SurnameFirst NameDetails
BoydArista Earld. Feb. 28, 1950 -in. Mar. 3, 1950 -bp. Ill. -lr. FW -mo. Sloan -a. 71y -b. Aug. 23, 1878 -ms. m. -sec. K -ln. 48.
BoydJohn R. d. 5-27-1975; in. 5-30-1975; bp. Fort Wayne, Ind.; lr. 1820 Cherokee Rd.; mor. Mungovan & Sons, Lakeside; next of kin Martha M. Boyd, wife; a. 57 yrs.; bd. 2-9-1975; sex male; ms. mar.; sec. M; lot 62; ch. Queen of Angels; re. W.W.II
BoydMarie Alma d. 2-26-1979; in. 2-28-1979; bp. Fort Wa:yne, Ind.; lr. 1900 Randa1ia Dr.; mor. Mungovan & Sons, South; next of kin Jean Neher, daughter; a. 94 yrs.; bd. 8-13-1884; sex fem.; ms. wid.; sec. K; lot 48; ch. St. Jude's
BoydPaul B. d. 11-26-1974; in. 11-30-1974; bp. Fort Wayne, Ind.; lr. 1215 Liberty; mor. D.O. McComb & Sons; next of kin Marie A. Boyd, wife; a. 62 yrs.: bd. 3-16-1912; sex male; ms. mar.; sec. F; lot 81-X; ch. Funeral Home
BoydThomasd. May 9, 1942 -in. May 15, 1942 -bp. Indianapolis, Ind. lr. FW -mo. McComb -a. 16y 11m 6d -ms. s. -re. true name, Henry Paul.

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