PhotoSurnameFirst NameServiceDate of DeathAgeJournal
AlfryIsaac N.Private; Co. I. 132nd Inf.27 Aug. 190572Journal #27, 1906
 AndersonThomasPrivate; Co. G. 89th Ind. Inf.5 Jun. 190065Journal #22, 1901
 AppleGeorge S.Private; Co. F 128th Ind. Inf.31 Jul. 1909Journal #31, 1910
 AppleW. M.Private; Co. K. 11th Ind.6 Feb. 1909Journal #31, 1910
 BaileyLemuelCo. H. 26th Ind. Inf.25 Nov. 190563Journal #27, 1906
 BallIsaacPrivate; Co. E. 116th Ind. Inf.20 Dec. 189654Journal #18, 1897
BeaverThomas F.Private; Co. E. 115th Inf.3 Mar. 191168Journal #33, 1912
BergnerCharlesPrivate; Co. H 7th Ind. Cav.11 Sep. 193488
 BillsJosephus2nd Lieutenant; Co. H. 12th Ind. Inf.1 Feb. 190571Journal #27, 1906
 BlantonJohnPrivate; Co. C. 79th Ind. Inf.21 Oct. 191170Journal #33, 1912
 BolanderPeterPrivate; Co. A. 11th Ind. Vol. Inf.28 Jun. 191268Journal #34, 1913
 BowersJacobPrivate; Co. B. 8th Ind. Inf.2 Feb. 1929Journal #51, 1930
 BrantlingerAndrewPrivate; Co. E. 8th Cav.23 Aug. 191189Journal #33, 1912
 BrantlingerJohnPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind.11 Apr. 191582Journal #37, 1916
BrattainSamPrivate; Co. I. 75th Ind. Inf.11 Oct. 1935
BrownAndrewPrivate; Co. C. 79th Ind. Inf.25 Feb. 193087
 BunkerCharles AndrewPrivate; Co. B. 89th Ind. Vol. Inf.26 Nov. 1919Journal #41, 1920
ChitwoodRobertPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind.
ClarkHenryPrivate; Co. E. 155th Inf.25 Nov. 191175Journal #33, 1912
ClarkThomas WashingtonPrivate; Co. F. 49th Ohio26 Dec. 191982Journal #41, 1920
 ColeJames M.Private; Co. K. 14th KY Cav.15 Nov. 189567Journal #17, 1896
CongerGershom WileyIron Brigade; Co. B. 19th Ind. Inf.29 Apr. 1926
 CopperRalph1st Lieutenant; Co. G. 12th Inf.22 Dec. 191178Journal #33, 1912
CoppersmithJosephPrivate; Co. L. 8th Ind. Cav.15 Jun. 191874Journal #40, 1919
 CottrellJohn H.Co. G. 12th Ind.23 Dec. 191788Journal #39, 1918
 DavidsonHenryPrivate; Co. A. 11th Ind. Inf.12 Jan. 1906Journal #28, 1907
 DeCampSamuel E.Private; Co. I. 75th Ind. Vol. Inf.7 Mar. 191776Journal #39, 1918
DennyGeorgePrivate; Co. G. 12 Ind.22 Jul. 190965y 28dJournal #31, 1910
DotyThomasPrivate; Co. B. 2nd Ind. Cav.11 Apr. 192492
 FarrRobertPrivate; Co. G. 38th Ind.1 Jan. 1909Journal #31, 1910
 FaussetJames H.Private; Co. G. 12th Ind. Vol. Inf.21 Jun. 1912Journal #34, 1913
FaussetJames M.Private; Co. B. 11th Ind. Inf.9 Dec. 190565Journal 27, 1906
FaussetJohnPrivate; Co. E. 155th Ind. Inf.Stone Requested: 29 Jun. 1929
FortMorrisPrivate; Co. G. 5th Ind. Cav.13 May 191380
FredIsaac NewtonPrivate; Co. G. 70th Ind.14 Mar. 193793
FredWilliam HenryPrivate; Co. G. 70th Ind. Inf.11 Feb. 192683
GardnerNicholasPrivate; Co. D. 101st Ind. Inf.2 Sep. 190672Journal #28, 1907
 GibbonsJacob H.Corporal & Sergeant Co. G. 79th Ind.30 Mar. 191576Journal #37, 1916
GinderGeorgePrivate; Co. B. 41st 2nd Cav.29 Aug. 191784Journal #39, 1918
GinderJohnPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.1 Apr. 190174Journal #23, 1902
GirtGeorgePrivate; Co. C. 140th Ind. Inf.1919
GwinnJohn H.Sergeant; Co. I, 18th Ind.19 Apr. 191379Journal #35, 1914
 HallThomasPrivate; Co. G. 12th Inf.13 May 191176Journal #33, 1912
HardinCharles VanSergent; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.1923
 HaskellUlysses P.Private; Co. B.12th Ind. Inf.13 Jul. 190870Journal #30, 1909
HerveyDr. Thomas P.Assistant Surgeon; Co. F. & S. 50th Ind. Inf.3 Apr. 1909Journal #31, 1910
 HexamarMichaelPrivate; Co. K. 169th Penn.1 May 1909Journal #31, 1910
HidayJacobSergeant; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.21 Nov. 190282Journal 24th, 1903
HidayJosephPrivate; Co. F. 32nd Iowa Inf.11 Dec. 1902
HidayThomasCo. C. 12th Ind. Vol. Inf.18 Dec. 1908Journal #30, 1909
