Issue Date, PageNameResidenceSpouse's NameSpouse's ResidenceMarriage Date, PlaceOfficiant; Notes
03 Nov 1870,
p. 347
FALCH, LydiaLancaster Co., PAESHLEMAN, IsaacLancaster Co., PA18 Oct 1870,
Res of bride's pars, Turkey Hill, Lancaster Co., PA
SPECHT, Joseph (Rev.);
BRIDE'S NAME: ALCH in heading of marriage; FALCH in body of marriage announcement
29 Jan 1874,
p. 40
FALCK, Joseph S.CreswellCAMPBELL, Mary R.Lancaster City, Lancaster Co., PA13 Jan 1874,
Res of bride's pars
ALBRIGHT, B. D. (Rev.);
Bride is eldest dau of Charles & Barbara; unclear if bride and/or pars res Lancaster City
08 Aug 1882,
p. 255
FALK, ElizabethElk Lick, Somerset Co., PASMITH, Norman B.Elk Lick, Somerset Co., PA27 Jul 1882,
Evangelical parsonage, Rockwood, Som. Co., PA
VANMETER, R. P. (Rev.)
04 Jul 1872,
p. 211
FALK, John S.Dauphin, PAMILLER, CarolineDauphin, PA05 Jun 1872,
Dauphin, Dauphin Co., PA
FEGER, J. A. (Rev.)
03 Jul 1873,
p. 211
FARNSWORTH, John S.Philadelphia, PASWENK, Annie M.Philadelphia, PA18 Jun 1873,
Christ Church, Philadelphia
CHUBB, S.S. & RHOADS, S.G. (Revs.);
Groom is son of Rev. Jacob
11 Feb 1875,
p. 48
FASSNACHT, CatherineVescer [sic], Lancaster Co., PAGILES, W. S.Poplar Neck, Berks Co.20 Jan 1875,
Parsonage, South 6th St., No. 542
FISHER, Geo. B. (Rev.)
04 Jul 1882,
p. 215
FATZINGER, Emeline C.Lansdale, PAHUNSINGER, IsaacLansdale, PA27 [?] May 1882,
Lansdale, Montgomery Co., PA
KRECKER, Fred. (Rev.)
18 Nov 1884,
p. 320
FATZINGER, Oliver J.Allentown, Lehigh Co., PASCHADT, Sallie R. M.Allentown, Lehigh Co., PA04 Nov 1884,
LEHR, Jas. O. (Rev.)
05 Feb 1880,
p. 7
FEARE, Elizabeth C.--JOHNSON, A. F.Farmington, Fayette Co., PA--,
Res of Alexander JOHNSON, Summit Mines, Fayette Co., PA
Bride is dau of James FEARE of Glade Farms, Preston Co., WV
27 Jan 1885,
p. 64
FEE, Thomas J.Evan. Assn. memb, Patchinville, PAWALTERS, Ella E.Evan. Assn. memb, Patchinville, PA20 Jan 1885,
Res of bride's mother, Patchinville, Clearfield Co., PA
DOMER, J. W. (Rev.)
25 Oct 1877,
p. 343
FEHR, Irwin S.Freemansburg, PABACHMAN, Emily L.Freemansburg, PA29 Sep 1877,
Res of bride's father
LEHR, F. P. (Rev.);
Bride is oldest dau of Rev. W. H. BACHMAN of Freemansburg, PA
29 Mar 1877,
p. 103
FEHR, J. K. (Rev.)Freemansburg, East PA Conf.BLACK, Susan MatildaFontanna, Lebanon Co., PA08 Mar 1877,
Res of bride's father, John BLACK
MILLER, E. J. (Rev.) & FEHR, C. K. (Rev.)
30 Oct 1883,
p. 351
FEHR, Mary R.Ashley, PANEWHART, L. L.Ashley, PA04 Oct 1883,
Res of bride's pars, Ashley, PA
WOEHRLE, J. W. (Rev.)
08 Aug 1872,
p. 243
FEHR, WilliamSchuylkill Co.HEISER, AnnetteSchuylkill Co.20 Jul 1872,
Schuylkill Co., PA
WORMAN, L. N. (Rev.);
NOTE: pages mis-numbered this issue [the same as for Aug 1]
28 Dec 1876,
p. 415
FEIL, CharlesButler Co., PAUMSTEAD, SophiaButler Co., PA19 Dec 1876,
Preacher's residence in Butler Co., PA
31 Aug 1876,
p. 279
FEIL, EmmaButler Co., PACLARK, WilliamButler Co., PA11 Aug 1876,
Res of bride's pars, Butler Co.
