SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
GobleCharles6-29-18702-10-1871s/o J & MA
GobleJohn1-19-184110-19-1841s/o A & E
GobleLevi7-4-18463-18-1850s/o A & E
GobleMalissa6-14-18533-14-1855d/o A & E
GobleMartha E2-17-18493-18-1850d/o A & E
GobleSarah A4-11-18363-22-1850d/o A & E
GrumlichH H9-24-182211-16-1849
GrumlichMaria9-26-18183-3-1853w/o H H
GrumlichRoxsany3-11-18504-16-1852d/o HH & M
KileJacob2-21-185510-23-1860s/o B & C
OgdenIra L11-3-183512-30-1862
SmithMary R2-2-18388-7-1847d/o U & E

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