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Airey, Raymond B.19041970ImageSon
Anderson, Cecelia ArmstrongMay 15, 1947Image
Arnold, Charles F.Jun 26, 1886Mar 4, 1950Image
Baker, Elizabeth MarieAug 25, 1930Oct 7, 1930Image
Baker, Emma L.Nov 13, 1912Sep 4, 1977Image
Baker, Frank E.Apr 25, 1909May 15, 1966Image
Ball, Ernest E.Oct 10, 1883May 14, 1945 ss/ Lillian A.
Ball, Lillian A.Sep 1, 1882Jul 3, 1945Imagess/ Ernest E.
Banahan, BridgetDec 19, 1868 aged 40 years, wife of John, ss/ John
Banahan, JohnApr 16, 18??Imageaged 65 years, ss/Bridget
Barrett, Helen B.Dec 26, 1914Aug 20, 1964Imagess/ James F.
Barrett, James F.Sep 16, 1911 ss/ Helen B.
Barron, James E.Mar 25, 1874May 5, 1935Image
Barry, Catherine HartiganFeb 25, 1908Imageage 87 years native of Mt Larens Limerick County Ireland
Barry, Doris M.Jul 19, 1914Apr 19, 1997Image
Barry, JamesApr 5, 1876Imageaged 55 yrs 6 mo 27 da Native of the Parrish if Ballarrick Friars Town County Limerick, Ireland
Barry, MaryAug 6, 1886Imagewife of John, age 40 years
Barry, Mary AnnMar 17, 1856Mar 29, 1936Image
Beacham, Charlotte Keating SmithDec 10, 1920Image
Beal, James M.18791949Imagess/ Maria J.
Beal, Maria J.18781955 ss/ James M.
Beale, Sophie E.Aug 5, 1918Mar 9, 1965Image
Beale, Wayne D.Sep 5, 1953Sep 17, 1977Imageson of James J., & Margaret M. Beale
Beale, William D.Dec 12, 1942Apr 26, 1968Imageson of James J. and Maryann
Beck, Mary CatherineMay 13, 1888Aug 10, 1939Imagenee Sullivan wife of O. Eugene Beck
Beck, O. EugeneNov 8, 1890Nov 18, 1953Imagess/ Michael J. Sullivan
Beck, Wm. ErnestDec 31, 1913Dec 25, 1975Image
Berger, Cosmas Joseph, Jr.May 19, 1926Jan 24, 2001Imagess/ Helen McDonnell
Berger, Helen McDonnellJun 8, 1975 ss/ Cosmas Joseph, Jr.
Bernard, Jennie PriceDec 24, 1893Jun 18, 1936Image
Bolgiano, Joseph W., IIIOct 28, 1951May 1, 2001Image
Bond, Cornelius CombsSep 30, 1907Sep 24, 1993Image
Bond, Virginia CombsDec 25, 1865Nov 3, 1931Image
Bond, Wm. GraisonSep 9, 1865May 22, 1931Image
Bosley, Herbert L.19111976Image
Bosley, Mary Gagliano19161956Image
Bowman, Barbara AnnAug 20, 1952Feb 27, 1953Image
Brady, B. Leane18451905Imagenative of Drinana P. of Elphin, Roscommon, Ireland, wife of Thomas
Brady, Thomas1843Jun 24, 1909Imageage 65 years born in County Roscommon, Ireland, born in the Parish of Elphin
Brennan, Joseph L.Mar 28, 1926Oct 18, 1938Image
Brown, James W.18901966Imagess/ Rhea Hall Brown, Elizabeth G. Hall
Brown, Lillian Marie19101971ImageDaughter
Buckley, Bridget18371921Imagess/ Rosalie A. Hanson
Buettner, Margaret ClarkJul 27, 1902Aug 12, 1996 ss/ Alexius and Jane Clark McGlannan
Burk, WilliamNov 27, 1862ImageNative of Parish Paltown, Ireland. Erected by his father Daniel
Burns, Elaine CaslinJul 24, 1924Apr 4, 1971Image
Bussey, Bennett F., M.D.Oct 8, 1863Jul 26, 1933Image
Bussey, Bessie V.May 23, 1913Jun 5, 2000 ss/ Clement J.
Bussey, Clement J.Apr 8, 1913Mar 3, 1962Imagess/ Bessie V.
Bussey, Katherine M.Jan 6, 1892Apr 12, 1949Image
Bussey, Mary DoyleAug 9, 1913Apr 17, 1964Image
Byrnes, John P.Oct 6, 1879Oct 16, 1907Imageson of James T. & the late Katie A. Byrnes
Byrnes, Katie A.Dec 29, 1887Image38th year of age
Byrnes, Michael JosephDec 4, 1885Dec 17, 1932Imageson of James T. & Katie A.
Calvert, James W.18951964Imagess/ Josephine C.
Calvert, Josephine C.19071971 ss/ James W.
Campbell, Andrew C.Jan 28, 1884Sep 26, 1949Image
Campbell, Mary LouiseImagedau of Bernard & Ann Campbell
Campbell, Richard C., Rev.18581914ImageOrdained Oct 28, 1889 Pastor of St. Joseph Church 1896 - 1914
Canova, AnthonyJun 13, 1872May 20, 1941Imagess/ Christine P., Charles J.
Canova, Charles J.Oct 18, 1905Aug 23, 1948 ss/ Anthony, Pauline
Canova, Christina P.May 14, 1882Sep 28, 1941 ss/ Anthony, Charles J.
Canova, James V.Aug 23, 1943Sep 19, 1969Image
Carney, Ann18331907 ss/ Thomas
Carney, Ella T.Apr 25, 1865May 1, 1939 ss/ William T., Thomas J., William T., Helen T.
Carney, Helen T.Oct 3, 1892Dec 1, 1965 ss/ Michael T., Ella T, Thomas J.., William T.
Carney, Michael T.Apr 5, 1834Mar 11, 1907Imagess/ Ella T., Thomas J., William T., Helen T.
Carney, Thomas18301903Imagess/ Ann
Carney, Thomas J.Oct 23, 1899Jul 9, 1905 ss/ Michael T., Ella T, William T., Helen T.
Carney, William T.Oct 12, 1894Feb 25, 1964 ss/ Michael T., Ella T, Thomas J.., Helen T.
Carr, John J.18921960Imagess/ Mary E.
Carr, Mary E.18951966 ss/ John J.
Cary, Mary ElizabethOct 28, 1884Jul 22, 1965Image
Caslin, Albert P.Mar 9, 1917Jan 31, 1990Image
Caslin, Anna V.Oct 4, 1918May 11, 1961Image
Caslin, Catherine18631939 ss/ Mary, Michael
Caslin, Edna H.18911976 ss/ Patrick J.
Caslin, Ethel E.18961980 ss/ John L.
Caslin, Francis C.May 19, 1889Oct 27, 1977Image
Caslin, James MichaelJun 29, 1891Nov 26, 1955ImageMaryland, Sgt US Marine Corps Res World War I
Caslin, John L.18871954Imagess/ Ethel E.
Caslin, Margaret A.Dec 18, 1893Oct 30, 1973Image
Caslin, Mary18831926Imagess/ Michael, Catherine
Caslin, Michael18551931 ss/ Mary, Catherine
Caslin, Patrick J.18851962Imagess/ Edna H.
