

Obituary for Fonda M. Cook, GE retiree, no date, Charles E. Cook, Frank Upland, Phyllis Seewald, mar

Orange booklet with Irene Meyers name penciled on front cover

Page 1 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Page 2 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Page 3 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Page 4 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Page 5 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Page 6 - Initiation C B W C. - program

Inside of back cover of program

Front of party favor shaped like a red dress says C B W C February 1, 1944

Inside of favor has fold out poem about the Catholic Business Woman

Back of favor is dress back with bow

Unlabeled portrait in folded cardboard frame

Blue paper says ELEX 25th Anniversary across top, otherwise blank

1 invitation, 1 newspaper clipping on page with painted dogwood flowers

Invitation to 25th Anniversary Tea on April 20, 1941

Several Thousand Will Attend Elex Club's Silver Tea Today. Irene Meyers, Eileen Morris, Eva Lynn, He

3 strips of cut-out words from newspaper and 1 newspaper clipping with photo

Clipping of large headline says: Elex Club to Observe 25th Anniversary April 20

Clipping - photo of Mrs. Bess Brown as general chairman of silver tea.

Clipping of the date April 21, 1941

1 newspaper clipping on page with painted decoration

Silver Tea at Y.W. Scheduled by Group, Bess Brown, Eva Lynn, Eileen Morris, Irene Meyers, Helen Alle

Page with painted flower decoration

Painted pink flowers and article about Anniversary Tea

Corner painted flower

Photo and caption for Silver Anniversary Tea. Pictured L-R Miss Annette Bauman, Mis Helen Allen, M

Additional floral painting

Purple Iris painting

Multi color flowers

White flowers

2,000 expected to attend Elex Anniversary Tea article and floral embellishment

Anniversary Tea at YWCA. Presided by Misses Marcella Kuehn, Evelyn Smith, Betty Minnard, Florence H

Single flower

White flowers framing news clipping

Hand painted pink and purple flowers

News article and photo from Anniversary Tea

Tea picture featuring L-R: Miss Helen Allen, Miss Eileen Morris, E.A. Barnes, Mrs. Eva Lynn, Miss Mi

Accompanying clipping to photo explaining 25th anniversary; with E.A. Barnes as superintendent at f

Floral decoration

Blue flower painting

Anniversary Tea news coverage and decorations

Silver Tea Given by Elex Club to Celebrate 25th Anniversary: Miss Binnie Blue, Mrs harry G. Hogan, A

Single flower

Floral grouping

Then Shall Peace Come verse by Lola Fickle Grafmiller

Colorful flower painting

2 pictures from Silver Anniversary Tea

Photo of five women; Eileen Toor, Eva Tucker, and Irene Myers noted

Six women with E.A. Barnes

Coral flowers on left side

Yellow flowers on right side

Roses and Pussywillows

Two Tea photographs with floral borders


Four ladies in front of tea table

Five ladies, four labeled on photo: Annette Bauman, Eileen Toor, Irene Meyers and Eva Lynn

Pussywilliows on left

Rose on right

Floral painting

1 photo, 1 newspaper clipping, painted floral d?cor

Picture of 3 women, Irene Myers in center

Elex Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Observance Proves Hugh Success

1 property sticker, and 1 photograph with handwritten note top right of page

Sticker says: Personal Property of Irene Meyers, 1941

Note says: Silver Anniversary

Picture of flower arrangement

1 picture with handwritten caption

Picture of Illene (Eileen) (Foor) Morris, Eva Tucker, Irene Meyers being shown a book by unidentifie

1 picture with handwritten caption

Picture of 7 women, 6 of them identified as Clara Gidey, Helen Allen, Eileen Morris, Minna Blue, Mrs

6 photographs, 3 with handwritten captions

6 standing women, 3 facing camera identified as Eileen Foor, Eva Tucker, Irene Meyers

4 standing women and 1 man, 3 women in center identified as Eileen Foor, Eva Tucker, Irene Meyers

