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SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
BeachJason3-18-185711-9-1858s/o M & N
BevorRobert7-24-184610-10-1850s/o T & N
CampbellThomas2-13-184610-13-1848s/o EG & L
ChandlerJason 10-13-1846s/o H & S
ChandlerMary L12-18-18465-9-1861d/o SP & L
IliffDavid N6-10-18462-19-1858s/o W & M
PorterElizabeth w/o RM
PorterMary L9-11-18512-9-1852d/o RN & EH
PorterSarah E1-17-1854d/o RN & EH
StaulWilliam H3-14-185911-21-1863s/o FG & MC

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