Caslin, Sylvia BlairSep 12, 1895Sep 14, 1968Image
Chambers, Bertha M.18921986Image
Chambers, Charles A.Jan 4, 1962Image
Chambers, John L.Mar 26, 1952Image
Chaney, Alice G.Oct 20, 1896Feb 18, 1985Image
Chaney, Elias N.Feb 21, 1909Oct 15, 1971Image
Cherbonnier, Louis G.Mar 6, 1890Aug 23, 1913Image
Chilcoat, J. ElmiranOct 7, 1923Sep 7, 1944Image
Chilcoat, James M.19221944Image2nd Lt, killed over Germany
Chilcoat, John F.Aug 27, 1916Imagess/ Louise M.
Chilcoat, Lawrence R.18831971Imagess/ Mary E.
Chilcoat, Louise M.Dec 18,1917 ss/ John F.
Chilcoat, Mary E.18901970 ss/ Lawrence R.
Clark, H. StanislausMar 30, 1869Aug 31, 1942Image
Clark, Henry S., Jr.Jan 19, 1904Feb 6, 1999ImageDean of Maryland Horsemen, Trained 70 years 1929-1999, Nat'l Racing Hall of Fame
Clark, James ParkerMay 16, 1916May 24, 2002Image
Clark, John Jennings, Msgr.Sep 14, 1900May 15, 1989ImageSt, Teresa's Church Washington, D.C.
Clark, M. VarinaMay 4, 1867Jan 29, 1947Image
Clark, Margaret JenningsOct 15, 1874Jun 17, 1960Image
Clark, Mary McDonnellOct 10, 1906Nov 23, 1990Image
Clifton, JosephJun 8, 1918Aug 8, 1939Image
Cockburn, Helen18861976Imagewife of George G.
Cockey, Anna Buchanan BusseyMay 4, 1865Aug 2, 1945Image2nd wife of Joshua F. Cockey III 1837 -1920
Cofiell, Jo Ann LeeApr 20, 1952Jun 17, 1952Imagess/ Pauline E., Morris K.
Cofiell, Morris K.Nov 8, 1924Jul 17, 1963 ss/ Jo Ann Lee, Pauline E.
Cofiell, Pauline E.Dec 6, 1926Apr 3, 1982 ss/ Jo Ann Lee, Morris K.
Colbert, KateJul 23, 1883Imageage 22 years dau of Robert & Ellen Colbert
Concannon, E.18451888Imagess/ M.
Concannon, M.18481917 ss/ E.
Coniff, Anna E.18991988 ss/ William F., John F.
Coniff, John F.18941980 ss/ William F., Anna E.
Coniff, William F.19201921Imagess/ John F., Anna E.
Connell, Mary McDonnellDec 23, 1874Dec 16, 1933 ss/ Patrick Henry, beloved wife
Connell, Patrick HenryOct 31, 1865Jan 4, 1927Imagess/ Mary McDonnell
Connelly, Eleanor T.Jun 7, 1885May 11, 1965Image
Connor, Anne DeSales18811918Imagenee McNicholas
Connor, Ella N.18561934Image
Connor, Isabel deC.18921985Image
Connor, JohnJan 15, 1864Imagehusband of Elizabeth, Native of Parish Kilbride, County Rosecommon, Ireland
Connor, MargaretDec 13, 1906Imagewidow of Patrick Connor
Connor, Margaret B.18621948Image
Connor, Mary M.18821960Image
Connor, William T.18871956Image
Cossentino, Shirley19302000Image
Costa, Joseph DominicoSep 27, 1871Jul 24, 1952 Father, ss/ Maria Concetta
Costa, Maria ConcettaDec 8, 1875Aug 12, 1951ImageMother, ss/ Joseph Dominico
Covahey, James M.Jul 24, 1892Sep 22, 1972 ss/ Mary K.
Covahey, John T.Jun 4, 1890Jun 7, 1960Imagess/ Mary L.
Covahey, Lawrence P.May 19, 1908Nov 2, 1967Image
Covahey, Mary E.18681948ImageMother, ss/ Thomas J.
Covahey, Mary K.Mar 6, 1893Sep 21, 1967Imagess/ James M.
Covahey, Mary L.Jun 29, 1900Aug 23, 1994 ss/ John T.
Covahey, Michael H.Mar 20, 1904Jan 10, 1972Image
Covahey, Thomas J.18571924 Father, ss/ Mary E.
Croghan, BridgetApr 24, 1881 aged 38 years ss/ Patrick A Native of County Roscommon, Ireland
Croghan, PatrickJul 21, 1879Imageaged 16 years ss/ Bridget A native of County Roscommon, Ireland
Croghen, MichaelJul 24, 1884Imageage 44 years, A native of County Roscommon Ireland
Croghen, PatrickAug 27, 1887Imageage 87 years of Beechwood Parish of Kilteven County Roscommin, Ireland
Cubbage, Janice H.Sep 3, 1929Oct 1, 1997Image
Cummings, John, Dr.Mar 16, 1887Imageage 35 years son of Lawrence & Catherine ss. Mary Cummings Harlow
Cummings, LawrenceNov 3, 1878Imageage 63 years native of County of Roscommon, Ireland
Daugherty, Trick H.18551935Image
Daughton, Gregory C.May 24, 1949Mar 14, 1952Image
Deal, Benjamin F.18841960 ss/ Josephine A.
Deal, Benjamin H.Sep 1, 1914Jan 28, 1930Imageson of Benjamin F. & Josephine
Deal, Josephine A.18841939Imagess/ Benjamin L.
DeAtley, Margaret GavinNov 25, 1915Nov 2, 1997 ss/ Paul Kenneth
DeAtley, Paul KennethSep 30, 1912May 29, 1998Imagess/ Margaret Gavin
DeLucia, Michael18951957Imagess/ Rose Mary
DeLucia, Rose Mary18931957 ss/ Michael
Dement, Agnes V.Jul 23, 1897Sep 2, 1965Image
Dent, Benjamin B., Jr.Nov 16, 1926Feb 7, 1955Image
Dent, John K., Sr.Feb 6, 1930Jan 10, 1993ImageSgt US Air Force Korea
Dent, Margaret C.May 13, 1898Aug 14, 1943Image
Dieumgarde, Gabriel19031960Imagess/ Mildred E.
Dieumgarde, Mildred E.19081969 ss/ Gabriel
Ditschler, Catherine E.19021973 ss/ Wilbur G.
Ditschler, Wilbur G.18971964Imagess/ Catherine E.
Donnelly, DanielFeb 5, 1888Imageaged 48 years, native of Clonfree Strokestown, Roscommon, Ireland, grdsn of Cptn Own McDermott of 31st Regmnt
Donnelly, John I.Jun 11, 1886Sep 1, 1938Image
Donnelly, Mary A.Feb 2, 1888Feb 21, 1963Image
Dooling, AnnieApr 6, 1911Imagess/ William
Dooling, JohnMar 13, 1883Imageborn in Roscommon, Ireland, age 10 years
Dooling, WilliamApr 21, 1931 ss/ Annie
Doran, Henry A.Jun 19, 1902Feb 15, 1965Image
Doran, Natalie H.Mar 1, 1900Image
Douglas, Madeline18961977 ss/ Richard
Douglas, Richard18981968Imagess/ Madeline
Doyle, Agnes C.19031988ImageDaughter, ss/ William G., Bessie M., Matthew
Doyle, Bessie M.1947 Mother, ss. Agnes C., William G., Matthew
Doyle, Matthew1933 Son, ss/ Agnes C., William G., Bessie M.