4 women standing behind table, woman on right identified as Veora Habig

6 unidentified women standing

Elex table set up for tea

Elex table with a woman seated at each end

2 photographs

10 women around table, 3 identified as Eva Tucker, Irene Meyers, Eileen Foor

Woman standing with Elex shield made of flowers

Invitation to Silver Tea, April 20, 1941, Y.W.C.A., 3-5 o'clock

3 photographs

5 women standing, 2 shaking hands (identified on page 26 as Clara Gidey, Helen Allen, Eileen Morris,

3 women, Irene Meyers talking with 2 unidentified women

5 women around table of tea service

4 photographs

6 women and 1 man, Mr. & Mrs. E.A. Barnes identified in caption

Picture of men and women standing around with tea

Picture of women clustered around table

Picture of Butch Vegales and Sue Cameron with other women around

3 photographs

Picture of men and women lined up at serving table

Picture of Eva Tucker and 2 men shaking hands

Picture of 4 women with tea standing behind table - caption identifies Bess Brown

2 newspaper clippings

Clipping - Anniversary Program Planned by Elex Club - mentions Bess Brown, E.A. Barnes, Mabel Whitbe

Anniversary Program continued - mentions Eleanor Roosevelt, Phil Spitalny, Grover Whalen, Rabbi Tars

Photo of Mrs. Bess Brown, news story announcing Silver Tea gathering (with headline folded), and pho

Mrs. Bess Brown, general chairman of the Silver Tea

Headline: Elex to Observe 25th Anniversary April 20, unfolded

Anniversary Tea picture, pictured L-R Miss Annette Bauman, Miss Helen Allen, Miss Eileen Morris, Mis

Newspaper clipping with photo from Silver Anniversary Tea and clipping from another publication

Clipping photo L-R: Miss Helen Allen, Miss Eileen Morris, E.A. Barnes, Mrs. Eva Lynn, Miss Minnie B

Silver Tea Given by Elex Club to Celebrate 25th Anniversary. L.A. Barnes, Eva Lynn, Eileen Morris, H

Elex Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Observance Proves Hugh Success

Three clippings

An Invitation to the Elex Silver Tea: Addressing tea invitations L-R standing: Irene Perry, Helen Bl

Elex Anniversary to be Observed Sunday. Continued on page 1. Record breaking attendance anticipated

Elex Anniversary continued. Record breaking attendance anticipated for Elex Silver Tea Part 2, Mrs H

Responses to Anniversary Tea invitations, in envelopes

Envelope 1 front

Envelope 1 back

Note from Neil Currie Jr of GE Schnectady NY sending his regrets on not being able to attend the Ann

Envelope 2 front

Envelope 2 back

Congratulations to Irene Meyers for 25th Anniversary from Hilda C Woehemeyer president of Catholic

Letter from Josephine Zimmerman, secretary to the mayor of Fort Wayne to Irene Meyers congratulating

Poster with images of 14 unnamed GE Elex members

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

newspaper page of photos: First and Second Shift Elex Club Members Entertain Mothers, 1941

Photo 1: more than a thousand Elex members at the annual mother and daughter party, general view of

Photo 2: five sets of three generations: Mary Schlotter, Clara and Geraldine Gidley, Clara Wysong, M

Photo 3: C. Manes and daughters Joan and Barbara

Photo 4: the oldest and the youngest mothers

Photo 5: Schum and Delores, Scott and Rachael, came from the greatest distance

Photo 6: Eva Lynn, Emma Johnston, Pauline

Photo 7: Caroline Young, Hilda Walda

Photo 8: Emma Richey, Emma Reiling, Irene Meyers

newspaper page with photos: Elex Mothers Are Honored In Annual Program, 1940

Photo 1: Florence Schaffer and her daughter

Photo 2: Mary Schlotter, Clara and Geraldine Gidley, Hanke, Pauline Beauty, Lois Miller, Smith, Mary

Photo 3: Anna Scheiman and her four daughters Bernice, Leona, Irma and Hilda

Photo 4: Loise Boehm, Alma Geary, Evangeline Robinson

Photo 5: Schlotter, Clara and Geraldine Gidley

Photo 6: a scene from the "gay nineties" wedding

five newspaper clippings about the Elex parties April - June

Elex Second Shift Members To Entertain Mothers At Party at West Creighton Avenue church

