The Daniel Shawver Family Tree

Picture of E. E. Shawver and Roy E. Shawver with a duplicating lathe.

John L. Shawver, Bellefontaine, OH

Mary A. Reeder, oldest daughter, Irena Whitt, her oldest son, Harry Whitt, his oldest girl Allice Whitt, I am 74, This is my 4 generations, there is 5 generations of us in Ill.

Four generations of Shucks. John and Margaret Shuck, Calvin Shuck, Alva and Ira Shuck, John Shuck, Jr. [Shuck and Shick used interchangably]

Roy Shawver newspaper article: Asserts Machine So Simple It Can Be Run by 12-year-old Boy.

Sophia Allmanrode, Solmon Shawver, Mary A. Reedere

Mary A. Reeder and husband and home, Iola Ills.

Francis K. Mikoch, Mary, Russell, Robert, Dorothy, 1920

Taken July 1919, Home of William F. Shawver, Longbranch, Wash. I will try to get anoother soon.

Shady Nook, 1928 (?)

Home of John L. Shawver in 1901.

John L. Shawver, John R. Slates, William F. Shawver at Shawver Reunion, Snyder Park, Aug. 20, 1930.

606 E. Colubus Ave., Bellefontaine, Ohio, Postcard

Anna McNutt, Ella Cockrill, Mrs. Ed. Shawver

A. E. Shawver and family: Alonzo, 1869; Julianna, 1879; Luates (?), 1898; Lena, 1898; Lela, 1901; Earnest, 1904; Mary, 1911; Sarah, 1911; Twins [Mary and Sarah identified as twins.]

Hubert Shawver at Capital City Commercial College, Charleston, W. Va. [Gravely & Moore Studios, 124 1/2 Capitol St., Charleston, W. VA.

Prof. Caleb G. Shawver, Mt. Lookout, W. Va.

1. Violet Shawver, 1901, Lansing, W. Va., 2. Hubert Shawver, 1903, 3. Ivy Shawver, 1898

Zeda Shawver, 1904

Delivering apples to Mrs. Robert McMurray, 1915, Shady Nook truck.

Th. H. Shawver, Sarah A. Shawver, Mt Lookout, W. Va.