Doyle, William G.,1928 Father, ss/ Agnes C., Bessie M., Matthew
Driver, John J.18931948Image
Duffy, Marie BusseyJul 19, 1918Dec 21, 2001Imagedau of William J. & Marie DeSales Duffy sister of William J. Duffy and Edwin W. Seidewitz
Duggan, JohannaMay 28, 1878Imageage 57 years , wife of Michael, Native of County Kerry, Ireland
Duggan, MichaelNov 14, 1882Imageage 67 years
Durkin, JohnMar 2, 1883Imageaged 60 years, A Native of Parish Draum County Mayo, Ireland
Eagan, JohnDec 24, 1892Imageaged 46 years, ss/ Mary
Eagan, Marymar 3, 1920 aged 64 years, ss/John
Ellwood, JohnDec 19, 1848Image
Elwood, JohnAug 17, 1878Imageaged 52 years, A native of Curraslfra Parish, Bally Brougham, Co Rosecommon, Ireland
Ensor, John B.Jul 25, 1869Sep 25, 1946Imagess/ Mary E.
Ensor, Mary E.Mar 13, 1874Aug 1, 1959 ss/ John B.
Ensor, Mary Virginia StrombergMay 3, 1881Aug 11, 1955Imagewife of Dr. Wilmer C. Ensor
Ensor, Wilmer C., M.D.Oct 11, 1879Oct 4, 1969Image
Falkenhan, Rose M.19351986Image
Farley, Frank E.18651911Imagehusband of Margaret E.
Farley, James E.18861954 ss/ Patrick, Michael
Farley, Margaret E.Mar 23, 1858Jun 30, 1909Imagewife of Frank E.
Farley, Mary JaneMay 27, 1890Imageage 67 years wife of Michael, A native of county Cavan, ireland
Farley, Michael18841948Imagess/ Patrick, James E.
Farley, Michael (husband of Mary)Aug 16, 1905Imageage 75 years husband of Mary
Farley, Patrick E.Sep 21, 1893Jan 11, 1952Image
Farley, Thomas C.Jul 8, 1883Mar 4, 1927ImageHusband
Faupel, Mary BeckDec 8, 1918Oct 1, 2004ImageDaughter
Feehely, John T.Nov 22, 1893Imageaged 36 years son of Timothy and Mary, ss/ Timothy, Mary
Feehely, MaryOct 14, 1887 aged 54 years, wife of Timothy, ss/ John, Timothy
Feehely, TimothyApr 13, 1878 aged 52 years, ss/ John, Mary
Feeley, James D.Jan 13, 1934Oct 11, 1990Image
Feeney, MatthewAug 13, 1877Imageage 35 years, native of Galway, Ireland
Fendlay, Hannah T.18781947 ss/ James B., Harry E.
Fendlay, Harry E.18751961 ss/ James B., Hannah T.
Fendlay, Harry F.Sep 24, 1913Dec 21, 1988Imagess/ Ruth C.
Fendlay, James B.19081934Imagess/ Hannah T., Harry E.
Fendlay, Ruth C.Jul 28, 1916Jul 30, 1998 ss/ Harry F.
Fistek, Frances Elizabeth19141990Image
Fistek, Frank Matthew19061981Image
Fitzgerald, EdwardOct 17, 1893Imagehusband of Johanna native of Limerick, Ireland,aged 64 years
Fitzgerald, John D.Mar 14, 1878Imageaged 53 yrs 8 mo 20 days A Native of Dromtrasna obrine Parish Peale Co. Limerick, Ireland
Fitzgerald, PatrickFeb 12, 1868Imageage 38, native of ??? Parish, Co. Limerick, Ireland, husband of Margaret
Fitzgerald, PatrickAep 15, 1894ImageAged 67 years Native of Heiaugh, County Kerry, Ireland
Fitzgerald, Patrick J.Oct 8, 1883 age 33 years, born at Whitehall, Balto Co., Md
Fitzgerald, WilliamJul 12, 1878Imageage 62 years Native of the Parish od Alltdorny County Kerry, Ireland
Fitzpatrick, Agnes AnnJan 4, 1874Dec 20, 1891Imagedau of Patrick & Mary
Flanigan, Lucie Cherbonnier18891939Image
Flynn, Mary18401923 Mother, ss/ Michael
Flynn, Michael18281917ImageFather, ss/ Mary
Flynn, NoraJun 18, 18??Image
Fogle, A. Katherine18861968Image
Fogle, Francis H.Apr 9, 1861Jun 28, 1940Image
Fogle, Lillian H.Jul 4, 1895Jan 22, 1978Image
Fogle, Mary EllenJan 31, 1867Mar 5, 1956Image
Fogle, W. Walter18891940Image
Ford, Christopher J.Oct 23, 1887Feb 23, 1966Image
Ford, James L.Jan 20, 1889Mar 2, 1951Image
Ford, Mary AgnesMar 8, 1864Nov 8, 1952ImageMother
Ford, Nicholas RoganMar 3, 1858Feb 2, 1940ImageFather
Ford, Thomas J.Aug 22, 1893Jul 26, 1972Image
Forien, Ialeen J.Aug 31, 1933Image
Frank, Mary B.19001941Imagess/ Norman R.
Frank, Norman J.19251975Image
Frank, Norman R.18941977 ss/ Mary B.
Fuller, Thomas R.Jul 23, 1902May 16, 1943Image
Funkhouser, Mary A.Nov 12, 1902Imagewife of marcus W., dau of Patrick J & Bridget Murray, 32 years 2mo 23 da
Gagliano, DomenicaJun 30, 1840Dec 19, 1926 ss/ Rosario
Gagliano, Frank DePaulMay 21, 1912Oct 29, 1985ImagePvt US Army Wold War II
Gagliano, Joseph18811934ImageFather
Gagliano, Josephine18901946ImageMother
Gagliano, Roberta Whippo19241971Image
Gagliano, RosarioJun 1, 1842Mar 4, 1924Imagess/ Domenica
Gagliano, Rosario J.19091979Image
Gagliano, Rose M.Jun 12, 1901Dec 15, 1986Imagess/ Samuel J.
Gagliano, Samuel J.Nov 1, 1885Apr 11, 1963 ss/ Rose M.
Gagliano, Vincent B.Aug 30, 1921Sep 3, 1973ImageMaryland Sgt Army Air Forces World War II
Garnett, Anna R.Dec 8, 1928Jan 15, 1986Image
Gibbons, Charles EdwardOct 6, 1898Image34th year of age
Giegerich, Drew CurtisFeb 27, 1961Imageinfant son of John L. & Carol N.
Gill, Catherine C.Jun 27, 1921Feb 23, 2004 ss/ Charles L.
Gill, Charles L.Feb 12, 1919Oct 2, 1987Imagess/ Catherine C.
Gill, Edward JosephFeb 13, 1890Mar 8, 1936ImageUS Army World War I
Gill, J. H.18681928Image
Gill, John EdwardNov 16, 1917Jan 17, 1995ImageS Sgt US Army World War II
Gill, Mary A.Jun 21, 1896Aug 11, 1937Image
Gill, Mary E.18711951Image
Gladfelter, Elizabeth C.Feb 10, 1894Nov 29, 1960Imagewife of John H.
