SurnameFirst NameDate of DeathCause
AlleyWilliam R.April 18, 1850accidental gunshot
BarnesWilliamOctober 24, 1891suicide--gunshot to forehead
BarrettMichaelDecember 18, 1896buggy hit by train at a railroad crossing
BaughmanJosephusMay 20, 1855accidental gunshot wound to chest
BerryJohnMarch 17, 1854(orphan) mischance and accidental gunshot
BlanveltJamesJuly 12, 1899suicide--ingesting of carbolic acid
BookerF.January 3, 1887unknown
BourneJames, Jr.September 24, 1897suicide--shot by a revolver
BradyThomas F.June 27, 1885fell from train--was run over by 31 train cars
BuntenElmer E.March 14, 1901apoplexy
BurnsJohnSeptember 8, 1899valvular heart disease
CampbellJohnDecember 7, 1904heart failure
CampbellMissouriDecember 18, 1873arsenic poisoning administered by husband (she was 7 months pregnant)
CampbellRobert S.January 2, 1898suicide by hanging
CantleyHermanAugust 16, 1889age 16; smothered in a wheat grain bin
CassadyMiltonApril 17, 1902heart failure
CatesCharlesDecember 15, 1900run over by a master wheel of a steam engine
ChapmanJamesMay 9, 1898railroad accident
ClineGeorge W.August 11, 1890heart failure
ConstableMargaretApril 8, 1854suicide by drowning
CookNathanOctober 12, 1899explosion of a boiler at a saw mill
CordJohn W.April 3, 1855gunshot by unknown person
CorlissMichaelAugust 15, 1890suicide by hanging
CunninghamMillieJuly 22, 1899unknown source of violence
CurtisGeorgeMarch 11, 1891railroad accident
DarnallOscarOctober 4, 1893suicide by gunshot
DavisJohn A.September 2, 1895died in a well that had damps in it
DeweyJoseph S.August 4, 1890suicide by gunshot
DodsonGeorgeMarch 29, 1904killed by blows from a large iron bar
DodsonHattieSeptember 19, 1886died after having an abortion
DoolittleCharlesSeptember 21, 1895heart failure
DupeeThadeusMay 30, 1898suicide by hanging
ElmoreJohn R.December 24, 1885suicide by drowning
EmsmingerMell C.November 11, 1901railroad accident
FarleyWilliamDecember 24, 1902accidental shooting
FergusonPatsySeptember 21, 1850suicide by cutting throat with razor
FordPatrickMay 14, 1891natural causes
FosterSamuelOctober 23, 1895railroad accident
FoxLeonardJuly 3, 1896suicide by hanging
FringerHarryJune 29, 1888railroad accident
GibbsTheadorOctober 10, 1888killed (gun shot) by Enos Scott
GivensGeorge R.July 30, 1895enlargement of the heart
GreenleeSarah M.June 2, 1896struck by train while walking on the track
GrinstedRodneyMay 21, 1857tree fell on him while plowing a field
HadleyHoraceJune 9, 1902committed suicide--drank carbolic acid
HadleyZenoFebruary 17, 1881committed suicide by hanging himself
HardingH. L.December 1, 1896committed suicide by shooting himself
HarrisonRachelSeptember 4, 1891natural causes
HawkinsJamesJuly 7, 1889drowned
HerdrichMichaelMay 2, 1901committed suicide by hanging himself
HerrodJohnApril 13, 1883over exertion/heart disease
HigginbothamBalser K.October 19, 1891natural causes
HitchcockBenjamin W.July 11, 1905accidentally shot by Glyndon Hitchcock
HoleyFrankApril 6, 1903falling under a moving train (accident)
HumbargerMarthaMarch 1, 1893natural causes (heart disease)
JesterRachelFebruary 18, 1866committed suicide by hanging
JordanGeorge E.November 2, 1903committed suicide by overdose of morphine
JordanSarahJune 6, 1884committed suicide by hanging
KennedyWilliamMay 21, 1888committed suicide by shooting himself
KingCurtisNovember 16, 1888apoplexy
KressFrederickJuly 20, 1898committed suicide by hanging himself
LarshJohnathanJune 2, 1854committed suicide by cutting throat
LeakEathenNovember 17, 1887committed suicide by shooting himself
LongJamesMarch 23, 1892fell into fire and burned to death (accident)
