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American Home Missionary Society Papers 1816-189438535mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
American Immigrant Autobiographies--Part 1: Manuscript Autobiographies735mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
American Missionary Association Manuscripts26135mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
American State Papers540FicheU. S. Special Collections
Ancestors Publishers Catalog, 1993, 19963FicheU. S. Special Collections
Colonial Williamsburg Research Collection--Guide122FicheU. S. Special Collections
Computerized Family File Group Sheets (Everton)203FicheU. S. Special Collections
Computerized Family File Index (Everton)48FicheU. S. Special Collections
Coventry Family History Society, Member's Interests, 19981FicheEngland
Dictionary of U.S. Place Names34FicheU. S. Special Collections
Draper Manuscript Collection12935mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Draper Manuscripts Guidebooks (for Series J, U, CC, QQ and ZZ, SS, TT, UU, VV, XX and DD)54FicheU. S. Special Collections
Family History Library Catalog2473Fiche 
Fanning's Gazetteer of the United States, 18553FicheU. S. Special Collections
Fraternal Herald-Bratrsky Vestnik Death Index716mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Genealogical Sources on Microfilm, list1FicheU. S. Special Collections
Genealogy and Local History Series (Parts 1 - 22)36300Fiche 
Heraldic Holdings of the Allen County Public Library1116mm Film 
Heraldic Register of America2FicheU. S. Special Collections
Historical & Biographical Index of the East, Mid South and Mid West, U.S. 1800-ca.19003316mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Hudson Bay Company Archives Finding Aid Register435mm FilmCanada
Index to biographies in State & Local Histories in the Library of Congress4016mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
International Genealogical Index (1988 Edition)7915Fiche 
International Genealogical Index (1992 Edition)11661Fiche 
Joe Gavit's American Deaths and Marriages, 1784-1829235mm Film 
Land Ownership Maps of the United States1700FicheU. S. Special Collections
LDS Family Registry445Fiche 
Library of Congress National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections835mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Louis Ginsburg Collection, [Accounts of Conner, Skaggs and Company] 1853-1874, WV, (see Confederate Military Manuscripts, Series D, Part 1, Roll #15, Item 3)135mm FilmCivil War
Louis Nichols Official and Confidential File and the Clyde Tolson Personal File1235mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Manhattan Project Official History and Documents1235mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Manuscript, Wm. Mitchell, 1725135mm FilmIndiana
Molson Archives1635mm FilmCanada
National Society of the DAR Collection265535mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections 1977-1989835mm Film 
New England Women & Their Families in the 18th & 19th Centuries, Series A - C18535mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933-1945 (Correspondance)2035mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Papers of the U.S. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, Part 1, Numerical File Archive3535mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Patent Interference Case Files 1838-19005FicheU. S. Special Collections
Pedigree Archive316mm Film 
Prairie Pleasure Club Records, 1873, Hempstead, TX (see Southern Women and Their Families, Series F, Roll #18)135mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Quaker Necrology235mm Film 
Records of the Department of the Interior (Inventory)5FicheU. S. Special Collections
Roots Cellar-- Everton Publishers Ancestor list18FicheU. S. Special Collections
Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home Records, Toronto, Canada 1869-192320FicheCanada
Salt Lake Place File6616mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Shane Manuscript Collection3235mm Film 
Siebmacher's135mm Film 
Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego (Geographic Dictionary of the Former Kingdom of Poland) by Filip Sulimierski173FichePoland
Southern Women & Their Families in the 19th Century, Series A-H61135mm FilmU. S. Special Collections
Southwestern Genealogy Society Collection of Books16816mm Film 
Study of Genealogy-- a dissertation by William Raymond Brace135mm Film 
Tennessee Genealogical Records volumes 1-4 by Edythe Whitley116mm FilmTennessee
Territorial Papers1535mm Film 
U.S. Phone Fiche 1978-1994139,316Fiche 
Union List of Canadian Newspapers, Geographic Index12FicheCanada
Union List of Canadian Newspapers, Intro & Title Index17FicheCanada
Union List of Canadian Newspapers, Register12FicheCanada
United States Official Post Office Guide, 190516Fiche 
United States Serial Set, 1st Congress(1789) - 91st Congress (1970)12880Fiche 

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