Gleason, Katherine18561946Image
Gleason, MargaretSep 6, 1904Imagewife of Thomas, a native of County Cork Ireland
Gleason, Thomas18101874Image
Gough, Fanny CombsJul 4, 1860Apr 8, 1948Image
Graham, Clara K.18911918 ss/ Martin and Mary Ann Kennedy
Graham, John W.Aug 25, 1913Jan 4, 1981ImageSgt US Army World War II Korea
Grimm, Sara C.18981968 ss/ William F.
Grimm, William F.18961984Imagess/ Sara C.
Guyther, John S.Aug 21, 1915Feb 8, 1999Image
Guyton, Charles E.Imagess/ Mary E.
Guyton, Mary E.Jun 23, 1928 ss/ Charles E., wife of Charles E.
Hagerty, BridgetJan 26, 1880Imagenative of ??? Ireland
Hall, Annie A.Mar 15, 1864Sep 26, 1942 ss/ Greval S., Lillian H. Morrison, M. Ethel Martin, Joseph M. Hall, Gertrude Hall
Hall, Elizabeth G.18911971 ss/ James W. Brown, Rhea Hall Brown
Hall, Gertrude18921966 ss/ Greval and Lillian Hall, Lillian H. Morrison, M. Ehtel Martin, Joseph Hall
Hall, Greval S.Aug 15, 1863Jun 24, 1926Imagess/ Annie A., Lillian H. Morrison, M. Ethel Martin, Joseph M. Hall, Gertrude Hall
Hall, Joseph M.18901937 ss/ Greval and Lillian Hall, Lillian H. Morrison, M. Ehtel Martin, Gertrude Hall
Halligan, Bridget Phelan18481905
Halligan, MaryMay 2, 1899Image
Halligan, Mary C.18761939 ss/ Elmer T. Preble
Halligan, Thomas18531922Imagess/ Bridget Phelan
Hanley, Catherine Toomey ss/ Owen, Elizabeth
Hanley, Elizabeth ss/ Owen, Catherine
Hanley, OwenImagess/ Catherine, Elizabeth
Hanly, Catherine18631942 ss/ Mary Hanly Lundy
Hanly, JamesMar 13, 1891Imagess/ Margaret, husband of Margaret Hanly, age 73 years native of Parish of Kilbride Co. Rosecommon, Ireland
Hanly, MargaretMar 16, 1891 ss/ James wife of James age 71 years native of Parish of Kilbride Co. Rosecommon, Ireland
Hanson, Herbert A.Dec 8, 1884Nov 1, 1963Image
Hanson, Herbert T.Jan 6, 1919Jul 19, 1999Image
Hanson, Mary B.Mar 9, 1973Image
Hanson, Rosalie A.1922 infant, ss/ Bridget Buckley
Harlow, Mary CummingsAug 12, 1865 age 22 years ss/ Dr. John Cummings
Harris, S.E. ShepperdDec 31, 1869Apr 21, 1935Image
Harrison, B. Ellen MurphyFeb 2, 1872Apr 4, 1954 beloved wife of Owen H. Harrison, ss/ Mary A. Murphy
Hauptman, Albert L.18821945 ss/ Mary G.
Hauptman, Mary G.18781969Imagess/ Albert L.
Haviland, Harry P.Dec 23, 1866Apr 16, 1935 ss/ Mary C.
Haviland, Mary C.Jan 11, 1868Nov 7, 1924Imagess/ Harry P.
Hessian, Ella A.18661949Image
Hessian, John W.18611943Image
Hessian, Mary M.18991913Image
Hicks, Charles WilliamNov 10, 1902Mar 7, 1967Imagess/ Monica Eleanor McClernan
Hicks, Monica Eleanor McClernanJan 20, 1905May 11, 2002 ss/ Charles William Hicks
Higgins, Florence L.18911967ImageMother
Higgins, Thomas JamesMay 5, 1960May 31, 1964Image
Hines, JamesFeb 26, 1893Imageson of James & M????
Hines, James, Jr.Aug 9, 1886Imagehusband of Mary E. Hines
Hines, James, Sr.Nov 16, 1887Image
Hines, Michael18141879Imageage 65 years
Hodgins, Martha AnneMay 4, 1953Apr 21, 1984Imagegranddaughter of Mary E. Cary
Hoffman, Casper18251897Imagess/ Theresa
Hoffman, Catherine T.Jun 25, 1864Jun 13, 1902ImageMother
Hoffman, Mary E.Jan 27, 1901Imagedau of John & Mary Regan, age 36 years, ss/ Katherine Regan
Hoffman, N. BosleyFeb 18, 1897May 18, 1976Image
Hoffman, Theresa18291904 ss/ Casper
Hoffman, Walter D.Jul 25, 1891Feb 14, 1944Image
Hoffman, Wm. HenryApr 9, 1862Jan 18, 1935ImageFather
Holmes, MaryMay 10, 1862Imagewife of John A Native of Parish Drum, County Galway, Ireland, aged 30 years
Houston, Louise ClarkOct 4, 1909Jun 5, 1996Image
Hughs, William S.Dec 18, 1860Apr 19, 1870Image
Hyland, Catherine D.18911933 ss/ Martin W., Katherine D.
Hyland, Katherine B.18581937 ss/ Martin W., Catherine D.
Hyland, Martin W.18591942Imagess/ Katherine B., Catherine D.
Kearney, Catherine E.18921968Imagess/ Maurice F.
Kearney, Maurice F.18891980 ss/ Catherine E.
Kearns, Frank C.Mar 13, 1898Oct 14, 1944Imagess/ Mary V.
Kearns, Mary V.Jun 12, 1907 ss/ Frank C.
Keating, Elsie H.May 22, 1893Jul 4, 1989Image
Keating, John H.Jun 22, 1897Imagess/ Mary A.
Keating, Mary A.Sep 30, 1904 ss/ John H.
Keating, Thomas P.Aug 13, 1890Mar 12, 1967Image
Keepers, Margaret Lucille Somerville18941973Image
Kelleher, Margaret Airey18771969ImageMother, born in Beaver Dam, Maryland
Kelley, DeliaAug 31, 1916Imageaged 50 years
Kelly, Anna M.18541935 ss/ Luke A.
Kelly, George T.Nov 10, 1904Feb 4, 1962Image
Kelly, Joseph J.18801951Image
Kelly, Luke A.18451910Imagess/ Anna M.
Kelly, Margaret T.Feb 23, 1944Image
Kelly, P.T.Sep 26, 1999Imageaged 19 yrs 3 mo 12 days
Kennedy, Augusta M. SperaOct 17, 1921Dec 4, 1937 wife of Stanley M. Kennedy, killed in Accident near Hereford, Maryland; ss/ Veto Anthony Spera
Kennedy, George I.Apr 23, 1894Feb 16, 1965ImageMaryland HS Sup CO 110 Field Arty World War I
Kennedy, John J.Jun 24, 1889Aug 10, 1965ImageMaryland Horseshoer Sup Co 110 FA World War I
Kennedy, Martin18581929Imagess/ Mary Ann, Clara K. Graham
Kennedy, Mary Ann18701942 ss/ Martin, Clara K, Graham
Kenney, Catherine C.D.Image
Kenney, Catherine D.18671923 wife of John, ss/ John, Francis
Kenney, Clair Isabelle aged 11 years, children of John & Catherine D. Kenney
Kenney, Francis McDevitt18521937 2nd wife of John, ss/ John, Catherine
Kenney, John18591889Imagess/ Catherine D., Francis
Kenney, SarahImageaged 9 years, children of John & Catherine D. Kenney
Kenny, John P.19021910Imagess/ John P.