24 Jun 1875,
p. 200
FELLS, CarolineHarrisburg, PALUTZ, AmosHarrisburg, PA11 Jun 1875,
Evangelical parsonage, North St., Harrisburg, PA
LAROS, J. (Rev.)
21 Aug 1901,
p. 544
FENNER, Harry E.SciotaRINKER, Laura IdaLong Pond09 Aug 1901,
Res of bride's pars
HOFFMAN, C. C. (Rev.);
Included here: Monroe Co., PA has both a Sciota and Long Pond in it. Will require further research to verify fully.
11 Nov 1896,
p. 736
FENNER, Maggie May--JONES, Frederick J. R.--29 Oct 1896,
St. Paul Church of Evan. Assn. on Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA
BOWMAN, Thomas asst by Rev. Jos. STELTZER;
Bride is the only dau of Rev. & Mrs. J. H. FENNER
01 Oct 1889,
p. 640
FERNER, MinnaSomerset, PARISHEL, E. W. (Rev.)Clearfield Co., PA25 Sep 1889,
Res of bride's pars, Somerset, PA
BEAL, A. J. (Rev.)
15 Oct 1874,
p. 336
FERTIG, Simon H.Selins Grove, Snyder Co., PABENFER, SarahKratzerville, Snyder Co., PA22 Sep 1874,
Adamsburg, Snyder Co., PA
LEAS, S. H. (Rev.)
13 May 1875,
p. 152
FESSLER, HarlanLorberryWORKMAN, Sarah AlicePort Carbon, Schuylkill Co., PA02 May 1875,
Schuylkill Haven
SEYFRIT, J. K. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. J. R. WORKMAN of East PA Conf.
21 Jun 1881,
p. 7
FETHEROLF, James R.Shenandoah, PAALSPACH, DianaRinggold, PA19 May 1881,
EGGE, C. H. (Rev.)
12 Sep 1882,
p. 295
FEYLER, LizzieRochester, PANIEDERGALL, GustaveRochester, PA04 Sep 1882,
Rochester, PA
GOETZ, Geo. (Rev.);
Both members of Rochester Evan. Ch.
04 Jul 1872,
p. 211
FICKES, Sarah E.Bedford Co., PAHELGEL, LeviBedford Co., PA27 Jun 1872,
22 Jul 1869,
p. 230
FIGHT, B. F. (Rev.)Belsano, PAGEORGE, AnnaBelsano, PA05 Jul 1869,
Res of minister, Belsano, Cambria Co., PA
HARNDEN, A. (Rev.)
18 Jun 1874,
p. 200
FILE, Geo.Butler Co.KINCADE, Margaret AnnButler Co.05 Jun 1874,
Res of officiating minister, Brownsdale, Butler Co., PA
YOUNG, R. G. (Rev.)
26 Jan 1871,
p. 30
FILMORE, SamuelYork Co., PADELINGER, NancyYork Co., PA12 Jan 1871,
Res of bride's pars
REAM, H. H. (Rev.)
24 Oct 1878,
p. 7
FINK, James W.Jersey Shore area, Lycoming Co., PAFISHER, Sadie M.Jersey Shore area, Lycoming Co., PA10 Oct 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Logansville, Clinton Co., PA
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
20 Mar 1883,
p. 96
FINKBINDER, Charles W. (Rev.)Central PA Conf.KLINGELHOFER, Lizzie--13 Mar 1883,
Res of bride's pars, Florida, Henry Co., OH
DUBS, R. (Bishop);
Bride is dau of Bro. KLINGELHOFER, formerly of Green St. Church., Baltimore, MD
27 Apr 1876,
p. 135
FISHER, EdwardMercer Co., PAWEIKEL, AdalineMercer Co., PA18 Apr 1876,
Evan. Parsonage, New Hamburg
DOMER, J. D. (Rev);
Bride is dau of Rev. J. WEIKEL of Mercer Co., PA
10 Apr 1879,
p. 7
FISHER, Fannie E.Shamokin Dam, Snyder Co., PAKELLER, B. F. (Rev.)Juniata Circuit, Central PA Conf.[13 or 18] Mar 1879,
Res of Rev. N. DEOBLER, Selinsgrove area, Snyder Co., PA
SMITH, S. (Rev.);
Day of marriage is unclear
09 Dec 1896,
p. 800
FISHER, Lilly E.--KLEIN, John (Rev.)Pastor of Weatherly Ev. Church26 Nov 1896,
Res of bride's mother, Weatherly, PA
GEARY, Franklin DeLong;
Bride is the dau of Mrs. Joseph FISHER
24 Oct 1878,
p. 7
FISHER, Sadie M.Jersey Shore area, Lycoming Co., PAFINK, James W.Jersey Shore area, Lycoming Co., PA10 Oct 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Logansville, Clinton Co., PA
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
23 May 1900,
p. 336
FITE, Minerva J.Covode, Indiana Co., PAMILLER, J. H. (Rev.)Conemaugh, PA10 May 1900,
Evangelical parsonage at Conemaugh
HARDY, B. (Rev.)
