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SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathAgeNotes
AlexanderElizabeth (Beaver) (McCarty)1834unknownMarried Joseph Alexander on Feb. 9, 1854
AlexanderNancy15 Dec. 190465yWife of J. Alexander
AlexanderNancy J.18522m 18dDau. Of J. & T.
AlfreyJosephine9 Oct. 18712yDau. Of Augustus and Molly
AmmermanWilliam12 Aug. 184755y 9m 15d
Arnett(Infant)14 Sep. 1878Son of Joseph P. & Ella
Arnett(Infant)1856Son of Samuel & Elizabeth
ArnettClara L.18681942
ArnettDelthia (McKerry)183618 Mar. 1880
ArnettElizabeth18001876Buried with Thomas
ArnettElizabeth J.16 Mar. 187341y 6m 12dWife of Samuel
ArnettElla12 Aug. 18575/3/1903Wife of Joseph P.
ArnettGeorge W.4 May 18603 Oct. 1918
ArnettJohn17 Dec. 18303y 3m 6dSon of Thomas & Elizabeth A.
ArnettJoseph P.18 Nov. 185321 Feb. 1940
ArnettLorenzo186115 Mar. 1880
ArnettNannie (Arnett)18681914
ArnettSamuel24 Apr. 189470y 5m 17dKeystone emblem; Hus. Of Elizabeth
ArnettSamuel27 Dec. 18391y 10m 27dSon of Thomas & Elizabeth A.
ArnettSarah27 Dec. 18391y 10m 27dDau. Of Thomas & Elizabeth A.
ArnettThomas17979 Feb. 186870y 9m 28dHus. Of Elizabeth A.
ArnettWilliam O.185622 May 1881
ArnoldGeorge29 Jan. 185924y
ArnoldRobert27 Aug. 186139y 3m 4dHus. Of Elizabeth
ArnoldSarah E.10 Sep. 1858Dau. Of George & Sarah A.
BeaverCatherine (Humbles)17 Nov. 181125 Feb. 1879Wife of George. They had nine children. Five of those were: Lydia Lackey, James, Elizabeth McCoy, Cathrine Waterman, and Absolom.
BeaverGeorge26 Oct. 181015 Nov. 185242y 20dSon of Johann Beaver, Hus. Of Catherine Humbles
BellEliza13 Jan. 18413 Oct. 187837y 8m 20dWife of R.A.J. Bell
BellMary J.13 Aug. 18691yDau. Of R.A. & Eliza
BurkCaroline25 Dec. 18402y 8m 24dDau. Of John & Mary
BurkHenry5 Dec. 18401y 2m 13dSon of John & Mary
ClarkEliza22 Aug. 18603y 6m 8dDau. Of Hugh & Laurilla?
ClarkFrances23 Sep. 18605y 3m 10dDau. Of Hugh & Laurilla?
ClarkJohn11 Sep. 18721y 10m 11d
ClarkLindsey7 Sep. 18??Hus. Of Elizabeth. *Stone broken
ClarkMargaret15 Oct. 18533m 26dDau. Of Hugh & Laurilla?
ClarkMary22 Nov. 187272y 6m 10dWife of Thomas
ClarkMary E.18 Nov. 18601y 2m 24dDau. Of Linzey & Elizabeth
ClarkThomas22 Sep. 187074y 3m 20d
ClarkWilliam T.11 Jul. 18542y 11m 15d
DavidsonAnn17 Jan. 188971y 18dWife of William E.
DavidsonWilliam E.1883
DuncanBeasen5 Oct. 18571y 10m 21dSon of Thomas
DuncanMargary4 Oct. 185128y 1m 9dWife of Thomas M.
EdwardsHarriet E.18 Feb. 18462m 4dDau. Of William & Sarah
EdwardsJoseph26 Jul. 185525y 8m
EdwardsJoseph V.11 Jan. 185622y 9m 22dSon of William & Sarah
EdwardsSarah31 Jan. 189489y 2m 12d
EdwardsWilliam21 Apr. 185864y 11m 23d
EdwardsWilliam R.18 Aug. 18534y 8m 21dSon of ? & Elizabeth
FausettRudie F.20 Jun. 188827 Apr. 1904Son of J. & C.F.
FaussetEliza16 Jan. 189276y 11mWith Thomas H.
FaussetElizabeth L.18451919Wife of Robert
FaussetRobert18361913Co. C, 79th Ind. Inf. (Civil War), Hus. Of Elizabeth L.
FaussettJohnCo. E, 155th Ind. Inf. (Civil War)
FaussettThomas H.10 May 187867y 25dWith Eliza
Harter(Infant)4 Mar. 1869Dau. Of H.N. & S.