Margaret WoodMaryAugust 4, 1870committed suicide by hanging herself
McCloudRebeccaJanuary 17, 1901heart failure
McCloudWilliamMay 22, 1883accidental shot of gun by his hand
McGowenJohnOctober 1, 1870struck by a train
McIntoshJohnAugust 29, 1882struck by a train
MerrittGeorgeJuly 5, 1853committed suicide by hanging himself
MikselJohnJanuary 27, 1869accident while working at woolen factory
MoneyBenjamin C.February 19, 1891accidental shot of gun in his own hand
MooreEdgarMarch 29, 1896killed while trying to climb on a train
NortonJohn W.January 28, 1895killed in train wreck (Coatesville)
OrrinfantApril 11, 1855killed by drowning by mother Nancy Orr
OverfieldJohnDecember 17, 1905boom pole broke, fell and crushed head
PhillipsDavidNovember 9, 1896unknown cause
RaidekenPhilipFebruary 7, 1903heart failure
RamseyAlexanderJanuary 21, 1891committed suicide by hanging himself
RobertsMiltonOctober 12, 1899explosion of the boiler at the sawmill
RobertsonAlbertDecember 1, 1883accidentally run over by a train car
RussellJoseph D.May 9, 1882thrown off of and run over by train car
RustQuartus E.August 20, 1894buggy accident while intoxicated
ScottJamesOctober 1, 1845fell from his horse
ScottPriscillaOctober 24, 1898hit by a train car while crossing track
ShoemakerForest DaneFebruary 24, 1896run over by passenger train
SidenstrikerAllenSeptember 11, 1884hit by engine of train
SmallDavidDecember 6, 1883natural causes
SmithElijahMarch 23, 1894hit by engine of train
SmithJames L.January 4, 1888hit by train while walking on track
SmithThomasAugust 17, 1891suffocated in a wheat grain elevator
StockdellCharlesDecember 15, 1891committed suicide by overdose (opium)
StutesmanClaudeNovember 5, 1898killed by train while walking on bridge
SurberDavidSeptember 4, 1892committed suicide by gunshot
SutherlandConradMarch 12, 1899accidentally shot by Chester Cunningham
SwanggerEdwardDecember 22, 1876killed by knife in fight with House of Refuge inmates
TalbottMahala J.January 8, 1885heart disease
TaylorMargaretMarch 4, 1859committed suicide by slitting throat
TharpOscarJanuary 1, 1894accidentally shot himself
TomlinsonBedford M.January 23, 1897struck by a railroad locomotive
ToneyWilliamOctober 13, 1893hit by train while walking on track
TowerSarahJanuary 28, 1895killed in train wreck (Coatesville)
unknown female infantJune 4, 1899unknown causes
unknown female infantMay 29, 1864came to death by violence
unknown maleJune 20, 1903run over by train
unknown maleMay 16, 1892run over train while sitting on tracks
unknown maleApril 24, 1898killed by gunshot by unknown person
unknown manDecember 3, 1899hit by train
VeachThomasJanuary 29, 1866tree fell on him
WarenJohnDecember 19, 1887fell while stepping from coal car to flat car while train was moving
WatsonD. W.May 29, 1889accidentally falling from a train
WeismanHenryMay 10, 1889committed suicide by shooting himself
WesnerSamuelMay 22, 1893shot/murdered by J. Coley Brown
WestSidneyNovember 27, 1881committed suicide by hanging himself
WestXuryApril 16, 1894committed suicide by hanging himself
WhiteA. L.September 26, 1895committed suicide by hanging himself
WilcoxSarah JaneJune 24, 1885hit by train while on trestle bridge
WilliamsJohnJuly 17, 1870committed suicide by hanging himself
WilliamsLeviJuly 13, 1848natural causes
WinestockSamuelNovember 8, 1899heart failure
WoodJosephApril 23, 1901committed suicide by shooting himself
WorrellEnochNovember 5, 1850accident at sawmill
WorrellsinfantSeptember 19, 1850mother Sarah Worrells left child under log in inclimate weather and hungry
YoungVorheesAugust 5, 1889accidentally shot himself

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