Kenny, John P.18601907Imagess/ John P.
Kenny, Patrick W.Aug 19, 1869Imagehusband of Hannorah, aged 47 years
Keough, Andrew18571911Image
Keough, Ellen18341919Image
Keough, Patrick18321907Image
Kilkenny, Bernard I.Dec 2, 1919 ss/ Ellen Hanley, Joseph P., John, Mary L.
Kilkenny, Dorothy V.Apr 15, 1961 ss/ Edmond F., Eleanor E., Rt Rev J. Lawrence
Kilkenny, Edmond F.Aug 11, 1959 ss/ Eleanor E., Dorothy V., Rt Rev J. Lawrence
Kilkenny, Eleanor E.Jun 4, 1959Imagess/ Edmond F., Dorothy V., Rt Rev J. Lawrence
Kilkenny, Ellen HanleyDec 1, 1911 ss/ John, Joseph P., Bernard I., Mary L.
Kilkenny, J. Lawrence, Rt. Rev.Sep 15, 1964 ss/ Edmond F., Dorothy V., Eleanor E.
Kilkenny, JohnFeb 24, 1931Imagess/ Ellen Hanley, Joseph P., Bernard I., Mary L.
Kilkenny, John G.May 11, 1901Imageaged 23 yrs 4 mo son of John and Ellen
Kilkenny, Joseph P.May 12, 1904 ss/ Ellen Hanley, John., Bernard I., Mary L.
Kilkenny, Katherine A.Oct 17, 1898Imageaged 16 years 5mo dau of John & Ellen T.
Kilkenny, Mary I.Jul 1, 1924 ss/ Ellen Hanley, Joseph P., Bernard I., John
Kilmurray, Catharine M.May 21, 1906Jun 18, 1991 ss/ Martin F.
Kilmurray, Martin F.Dec 6, 1901Nov 16, 1979Imagess/ Catharine M.
Kilroy, Catherine T.Oct 3, 1901Imageaged 37 yrs 10 mo wife of John
Kilroy, Joseph M.Mar 9, 1899Oct 7, 1932Imagess/ Mary A., William L.
Kilroy, Mary A.Mar 15, 1899Apr 2, 1980 wife, ss/ Joseph M., William L.
Kilroy, Thomas M.Nov 1863Nov 1939Image
Kilroy, William L.Jun 23, 1923Nov 6, 1983 ss/ Joseph M., Mary A.
King, Robert GordonOct 26, 1917Oct 1, 2001Imagehusband of Helen Williams King, father if Bennett Cockey King
Kling, John J.18341902Imagess/ Mary
Kling, Mary18361900 ss/ John J.
Kloss, Frederick W.Feb 13, 1868Sep 2, 1942 ss/ Mary Theresa Dooling Kloss
Kloss, Mary Theresa DoolingJan 3, 1872Jan 31, 1940Imageborn in Roscommon, Ireland, wife of Frederick W. Kloss
Kohlhoff, Herman A.18891968Imagess/ Mary T.
Kohlhoff, Mary T.18941976 ss/ Herman A.
Konners, MaryJan 24, 1889Imageaged 65 years Native of Rosecommon, Ireland
Kraus, Mary HoffmanSep 16, 1899Jan 28, 1998ImageMother
Kupisch, Catherine M.Jan 6, 1907Nov 9, 1998Imagess/ John P.
Kupisch, George RichardJul 13, 1948Dec 28, 1962Image
Kupisch, John FrancisApr 22, 1932Nov 22, 1999Image
Kupisch, John P.Mar 21, 1903Feb 23, 1960 ss/ Catherine M.
Lahey, Margaret T.19151978Image
Lamar, Charles W.18501911Imagess/ Ella F.
Lamar, Ella F.18631929 ss/ Charles W.
Lanahan, Ellen C.Aug 6, 1933 ss/ Thomas
Lanahan, ThomasAug 24, 1913Imagess/ Ellen C.
Lauzon, Marie PatriciaApr 25, 1962 ss/ Michelle Louise
Lauzon, Michelle LouiseApr 25, 1962Imagess/ Marie Patricia
Lavin, Agnes E.19051998Image
Lavin, Michael J.19061974ImagePfc US Army
Leach, Elizabeth M.Jun 14, 1892Dec 25, 1959Imagess/ Walter E.
Leach, Walter E.Oct 22, 1891Mar 17, 1960 ss/ Elizabeth M.
Leech, Charles M.Jan 10, 1918Nov 15, 1978Image
Leech, Elizabeth Houck10an 9, 1889Nov 2, 1958Image
Leech, Maurice E.Jan 1, 1886Oct 8, 1945Image
Lemhan, JuliaNov 1, 1875Imageage 29 years A Native of Duringree County Cork, Ireland, wife of Thomas
Lenaghan, John H., Rev.Apr 1, 1902Sep 9, 1954Imageborn Clarnagh Crossmagler Co. Armagh, Ireland, Ordained May 28, 1928 Concordia Diocese, now Salina, Kansas, died Salina, Kansas
Lenaghan, P.B., Rev.Sep 22, 1814Mar 4, 1896Imageborn in Crossmagle, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Pastor of St Joseph's Jan 1875 - Mar 4, 1896
Lenaghan, Patrick H., Rev.Mar 9, 1857May 28, 1906ImagePastor of St Bernard's Church, Baltimore, Maryland
Levere, MarcellaOct 2, 1905May 19, 1987Image
Lindemon, Henry P.Jul 21, 1889Mar 23, 1921Image
Lindsey, JohnDec 24, 1894ImageNative of Cross, Molina, Co. Mayo, Ireland, ss/ Catherine Lindsey
Livingston, John LeoNov 18, 1888Imagess/ Mary Forien
Livingston, Mary ForienJun 29, 1898 ss/ John Leo
Loftus, JamesJan 6, 1838Feb 27, 1899Imageaged 61 years
Logan, M. EllenMay 27, 1884May 16, 1957Image
Logan, Mary Catherine18741910Imagenee Hartigan
Logan, Thomas F.Dec 7, 1873Dec 14, 1952Image
Lundy, Mary Hanly18541929Imagess/ Catherine Hanly
Lupo, AngeloJun 21, 1853Jun 6, 1927Image
Lupo, Anne ReganApr 11, 1859Dec 23, 1926Imagewife of Angelo
Lupo, Helen H.May 31, 1891Jun 20, 1979Image
Lupo, J. FrankDec 23, 1884Jan 3, 1969Image
Lynch, Patrick J.Mar 6, 1913 ss/ Mary White
MacNicholas, Elizabeth18771931Imagess/ Anna Desales Connor, Richard Paul MacNicholas
MacNicholas, Ellen18421935 Mother, ss/ Thomas born in Co. Mayo, Ireland
MacNicholas, James P.B.18781955 Holy Sepulchre Omaha, Nebr., ss/ Sister Mary Bernard
MacNicholas, John JosephMay 16, 1869Dec 22, 1904Image
MacNicholas, Mary Bernard, Sister18711956ImageC.S.V.P. St. Vincent;s Birmingham, Ala., ss/ James P.B.
