SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathAgeNotes
BrooksAlbert S.16 Nov. 189736y 24dAlbert shares a monument with Emeline and Estella
BrooksAmanda datesShares monument with Effie A., Garretia F., & Sylvanus
BrooksCatharine A.20 Jan. 187523y 10m 17dDau. Of Nehemiah & Julia
BrooksClaricy M.12 Mar. 187729y 7m 7dWife of S.M., On same monument as S.M., Amanda M., Garretia F., & Sylvanus
BrooksEddieOct. 18809mSon of A.S. & E.
BrooksEffie A.Dau. Of S.M. & C.M.
BrooksElizabeth4 Jun. 187982y 3m 7dWife of John
BrooksElizabeth J. (Barnard)3rd wife of Madison m. 20 Mar. 1879 divorced 15 Sep. 1907
BrooksElsieAug. 18816mDau of A.S. & E.
BrooksEmeline11 Sep. 188321y 5m 26dWife of A.S., On monument with Albert S., & Estella
BrooksEstella21 Nov. 189513y 3m 15dShares monument with Albert S. & Emeline
BrooksGarrettia F.Shares monument face with Effie A. and Sylvanus
BrooksMadison5 Sep. 18145/27/1909Masonic Emblem
BrooksMary Jane (Hare)23 Sep. 187349y 26d2nd Wife of Madison m. 20 Dec. 1855
BrooksPhebe R. (Layton)20 May 188017 Jun. 1900Wife of Eben Harvey Brooks
BrooksRobert13 Dec. 186425y 9m 24dCorporal, Co. B, 2nd Ind. Cav. Died in Annapolis MD
BrooksS. M.18 Feb. 189862y 4m 9dCo. A, 11th Ind.
BrooksSylvanus2 Oct. 18762m 2dShares monument face with Effie A. and Garretia F.
Evans(Infant)28 Jan. 190029 Jan. 19001dInfant son of A. & N.J.
EvansAmos4 Jul. 18668 Aug. 1889
GrahamFrancis24 Jul. 189483y
GrahamStilwell22 Oct. 189482y
MyersEmily16 Jan. 187427y 6m 5dWife of Samuel D.

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