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SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
BakerMaggie7-19-18785-17-1880d/o Will & Nanie
BakerWilliam C2-13-18736-15-1904
SaleCatherine (Cardwell)3-26-191011-14-1878w/o William D
SaleCecil7-18-18868-2-1891s/o JW & Emma
SaleClayton17931856War of 1812
SaleIra Littleton1-7-188210-17-1884s/o WH & Mary
SaleJohn D10-10-18369-27-1862Civil War - KIA
SaleMary Elizabeth (Snead)17661845
SaleWilliam D4-25-18051-8-1860
SherwoodMary D (Sale)12-24-18294-27-1907w/o John

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