25 May 1880,
p. 7
FLANDERS, HenryPort Riverton, Snyder Co., PASECHRIST, LauraPort Riverton, Snyder Co., PA04 May 1880,
BENTZ, J. W. (Rev.)
22 Dec 1870,
p. 403
FLECKENSTINE, LeonardManor Tp., Lancaster Co., PAKAUFFMAN, Adeline M.Manor Tp., Lancaster Co., PA29 Nov 1870,
SPECHT, Joseph (Rev.)
17 Jan 1893,
p. 48
FLEMMING, IsabellaCoal Dale, PAREEVES, JohnLansford, PA24 Dec 1892,
Res of bride's father, Lansford, PA
06 Apr 1871,
p. 107
FLICK, Mattie A.Hughesville, PAREMER, S. P. (Rev.)Now stationed at Glen Rock, PA, formerly of Lewisburgh, PA23 Mar 1871,
Evan. Church, Hughesville
HARRIS, M. W. (Rev.)
14 Nov 1872,
p. 347
FLIEHR, C. C.Easton, PAKISTLER, L. M. (Miss)Lynnville, Lehigh Co., PA17 Aug 1872,
Parsonage of Evan. Ch. at Freemansburg, PA
BROWN, S. B. (Rev.);
Groom the son of Rev. C. B. FLIEHR [unclear if the groom or his father is of Easton, PA]
23 Jun 1870,
p. 198
FLIEHR, Salomon [sic] R.--KISTLER, MessinaEaston, PA06 Jun 1870,
Res of bride's pars
SCHARF, G. (Rev.);
Groom is son of Rev. B. C. FLIEHR of Catasauqua; 04 Aug p 246 date corrected to 04 Jul
13 Jun 1872,
p. 187
FLYTE, JosephusMonroe Co., PAMURPHY, LouisaMonroe Co., PA01 Jun 1872,
Saylorsburg, Monroe Co., PA
MILLER, E. J. (Rev.)
29 Apr 1875,
p. 136
FOCHT, Emma M.--DUNLAP, G. W. (Rev.)of Pittsburgh Conf.2 [-]th Apr 1875,
Lutheran parsonage
REED, D. E. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. G. FOCHT
09 Feb 1886,
p. 96
FOCHT, George AlbertWest Millville, PASMITH, Alice C.Kossuth, Clarion Co., PA25 Dec 1885,
Kossuth, PA
SAYLOR, F. P. (Rev.)
04 Sep 1873,
p. 283
FOLTZ, Sarah J.Manchester, Summit Co., OHRHOADS, P. W.Reamstown, Lancaster Co., PA31 Jul 1873,
Greensburg, OH
DOMER, J. D. (Rev.)
27 Nov 1879,
p. 7
FONTZ, MartinHazleton, Luzerne Co., PABARTELS, MaryHazleton, Luzerne Co., PA13 Nov 1879,
Res of bride's pars
RINKER, J. M. (Rev.);
Surname of groom unclear
25 Dec 1873,
p. 416
FOREMAN, Bentley G.Fairville, Lancaster Co., PAWEAVER, CatharineFairville, Lancaster Co., PA02 Dec 1873,
Fairville, PA
DeLONG, A. A. (Rev.)
04 Oct 1887,
p. 640
FORNEY, Annie C.West Earl, Lancaster Co., PABRUNNER, Alfred J. (Rev.)Phoenixville, PA, East PA Conf.27 Sep 1887,
Res of bride's uncle, Mr. John KAFROTH, West Earl, Lancaster Co., PA
WOEHRLE, J. W. (Rev.)
03 Nov 1870,
p. 347
FOSSET, MaryMyerstown, Lebanon Co., PABINKLEY, HermanBerks Co., PA22 Oct 1870,
Preacher's residence, Myerstown, PA
LENTZ, David (Rev.)