MacNicholas, Richard Paul18891933Imagess/ Elizabeth, Anna DeSales Connor
MacNicholas, Thomas18321919ImageFather, ss/ Ellen
Macon, Edward J.Dec 4, 1914Aug 3, 1990Imagess/ Margaret R.
Macon, Margaret R.Apg 2, 1918Feb 22, 1991 ss/ Edward J.
Mannion, JamesJan 4, 1913Imageaged 65 years, son of Patrick & Mary
Mannion, MaryMay 27, 1892Imageaged 80 years wife of Patrick Born in Co Mayo Ireland
Mannion, PatrickDec 6, 1867ImageNative of County Mayo Ireland died in Baltimore County Maryland
Mannion, SusanApr 2, 1894Imageaged 75 years, wife of Peter
Marble, James O.Jul 1, 1884Oct 13, 1942 ss/ Mary F.
Marble, Mary F.Oct 14, 1856Aug 26, 1944Imagess/ James O.
Marino, Rose1917 ss/ Vincent
Marino, Vincent1919Imagess/ Rose
Markland, Helen L.Feb 16, 1901Jan 19, 1985Image
Markland, L. CarrollJun 24, 1896Sep 29, 1968Image
Marks, Ralph18761958Image
Marsh, Andrew J.Mar 6, 1872Apr 18, 1944Image
Marsh, Everett A.Jan 10, 1915Aug 22, 2002Image
Marsh, Lillian A.Sep 16, 1883Jan 16, 1935Image
Marsh, Otto L.May 19, 1906Jan 25, 1990Image
Martin, BessieFeb 14, 1875Aug 2, 1909 dau of Patrick & Mary
Martin, Charles L.Aug 7, 1880Mar 28, 1907Imageson of Patrick & Mary, ss/ Bessie
Martin, M, Ethel18831967 Greval and Lillian Hall, Lillian H. Morrison, Joseph M. Hall, Gertrude Hall
Martin, Mary18401923Imagewife of Patrick
Martin, PatrickDec 2, 1891ImageAged 55 years A Native of Tuam Co. Galway, Ireland
Martin, Patrick J.Oct 27, 1859Imageaged 28 years & 8 mo son of Patrick & Mary Martin
Matthews, William P.19051979Image
McAleer, MargaretJul 18, 1863Imageaged 80 years erected by her son
McCaffrey, John T., Jr.Nov 21, 1921May 12, 1972ImageMaryland Cpl US Army World War II
McDermott, Edward P.18661957Imagess/ Julia Q.
McDermott, Francis E.Jul 27, 1899Sep 21, 1932Imagess/ infant Margaret E.
McDermott, Frank J.Dec 16, 1867Feb 10, 1898 ss/ Mary E.
McDermott, Julia Q.18641953 ss/ Edward P.
McDermott, Luke F.Dec 28, 1907Sep 3, 1937Image
McDermott, Margaret E. infant, ss/ Francis E. McDermott
McDermott, MaryJul 17, 1902Imagewife of William, aged 67 years native of Co, Galway, Ireland
McDermott, Mary E.Mar 23, 1855Nov 17, 1889Imagess/ Frank J.
McDonnell, Francis P. age 20 years son of Mary Mcdonnell, ss. Mary
McDonnell, MaryAug 15, 1883Imagewife of Thomas, age 56 years, ss/ Francis P.
McDonough, ElizabethSep 22, 1854Nov 30, 1901Imagewife of John
McDonough, G. FrankJan 10, 1904May 7, 1990Image
McDonough, JohnDec 11, 1919Imageagd 67 years husband of Elizabeth
McDonough, Katherine T.Aug 22, 1874Jun 7, 1959Image
McEntee, Catherine E.Jul 18, 1907Oct 6, 1972Image
McEntee, John J.Mar 5, 1906Mar 13, 1974Image
McEvoy, Catherine A.Oct 15, 1876Nov 16, 1962 ss/ Patrick J.
McEvoy, Cecilia S.Feb 1, 1907Nov 29, 1987Imagess/ Patrick J., Sr.
McEvoy, Patrick J.Jan 16, 1872Apr 15, 1908Imagess/ Catherine A.
McEvoy, Patrick J., Sr.Oct 11, 1908Dec 11, 1982 ss/ Cecilia S.
McGann, AnnJul 1, 1871 age 17 years A native of Ogula County Roscommon, Ireland ss/ Catharine
McGann, CatharineFeb 6, 1867Imageage 36 years A native of Ogula County Roscommon, Ireland ss/ Ann McGann
McGann, PeterMay 12, 1893Imageage 68 years A native of Ogula County Roscommon, Ireland ss/ Catharine
McGarity, Bernard J.19101975 ss/ Kathryn W.
McGarity, Howard F., Sr.Jul 6, 1991ImageUS Army
McGarity, Kathryn W.19161969Imagess/ Bernard J.
McGinnis, Ann M.Mar 16, 1900Jan 16, 1935Image
McGinnis, Annie T.18711937Image
McGinnis, John J.18661918Image
McGinnis, John J. F.Jun 5, 1897Sep 1, 1971ImageMaryland Pfc US Army World War I & II
McGinnis, Joseph F.19131986Image
McGinnis, Mary18931919Image
McGinnis, W.J.18711946Image
McGlannan, Alexius, IIIApr 30, 1902Dec 18, 1967Imagess/ Jane Clark, Margaret Clark Buettner
McGlannan, Jane ClarkJun 7, 1905Jan 22, 1994 ss/ Alexius, Margaret Clark Buettner
McGraw, Della M.Feb 20, 1906Apr 30, 1990Image
McGraw, Michael Frank18951979ImagePfc US Army World War I
McKeon, Bernard18551928ImageFather
McKeon, Mary A.18581931ImageMother
McKettrick, Mary A.18811957Imagesister of Alice J. Waldenberger
McLaughlin, Stella O'HearnNov 23, 1883Jun 23, 1958Image
McLhinney, Catherine G.1914Imagess/ Frank J.
McLhinney, Frank J.19131966 ss/ Catherine G.
McNicholas, Bridget McGowanJan 14, 1901Imageaged 32 years wife of Thomas, native of The Parish Straid Co. Mayo Ireland
McNicholas, Frances LorettaMay 11, 1889May 30, 1981Image
McNicholas, JohnJan 2, 1881Imageaged 59 years born in the Parish of Bohoia Co. Mayo, Ireland
McNicholas, Margaret AnneMar 16, 1930Aug 8, 1977Image
Meinshein, George J.Nov 3, 1895Jan 11, 1964Imagess/ Mary A.
Meinshein, Mary A.Mar 3, 1897Nov 1, 1983 ss/ George J.
Melvin, JohnAug 20, 1879Imageage 62 years
Meredith, Alice WellsOct 21, 1908Mar 15, 1962 ss/ Henry G.
Meredith, Henry G.May 1, 1908Apr 22, 1987Imagess/ Alice Wells
Merryman, Nellie E.Sep 13, 1904Apr 19, 1987Imagess/ William E.
Merryman, William E.Apr 28, 1899May 8, 1962 ss/ Nellie E.
Meszaros, ElizabethMay 1922Imagess/ George
Meszaros, GeorgeMar 1942 ss/ Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth T.May 25, 1885Sep 20, 1951Imagess/ Joseph C.
Miller, Joseph C.Jan 9, 1876Mar 7, 1963 ss/ Elizabeth T.