Mothers to be Honor Guests At Elex Club Meet; Joan France, Viola Haiber, Mary Katherine Minehart, Er

Fathers Will Be Honored At Elex Party On June 12; Jessie Filler, Zella Sheehan, Maybelle Giant, Gert

Big Attendance Marks Mother Daughter Party; Loretta Bloom, Evangeline Robinson, Dorothea Paul, Belle

Remember Fathers Day, Sunday, June 19th;a poem

newspaper page with photos: Fathers Frolic With Daughters At Annual Elex Party and a photo

Photo 1: I. W. Disler, oldest father with Helen Allen and his daughter Elma Berger

Photo 2: Youngest father Perl Witham with daughter Irene and Loretta Bloom

Photo 3: Louise Stephens with her father A. Stephens and grandfather T. W. Smith

Photo 4; oldest grandfather Wm. Grote, his son W. Schepler and granddaughter Lucille Schepler

Photo 4: S.M. Kitchens, Pauline Gilbert, Fred Althoen, Elaine Althoen

Photo 5: Henry Thiele, S.M.Kitchen, H. Krudop, T.W. Smith, J.W. Snyder, Wm. Grote, F. R. Reiling, I.

Photo 6: general view of the get-together, A. Stevens, I.W. Disler, Helen Allen, Louise Stephens, Ir

Photo 7: general view of the get-together, Henry Thiele, Fred Althoen, Pauline Gilbert, Lucille Sche

original photography of a woman and a man with beers

back of the photography: pencil writings: Fathers Party at Turner's Hall June 12, 1940

newspaper and a magazine photo of the Elex members at the Y.W.C.A. pool

"Hang Your Clothes On the Hickory Limb

"Fort Wayne Mermaids"

3 photographs

Large photo of approximately 16 unidentified women sitting with food n front of a restaurant

Photo of same group of women

Photo of same group of women

3 photographs and 2 newspaper clippings

Clipping - Picture of 2 Elex Club women diving into pool with short caption

Photo of large building

Clipping - Night Shift Girls Christmas Dinner December 14 - mentions Irene Meyers, Ruth Laney, Molly

Women in photo

Picture of large room full of women seated at banquet tables

5 photographs

Photo of about 25 unidentified women sitting at tables with handwritten caption: R. Schooley

Photo of 2 unidentified women dancing together surrounded by women watching

Photo of about 12 women seated around table eating food

Photo of about 22 women seated at tables eating

Photo of large group of women seated around 3 long banquet tables

4 photographs

Photo of smiling Irene Meyers at her desk surrounded by vases of flowers

Photo of 8 women watching 2 seated women at work

Photo of 5 women around car parked on the side of a road

Photo of 3 women standing in field

Back of photo says Helen Ring, Grace Quirk and me, taken June 8, 1940 on our Din/Picnic

2 newspaper clippings

Clipping - 4 Pittsburg girls in Fort Wayne (pictured: Ida Lussier, Dorothy Barraaclough, Helen Ring,

Clipping continued - mentions Miss Stoessel, Miss Lussier, Miss Barraclough.

2 pages from newspaper, January 12, 1940, folded

Newspaper page 3 - Article with 6 pictures honors Jerry Dunn, written at top of page: Jerry was a go

Pictures from article with handwritten comments and caption (Comment written below caption: I was ha

Picture 1 - Songstress Anne Dehey

Picture 2- A.M. Snodgrass (Comment: Ida's new boss, takes a second bride recently) speaks as E.V. Di

Picture 3 - Ida Lussier presents roses to Mrs. Dunn as L.S. Cusato and Jerry Dunn look on

Picture 4 - J.O. Roser extols Jerry as George Austin hides

Picture 5 - Mr. Cusato (Comment: supt. Of div. 1), Jerry Dunn (Comment: Ida's former boss), Ida Luss

Picture 6 - Departing aide congratulated by boss - Louis and Jerry - comment: Doesn't he look please

Article - Over 200 Friends Hail Jerry B. Dunn at Dinner - mentions Mr. Underwood (Pittsfield), L.S.