20 Oct 1870,
p. 331
FOSTER, Elizabeth--ORWIG, Harvey--6th inst.,
Res of bride's father, Union Co., PA
REARDON, J. D. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Andrew FOSTER
10 Feb 1876,
p. 47
FOSTER, M. J. (Miss)Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PAWEIKEL, H. D.Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PA27 Jan 1876,
Parsonage in Dempseytown
GARNER, J. (Rev.)
20 Dec 1881,
p. 7
FOX, Jos. B. (Rev.)Claytonville, PAROHBACH, Emma C.--11 Oct 1881,
Evangelical parsonage, New Berlin, PA
GROSS, H. W. (Rev.);
Bride is only dau of Martin ROHBACH, Esq., of Buffalo Valley, PA
13 Oct 1885,
p. 656
FOX, Nellie M.White Haven, PACLYMER, RansomWhite Haven, PA30 Sep 1885,
Home of bride
SCHULER, W. (Rev.)
29 May 1879,
p. 7
FRANK, Louisa E.Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PATRUMP, Lewis J.Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PA20 May 1879,
Evangelical parsonage
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
10 Dec 1874,
p. 400
FRANKENFIELD, C. K.Germantown, PhiladelphiaKNERR, Emma C.Germantown, Philadelphia21 Nov 1874,
KNERR, J. K. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. G. KNERR of Catasauqua, Lehigh Co., PA
08 Dec 1885,
p. 784
FRANKHOUSER, Milton E.Adamstown area, Lancaster Co., OHRUTH, Magge [sic] G.Gouglersville, Berks Co., PA21 Nov 1885,
Res of bride's mother, Gouglersville
ALBRIGHT, B. D. (Rev.)
17 Apr 1895,
p. 256
FRANKLIN, Anna Beck (Mrs.)Lockport, PANICHOLAS, Lewis J.Cherryville06 Apr 1895,
Lockport, PA
23 Jun 1870,
p. 198
FRANTZ, LeviMyerstown, Lebanon Co., PALIVENGOOD, MalindaBerks Co., PA04 Jun 1870,
LENTZ, D. (Rev.)
25 May 1880,
p. 7
FRANTZ, Tacy A.--WOEHRLE, J. W. (Rev.)Mt. Carmel, PA, East PA Conf.20 [?] May 1880,
Res of bride's pars, Stroudsburg area, Munroe [sic] Co., PA
LEHR, Jas. O. (Rev.);
Marriage day may be 29 May
11 Jul 1882,
p. 223
FREASE, M. [R. or B.]NescopeckASHWORTH, Mamie J.--15 [?] Jun 1882,
Res of bride's pars, Luzerne Co., PA
DOUTY, H. H. (Rev.);
Very difficult to read
14 Aug 1873,
p. 253
FREDERICK, Francis R.Germantown, Philadelphia, PAWALTER, Mary R.Germantown, Philadelphia, PA31 Jul 1873,
Allentown, PA
18 Apr 1893,
p. 256
FREDERICKS, William E. (Rev.)Sellersville, Bucks Co., PACARL, Elizabeth K.Sellersville, Bucks Co., PA04 Apr 1893,
Parsonage of Evan. Assn., Berlinsville Circuit, East PA Conf.
Groom is pastor-in-charge; married in presence of 40 to 50 of their [church] members
14 Sep 1876,
p. 295
FREED, John A.Sellersville, Bucks Co., PAMOORE, HarriettaBridgetown, Bucks Co.02 Sep 1876,
Res of bride's pars, Perkasie, Bucks Co.
GLICK, H. J. (Rev. Dr.)
25 Nov 1869,
p. 374
FREESE, HenryPittsburgh, PASCHROEDER, AmeliaPittsburg, PA18 Nov 1869,
Res of bride's pars, No. 360 Fifth Ave.
18 Sep 1883,
p. 303
FREI, J. G.--HILL, Louise--04 Sep 1883,
Evangelical Ch., North 4th St., Philadelphia
SCHNATZ, J. P. (Rev.);
Md "At the same time and place" as previous marriage" [LOESCH/SCHNATZ]
30 Jan 1883,
p. 39
FREY, A.Millersville, York Co., PAJACOBS, E. N. (Miss)Millersville, York Co., PA12 Oct 1882,
York, PA
05 Feb 1889,
p. 96
FREY, EttieWrightsville, York Co., PALEIBY, BenjaminWrightsville, York Co., PA14 Jan 1889,
Evangelical chapel at Middleburg, Snyder Co., PA
BEAUMONT, W. L. (Rev.)