Monaghan, OwenAug 17, 1872Imageage 62 years Born in Parish Killuhen County of Roscommon Ireland
Monaghan, PatrickJun 2, 1863Imageaged 25 years, A Native of County Roscommon, Parish of Kilkuckin, Ireland son of Woen and Mary
Monahan, Ann C. ss/ John, Mary K., Mary C.
Monahan, JohnImagess/ Mary K., Mary C., Ann C.
Monahan, Mary C. ss/ John, Mary K., Ann C.
Monahan, Mary K. ss/ John, Mary C., Ann C.
Moore, JohnJan 5, 1859Aug 22, 1891Imageson of Cornelius & Mary Moore
Moore, John B.Jul 31, 1884Dec 15, 1943Image
Moore, John F.Feb 16, 1850Apr 15, 1908Image
Moore, Julia M.Jun 17, 1879May 12, 1973Image
Moore, Katharine T.Aug 23, 1875Aug 26, 1968Image
Moore, Margaret LandricanMar 21, 1899ImageNative od Ballybrood, County, Limerick, Ireland
Moore, Margaret M.Apr 11, 1846Apr 1, 1937Image
Morgan, Mabel Moil ReidImage
Morrison, Lillian H.18981925 Greval and Lillian Hall, M. Ethel Martin, Joseph M. Hall, Gertrude Hall
Mulcahy, ClaraImagess/ James
Mulcahy, James M.18591913 ss/ Clara
Murphy, Eleanor GordonJan 17, 1903 aged 70 years, A native of Roscommon, Ireland. Ss/ Thomas Murphy
Murphy, John T.Sep 29, 1896Imageaged 37 years son of Thomas and Eleanor Murphy. ss/ Martin W. Murphy
Murphy, Martin W.Mar 9, 1890 aged 28 years son of Thomas and Eleanor Murshy ss, John T.
Murphy, Mary A.Aug 10, 1902Imageaged 32 years. Dau of Thomas and Eleanor Murphy., ss/ B. Ellen Harrison
Murphy, ThomasApr 7, 1877Imageaged 52 years. A native of Co. Mayo, Ireland, ss/ Eleanor Gordon
Murray, Bridget A.Mar 5, 1925 Mother, ss/ Patrick J.
Murray, CatherineMar 14, 1881Jan 3, 1945Image
Murray, JamesOct 12, 1880Mar 21, 1943Image
Murray, John T.Jan 20, 1900Imageson of Patrick J. & Bridget Murray agd 29 years 7mo
Murray, Lawrence F.Jul 31, 1916Dec 25, 1937Image
Murray, Mary M.Apr 22, 1882Apr 23, 1957Image
Murray, MichaelMar 19, 1880Imagess/ Thomas aged 77 years, A Navtive of the Parish Tuam County Galway, Ireland
Murray, Patrick J.Feb 27, 1925ImageFather, ss/ Bridget A.
Murray, Rose H.Mar 17, 1883Sep 22, 1960Image
Murray, ThomasOct 21, 1872Imageaged 70 years, A native of the Parish Tuam Co Galway, Ireland
Murray, Thomas (son of Michael) ss. Michael, died in his 5th year, son of Michael & M??
Murray, Thomas M.Apr 16, 1909Nov 8, 1969Image
Murray, Thomas P.Oct 12, 1873Jan 31, 1936Image
Naughton, Annie M.Dec 29, 1921Image
Naughton, Bessie B.Oct 14, 1960Image
Naughton, Joseph L.Jan 11, 1888Apr 20, 1956Image
Naughton, Thomas J.Feb 22, 1891Image
Nestor, EdwardFeb 27, 1887Imageaged 62 years, ss/ Katherine, John
Nestor, JohnNov 22, 1896 aged 50 years, ss/ Edward, Katherine
Nestor, KatherineAug 2, 1889 aged 67 years, ss/ Edward, John
Nevin, Gertrude V.Oct 11, 1907Mar 12, 1994Image
Nevin, Hugh D., Sr.Jun 14, 1907Jul 28, 1988Image
Nevin, Leander S.18651941ImageFather
Nevin, Mary A.18671939ImageMother
Nevin, Sean JosephAug 2, 1962Dec 31, 1963Image
Nickel, Delores L.19091971 ss/ Bernard C., Edith M. Nolker
Nieberding, Anthony18831936Image
Nieberding, James Campbell19041981Image
Nieberding, Margaret18841945Image
Nieberding, Raymond19091991Image
Niemczyk, Henry1915Imagess/ Lillian
Niemczyk, Lillian19201959 ss/ Henry
Nolker, Bernard C.18971978Imagess/ Edith M., Delores L. Nickel
Nolker, Edith M.18971975 ss/ Bernard C., Delores L. Nickel
Noppenberger, A. Elizabeth18871975 ss/ May M. Helen C.
Noppenberger, AndreasMar 16, 1856Dec 7, 1883Image
Noppenberger, Anna O'Connor19041942Image
Noppenberger, Annie C.Jun 2, 1898Jun 9, 1968Image
Noppenberger, Catherine E.Jan 12, 1940Imageage 69
Noppenberger, Catherine E. (wife of John)Mar 24, 1874Jan 11, 1963Imagewife of John P. Noppenberger
Noppenberger, Charles B.Oct 7, 1909Imageage 42
Noppenberger, ConradNov 16, 1888Imageaged 64 years 60 mo & 27 days
Noppenberger, Edward H.18881970Image
Noppenberger, Elizabeth T.May 13, 1929Image
Noppenberger, George C.May 23, 1854Nov 14, 1899Image
Noppenberger, George J. (born 1858)18581951Image
Noppenberger, George J. (born 1883)18831953Imageson ss/ Margaret, Loretto
Noppenberger, George J. (born 1905)19051962Image
Noppenberger, Helen C.18901976 ss/ May M., A. Elizabeth
Noppenberger, James C.18581900Imagess/ Margaret A.
Noppenberger, John L., Jr.Aug 26, 1920Sep 20, 1993Image
Noppenberger, John L., Sr.Nov 9, 1889Dec 30, 1962Image
Noppenberger, John P.Apr 18, 1866Dec 30, 1912Imagehusband of Catherine E.
Noppenberger, Jos.Aug 27, 1825Sep 3, 1893Imagess/ M.C.
Noppenberger, Katherine C.18931938Image
Noppenberger, Leo B.May 14, 1917Jan 16, 1986Image
Noppenberger, Loretto E.18971983 daughter, ss/ George, Margaret
Noppenberger, M.C.Feb 2, 1834Oct 25, 1906 ss/ Jos.
Noppenberger, Margaret18231903Imageaged 80 years
Noppenberger, Margaret A.18571944 ss/ James C.
Noppenberger, Margaret I.18881966 daughter, ss/ George, Loretto
Noppenberger, Marjorie V.19101976Image
Noppenberger, Mary C.Aug 29, 1903Nov 6, 1966Image
Noppenberger, Mary M.Feb 9, 1927Jan 16, 2001Image
Noppenberger, May M.18851973Imagess/ A. Elizabeth, Helen C.
