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SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
FincherBlanche C5/3/19111/11/1912
FincherCatherine (Thomason)11/10/18393/4/1922
FincherFay C7/3/19027/13/1902
FIncherLemuel11/18/18403/9/1924Co B 44th IN Inf
FincherRobert G12/24/19251/16/1925s/o Frank
FincherRoy E3/9/18982/6/1904
GermanDaniel2/4/18598/4/1860s/o JS & SE
GermanRose Annd/o JS & SE - no dates
LewisE5/18/18588/18/1858d/o Zadock & M
RouskouldEmily186510/9/1866d/o DE & SE
TimmonsAmanda G11/22/185810/22/1859d/o SE & JL
TimmonsCharles H4/22/18594/30/1859s/o JR & E
TimmonsCharlotte3/26/186010/26/1861d/o MA
TimmonsEmily18416/4/1868w/o JR
TimmonsIsaac M186211/5/1870
TimmonsJoshua6/13/18587/21/1858s/o JR & E
TimmonsMargaret4/22/18039/22/1855w/o Mathias
TimmonsMary M4/11/18685/9/1868
TimmonsMiranda M4/7/18609/7/1861d/o JR & E
TimmonsSilas E6/7/183212/26/1894

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