Newspaper page 5 - Article continues with 10 pictures from the Division 1 party, with caption and ha

Article continued from page 3 mentions I.H. Sclater, L.S. Cusato, J.B. Dunn, Walter A. Williams, Joe

10 Pictures with caption and handwritten comments - Comment across top: This is our gang and do we h

Picture 1 - Band leader Larry Murphy, H.J. Shepard, J.T. Gillette, J.M. Byrne, D.W. Pomeroy. (Commen

Picture 2 - G.A. Purnell, M.J. Cronin, G.V. Wilson, F.E. Fallon.

Picture 3 - Dorothy Dalton dances (Comment on dancer's leg: Dot Dalton, one of our girls)

Picture 4 - G.L. Babcock, Isabelle Hickingbotham, Grace Quirk, Ida Lussier, G.V. Wilson (Comment on

Picture 5 - T.F. Robinson and M.J. Cronin eat.

Picture 6 - Mary Bondi, Irene Laurin, Evelyn Bird, Claire Germaine, W.E. Sweet.

Picture 7 - L.S. Cusato, Harriet Lord, J.B. Dunn, E.H. Kopf, Grace Quirk, E.A. Hurley.

Picture 8 - Betty Flynn, W.F. Burns, Catherine Brophy, F.F. Dinneen, Anne Lifvergren, F.E. Fallon, W

Picture 9 - Bottom to top: Marcia Lee Gill, Charlotte Stoessel, Claire Germaine, Catherine Reid, Isa

Picture 10 - A.G. Melikan, Charlotte Stoessel, I.H. Sclater, W.A. Williams, L.S. Cusato, Harriet Lor

two pages letter from Charlotte to Irene, August 7, 1940

Page one - names mentioned: Charlie Kellogg, Pete Smith, Mr. Underwood, Ida, Dot; trip to Niagara Fa

page two - names mentioned: A.M. Snodgrass, Jerry Dunn, Helen, Ed Meyers; the letter is typed, signe

on the back of p. 2 handwritten continuation of the letter

two newspaper clippings about the dance at the GE club with the Baer Field service men as guests

Baer Field Service Men Trip The Light Fantastic - two photos of the event and the dance floor

clipping: Baer Field Service Men To Be Elex Guests, October 31 at the GE club

two newspaper photos: from the dance at the Elex Club and of Lavinia Hergenrader

group photo :" Elex Is Host To Three Hundred Baer Field Men", Toni Kennedy with five of the guests

photo of a lady ironing:" It's New Fangled, But It's Perfect", Lavina Hergenrader with new electrica

four newspaper clippings

Photo of Mildred Harber, being transferred to the Personnel Department to work with Irene Meyers

Clipping: Elex Club Inducts Officers At Annual Installation Dinner; Veora Habig, Voyce Brumbaugh, Be

Photo of Dorothea Swank appointed a member of the personnel

photo of Helen Bleke, Elex Club President; seventh annual conference of the Elex club at the Elkhart

four newspaper clippings about the Elex seventh annual conference in Elkhart, October 18-19

photo of Ceal Romary, Dorothea Swank, Dorothy Mueller, Catherine O'Connor, Miss Bleke, Pat Chapin, C

newspaper article "From the Feminine Viewpoint" by Hilda Barthold and Frances Krauskoph

clipping: Many Delegates Plan To Attend Elex Conference

clipping: Elex Conference, Eileen Foor, Margaret Suelzer, Irene Meyers, Vivian Hitchcock, Dorothy Mu

view of the speakers table with C.H.Matson

newspaper photos of the annual banquet of the Elex Club, October 6

photo of the new officers on the left and retiring officers on the right with candles

photo of a large group at the tables

photo of M.E. Lord and R.H. Chadwickamong at a table with the new officers

view of the speakers table with C.H.Matson, M E Lord, R H Chadwick

two newspaper photos

Photo: Credit Union Purchases $10,000 Of Defense Bonds, Edgar L. Harris, Lee Cupp, F. H. Lemper, Ire

Photo: The Start Of The Contest: Merle Kirkpatrick, Margaret Lindsey, Eileen Moris, Dorothy Swank, C

1 clipping, 4-page section of GE News with Elex pictures page 4-5

Clipping - Elex Boat Trip to Milwaukee July 26, contact Vivian Hitchock