Harter(Infant)22 Mar. 1860Dau. Of H.N. & S.
HarterNewton11 Sep. 18297 Nov. 1894
HarterSarah Josephine11 Sep. 187711yDau. Of H.N. & S.
HarterSidney12 Jul. 183430 Dec. 1913
HollidayAlexander M.28 Mar. 181219 Oct. 1831Son of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayAlexander M.23 Feb. 186822y 3m 19d
HollidayCaroline28 Dec. 181916 Dec. 1835
HollidayElizabeth2 Aug. 178310 Oct. 1846Wife of Samuel; Elizabeth & Samuel's daughter, Sarah (3 Sep. 1805-16 Aug. 1851) married Francis Richamond, a Methodist Circuit Rider. Sarah is buried in Rochester.
HollidayJohn P.181011 Apr. 185242y 3m 2dSon of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayJoseph W.12 Mar. 185234y
HollidayMartha8 Sep. 186450yDau. Of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidaySamuel17 Jul. 177916 Aug. 1835Samuel came to Fall Creek Twp. in 1821, moved to Madison Co. in 1822, & returned to Hamilton Co. where he died in 1835. First schoolhouse in twp. was built on his land and his son, John P., was the first teacher.
HollidaySusan Elizabeth3 Feb. 184926y 8m 28d
HollidayThomas J.25 Jan. 18511m 11dSon of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayUnknownunknownChild of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayUnknownunknownSon of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayUnknownunknownSon of Samuel & Elizabeth
HollidayUnknownunknownSon of Samuel & Elizabeth
HumblesJohn25 Jun. 185643y 10m 22dHus. Of Mary; Father of Nancy Morgan & Mary E. Morgan
HumblesMary E.5 Apr. 188266y 4mWife of John
JohnsonCatharine (Holliday)28 Aug. 185251y
JonesLula B.27 Apr. 18885/4/1908
KygerAmelia9 Mar. 185376y 1dWife of Christian
LackeyNancy17 Sep. 181117y 10m 11dWife of Thomas
LackeyRezen5 Feb. 184447y 2m 28d
LackeySamantha22 Aug. 185525 Sep. 1855Dau. Of Richard & Lydia (Beaver) Lackey
LackeyWilliam20 Nov. 185712 Mar. 1880Son of Richard & Lydia (Beaver) Lackey
LunsfordMary J.18321910Wife of Martin
LutesCharles E.17 Sep. 187019y 7m 17d
LutesWilliam A.186718y 4m 15d
MurayMary J.6 Dec. 185?17 Aug. 1877*Stone broken.
MurrayLaura B.21 Nov. 185820 Jan. 1907Wife of Robert
MurrayMariah18271919Wife of Thompson
MurrayRobert H.3 Nov. 1856[blank]
MurrayThompson18201864Hus. Of Mariah
MurrerArley11 Aug. 18721y 3m 29dSon of F.C. & E.
MurrerBenjamin J.17 Jun. 185537y 2m 11d
MurrerCharles T.18561y 5m 9d
MurrerClemmaunknownDau. Of F.C. & Bell
MurrerJ.C.Co. B., 11th Ind. Inf.
MurrerJames24 Oct. 184654y
MurrerJames3 Sep. 185531y 26dHus. Of Elizabeth
MurrerJohn T.4 May 186921y 2m 25dSon of Thompson & Mariah
MurrerMary10 Jun. 186670y 7dConsort of James
MurrerMary M.unknownDau. Of F.C. & Bell
MurrerPhebe A.28 Oct. 187420y 1m 4dDau. Of T. & M.
ReynoldsJames H.3 Feb. 18?04y
ReynoldsPhebe A.unknown
SewellBen F.18511929Hus. Of Jane
SewellGoldy E.22 Apr. 189816 Dec. 189?Dau. Of B.E. & J.
ShepardElizabeth11 Aug. 183232y
ShepardSarah21 Apr. 186728y
SloughterAdaliza Marie (Holliday)10 Mar. 18165 Mar. 1884Dau. Of S. & E. Holliday, Wife of John Sloughter
ThurberElizabeth J.19 May 183831 Jan. 1911Wife of Newton B.
ThurberNewton B.17 Nov. 183627 Oct. 1896Co.E, 155th Ind. Inf.
ThurberZebedee L.24 Aug. 187621 Feb. 1901
Trittipo(Infant)23 Mar. 185311dInfant Daughter
VanzantAnna186552y 3m 9d
VanzantWilliam13 Apr. 185652y 29d

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