 HumbleAbsolomPrivate; Co. E. 155th Ind.6 Dec. 191785Journal #39, 1918
HunterJohnPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.16 May 1902Journal #24, 1903
IfertG. W.Corporal; Co. B. 89th Ind. Inf.24 Dec. 1908Journal #30, 1909
 IrwinRobert S.Private; Co. D. 72nd Ind.30 Aug. 191776
JacksonGeorge H.Corporal; Co. C. 79th Ind.11 Feb. 191573Journal #37, 1916
 JarrettLambertPrivate; Co. C. 39th Mounted Ind. Inf.11 Apr. 191773Journal #39, 1918
JarvisNoahPrivate; Co. I. 54th Ind. Inf.9 Jun. 1909Journal 31st, 1910
 JenkinsJohn C.Private; Co. K. 11th Ind. Vol. Inf.7 Apr. 191771Journal #39, 1918
JordanJames C.Private; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.15 Sep. 192181Journal #43, 1922
 KelleyJohnPrivate; Co. H. 134th Ind.1 Jul. 1910Journal #32, 1911
KemptonSolomon D.Co. B. 12th Ind. Inf.186334
 KurtzByronPrivate; Co. I. 75th Ind. Inf.9 Jan. 1929Journal 51st, 1930
 LewisJohnPrivate; Co. G. 8th Ind.30 Dec. 1910Journal #32, 1911
 LoomisBenjaminPrivate; Co. C. 79th Ind. Inf.11 Jun. 190468Journal #26, 1905
MyersAudrey J.Private; Co. H. 153rd Ind. Inf.17 Jun. 191890Journal #40, 1919
NicholsonAbrahamPrivate; Co. C. 8th Ind.10 May 1910Journal #32, 1911
 NoelThomas RutherfordCaptain; Co. B. 12th Ind. Vol.6 Dec. 1889Journal #11, 1890
OlveyRansom R.Co. C. 79th Ind.20 Jul. 1908Journal #30, 1909
 Pettigreen (Pettigrew)RobertPrivate; Co. I. 43rd Ind. Inf.1 Mar. 1929Journal #51, 1930
 Pickle (Pickel)DanielSergeant; Co. K. 44th Ind. Inf.6 Feb. 192990Journal #51, 1930
 PowellJohnPrivate; Co. C. 8th Penn. Inf. & Co. C. 147th Penn.7 Sep. 190263Journal #24, 1903
 PowersCharlesCaptain; U.S. Navy27 Nov. 190574Journal #27, 1906
 PraterHenryCo. B. 89th Inf.11 Aug. 191175Journal #33, 1912
RashJohn T.Private; Co. G.12th Ind. Inf.14 Apr. 1906Journal #28, 1907
 RichardsDavid R.Sergeant; Co. G. 12th Ind. Vol. Inf.14 Jun. 191271Journal#34, 1913
RichardsonJohn W.Corporal; Co. I. 75th Ind. Inf.17 Nov. 1902Journal#24, 1903
 RidenaurIsaacSergeant; Co. G.12th Ind.20 Aug. 1910Journal #32, 1911
RileyWilliam R.Private; Co. A. 9th Ind. Cav.26 Mar. 1908Journal #30, 1909
RumlerAnthony VantleyPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind.25 Jul. 191071Journal #32, 1911
SchwabPhillipPrivate; Co. C. 116th Ohio Vol. Inf.20 Aug. 192689
ShafferHiram RobertPrivate; Co. G. 12th Inf.28 Jul. 191167Journal #33, 1912
SherrettIsaiahPrivate; Co. K. 8th Ind.6 Nov. 192888Journal #50, 1929
 ShullFreemanPrivate; Co. G. 12th Ind.13 Jul. 191876Journal #40, 1919
 ShullJohnPrivate; Co. G. 12th Inf.4 Aug. 191170Journal #33, 1912
SimsJohn JacksonPrivate; Co. E. 153rd Ind. Inf.17 Jul. 192387
SteelSamuelPrivate; Co. C. 79th12 Jun. 191480Journal #36, 1915
 StoopsJohnPrivate; Co. K. 70th Ind.10 Jul. 191772Journal #39, 1918
 SweeneyBenjaminPrivate; co. F. 2nd KY Inf.19 Feb. 191277Journal #34, 1913
 TaylorAndrew J.Private; Co. G. 168th Ohio Inf. (National Guard)31 Jul. 191670Journal #38, 1917
TrueDavid NelsonCo. E. 8th Ind.; Co. D. 106th; Co. D. 38th Ind.12 Jun. 192083
WalkerMarcellus B.Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.; Sergeant, Co. B. 9th Ind. Cav.4 Feb. 192077Journal #42, 1921
WattsEzraPrivate; Co. F. 10th Ind. Vol. Inf.10 Oct. 192687
WhiteW. C.Co. E. 3rd Iowa
WigginsJohn F.Private; Co. B. 8th Ind.20 Oct. 192383
WillhideMartin HenryCo. D. 1st Maryland PHB Inf.; Co. D. 13th Maryland Inf.18 Jan. 191975
WynnC. W.Sergeant; Co. K. 8th Ind.21 Jul. 1909Journal #31, 1910
WynnDavid T.Private; Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.30 Jul. 192183Journal #43, 1922
 YanceySimeon T.Private; Co. A. 70th Ind. Inf.4 Jan. 1906Journal #28, 1907
YaryanSamuel B.Private Co. I. 132nd Ind.8 May 191872Journal #40, 1919

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