18 Dec 1873,
p. 408
FREY, LizzieCresswell, Lancaster Co., PASTRICKLER, Cyrus D.Cresswell, Lancaster Co., PA13 Nov 1873,
Parsonage in Millersville
LAROS, J. (Rev.)
26 Sep 1900,
p. 624
FREY, Minnie L.Lancaster Co., PAHERSHY, Jacob H.Lancaster Co., PA13 Sep 1900,
Res of bride's pars, Creswell, Lancaster Co., PA
HILDT, Henry E. (Rev.)
05 Jun 1873,
p. 179
FREYER, EvannaNorth Mahoning Tp., Indiana Co., PAYODER, Nathan (Rev.)Pittsburg, PA[19?] May 1873,
Res of bride's pars
BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.);
Married "On the eve of the 20th of May, 1873"
25 Dec 1883,
p. 416
FRICK, Josephine M.Milton, PACAROTHERS, J. MoranMilton, PA13 Dec 1883,
CAROTHERS, M. J. (Rev.), asst by BELL, Henry S. (Rev.)
11 Jan 1872,
p. 11
FRICK, P. F.York, PASECHRIST, EmmaYork, PA21 Dec 1871,
1st M. E. Church, York, PA
11 Jun 1874,
p. 192
FRIEDEL, Rebecca A.Salladaysburg, Lycoming Co., PAHETNER, J. A. (Rev.)Liverpool circuit, Central PA Conf.26 May 1874,
Res of bride's pars
SMITH, S. (Rev.)
22 Nov 1899,
p. 752
FRILL, Sadie A.Lickingville, PAZUENDEL, John H.Star P. O.14 Nov 1899,
Evangelical parsonage, Lickingville, PA
ALLGOOD, Jno. E., Pastor;
Good wishes accompany them to their future home at the German Hill appointment.
21 Nov 1872,
p. 363
FRINK, Charles A.Page Co., IASTEWART, EffieSusquehanna Co., PA01 Nov 1872,
Res of bride's uncle, Robert M. UTT, Spring Run, IA
HAHN, W. J. (Rev.)
10 Jan 1882,
p. 16
FRITZ, AmandaMohnsville, Berks Co., PASCHAUM, Milton F.Mohnsville, Berks Co., PA31 Dec 1881,
WARFEL, A. W. (Rev.)
24 Jul 1873,
p. 235
FRITZ, EphraimDixon, ILSEIBERT, Amelia C.Somerset Co., PA10 Jul 1873,
Res of bride's pars
Bride is dau of Rev. J.L.W. SEIBERT, Somerset Co., PA
14 Mar 1882,
p. 88
FRITZ, LawsonColumbia, PAWAGNER, SavillaColumbia, PA25 Feb 1882,
Benton area
KEL-ER [?], B. F. (Rev.)
07 Oct 1875,
p. 320
FRITZ, Rosa E.Alentown [sic], PALAUX, E. M.Alentown [sic], PA16 Sep 1875,
Res of bride's mother
SMOYER, B. J. (Rev.)
15 Nov 1877,
p. 367
FRUTCHEY, FranklinPlainfield, Northampton Co., PASTOCKER, Emily E.Plainfield, Northampton Co., PA06 Oct 1877,
Nazareth, Northampton Co.
HESS, T. A. (Rev.)
04 May 1871,
p. 139
FRY, Carrie--CLIME, W. M.--09 Apr 1871,
Res of bride's pars, nr Fairville, Lancaster Co., PA
SPECHT, Jos. (Rev.)
12 May 1870,
p. 150
FRY, CharlesYork Co., PAKROHN, Sarah A.York Co., PA--,
Res of bride, York Co., PA
REAM, H. H. (Rev.)
12 Nov 1874,
p. 368
FRYER, Annie AmandaMilton, Northumberland Co., PASMITH, ElmerMilton, Northumberland Co., PA15 Oct 1874,
10 Jul 1888,
p. 448
FULLMER, LewisWhite Haven, PAPURSELL, KatieWhite Haven, PA--,
Res of bride's pars, White Haven, PA
KRESGE, A. S. (Rev.)
09 Jan 1894,
p. 32
FULS, Jacob O.Richmond, Northampton Co., PAMARSHALL, ThirsaBangor, PA23 Dec 1893,
Evangelical parsonage, Bangor, PA
19 May 1870,
p. 158
FUNK, Crissie P.--GARBER, Jacob R.Philadelphia11 May 1870,
Res of bride's pars
HARPER, Thomas (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. Henry K. FUNK, of Collegeville, PA

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