Noppenberger, Rose A.18911983Image
Noppenberger, William J.19061993Image
O' Conor, William F.Sep 22, 1919Image
O'Brien, JeremiahDec 1, 1872Mar 4, 1929Image
O'Conor, CatherineJan 27, 1932Imagess/ Thomas
O'Conor, Ella L.Nov 23, 1949 ss/ John, Mary
O'Conor, JamesNov 24, 1911Imagess/ Sarah
O'Conor, John E.Feb 23, 1863Dec 19, 1887Imagess/ Mary, Ella
O'Conor, Mary A.Feb 8, 1949 ss/ John, Ella
O'Conor, SarahDec 24, 1839Jan 31, 1903 ss/ James
O'Conor, Thomas J.Jul 16, 1935 ss/ Catherine
O'Hara, CharlesJun 29, 1884ImageNative of Co. Antrun, Ireland. Aged 54 years
O'Hara, MartinFeb 26, 1877Imageage 55 years A native of County Roscommon, Ireland
Offutt, Margaret D.18901971Image
Osborne, Richard L.Nov 29, 1948Sep 10, 1971Image
Ostrowski, Ann E.19121978Imagess/ Peter J.
Ostrowski, Peter J.19081987 ss/ Ann E.
Owens, Catherine ElwoodMar 20, 1818Feb 8, 1902 ss. John, born in County Rosecommon, Ireland
Owens, JohnFeb 2, 1817Aug 8, 1901Imagess/ Catherine Elwood, born in County Rosecommon, Ireland
Paradisi, EtruscoFeb 8, 1923Sep 23, 1962Image
Partridge, Elizabeth MarieDec 4, 1920Oct 13, 1995Image
Partridge, William TrumanMar 13, 1913Oct 9, 1966Image
Patterson, John F.Feb 17, 1965Feb 19, 1965Image
Person, Robert Reed, Jr.19511959Image
Peters, Agnes C.Sep 21, 1891Nov 2, 1992ImageSister
Peters, J. George18941964Imagess/ Marie K.
Peters, Marie K.19081982 ss J. George
Peters, Mary EllenApr 18, 1898Jan 8, 1969ImageSister
Piller, John V.Apr 14, 1926Dec 8, 1981Image
Pinkney, NancyApr 16, 1866Imageaged 79 years
Powers, BridgetJan 18, 1886Image
Powers, Catherine BrownSep 21, 1856Oct 6, 1913 ss/ Edward Powers
Powers, EdwardSep 29, 1847Aug 20, 1926Imagess/ Catherine Brown Powers
Powers, Edward A.Jun 7, 1950 ss/ Thomas
Powers, Edward LivingstonJan 18, 1918Jan 21, 1918Image
Powers, James P.Sep 28, 1878Dec 15, 1949Imagess/ Jennie H.
Powers, Jennie H.Feb 18, 1884Jan 30, 1932 ss/ James P.
Powers, ThomasOct 30, 1845Oct 21, 1904Imagess/ Edward A.
Preble, Elmer T.18721926Imagess/ Mary C. Halligan
Preble, John EdwardOct 29, 1902Oct 28, 1923Imageson of M.C. & E.T.
Price, George F.Feb 26, 1856jan 11, 1944Imagess/ Rosie B.
Price, George W.18751952 ss/ Lottie C.
Price, James R.Dec 31, 1895Sep 24, 1956ImageMaryland Sgt Co B 115 Infantry World War I PH
Price, Lottie C.18851950Imagess/ George W.
Price, Rosie B.Nov 30, 1862May 23, 1937 ss/ George F.
Rabel, Margaret M.May 29, 1914Mar 22, 1979Image
Rafferty, EllaImage
Rafferty, Genevieve B.1931 ss/ Maurice J.
Rafferty, Maurice J.19171970Imagess/ Genevieve B.
Ray, Helen H.Mar 22, 1890Sep 13, 1993Image
Regan, Annie L.Mar 10, 1866Aug 10, 1936Image
Regan, Dorothea A.Nov 24, 1879Apr 15, 1937Image
Regan, Elizabeth G.Dec 20, 1908Dec 9, 1995Image
Regan, Francis J.Aug 26, 1891Dec 13, 1966Image
Regan, JohnJun 16, 1867Nov 11, 1943Image
Regan, JohnNov 11, 1891ImageBorn in Co. Mayo, Ireland, age 56 years
Regan, KatherineMar 9, 1902 dau of John & Mary Regan, age 16 years, ss/ Mary E. Hoffman
Regan, SallieMar 17, 1895Imageage 19 years
Regan, Thomas C.Nov 24, 1862Jun 17, 1945Image
Regan, Thomas E.Oct 27, 1900Aug 31, 1959Image
Reilly, Albert Francis19221980ImagePvt US Army Wold War II
Reilly, Donald CharlesJul 15, 1952Feb 20, 2000ImageSp4 US Army Vietnam
Reilly, Dorothy I.Mar 4, 1916Oct 21, 1983Image
Reilly, Elizabeth F.Mar 30, 1916Dec 12, 1995Image
Reilly, J. HarryApr 29, 1880Sep 2, 1939Image
Reilly, Joseph M.Apr 30, 1880Oct 27, 1945Image
Reilly, Mary T.Apr 12, 1882Jul 17, 1966Image
Reilly, Matthew FrancisJan 22, 1888Aug 29, 1932Image
Reilly, Matthew FrancisJul 28, 1915Mar 7, 1955Image
Reilly, Thomas A.Oct 1, 1911Jan 11, 1990Image
Reilly, TillieSep 12, 1917Feb 7, 1978Image
Rielly, Elizabeth M.19091993ImageWife
Rielly, James Joseph19071981ImageF2 US Navy World War II
Roberts, Milton R.Jan 22, 1945Mar 10, 1964ImageMert son of Francis A. and Catherine
Robinson, Larry L.Feb 8, 1950May 7, 1971ImageMaryland Sgt Trp Lt Car 23 Inf Div Vietnam BSM Arcom
Rodgers, Betty K.May 16, 1894Jun 16, 1976Image
Rodgers, Frank E.Sep 15, 1893Aug 20, 1959ImageMaryland PFC Co K 313 Infantry World War I
Rogers, JohnDec 8, 1879Imageage ?? A Native of County Rosecommon, Ireland
Rogers, Margaret AnnDec 1, 1871Imageaged 37 years A Native of parish Drum County of Mayo, Ireland
Rudd, Charles A.Dec 11, 1919Nov 22, 1920Imageson, ss/ Pauline M., Charles L.
Rudd, Charles L.Dec 6, 1889Sep 24, 1967 Father, ss/ Charles A., Pauline M.
Rudd, Pauline M.Jun 29, 1895Jul 27, 1971 Mother, ss/ Charles A., Charles L.
Rudzki, Charles J.19291989ImageUS Army Korea
Ryan, Marion ClarkNov 27, 1907Apr 10, 2002Image
Sanders, Vernon C.Feb 18, 1914Dec 4, 1959Image
Scally, Alicia C.Mar 12, 1924Oct 7, 1959Image
Scally, AnnieMay 17, 1850Mar 4, 1906Imagess/ Patrick
Scally, Francis XavierFeb 11, 1920Jun 14, 1929ImageSon
Scally, Josephine18751943Image
Scally, Lawrence T.Dec 18, 1880Jun 28, 1952ImageFather
Scally, Margaret F. ByrneAug 24, 1883Apr 22, 1970ImageMother
Scally, Mary C.18901982 ss/ William T.
Scally, Mary DorothyOct 24, 1921Oct 7, 1932Imagedau og Wm T and mary C. Scally
Scally, Mary IreneImageDaughter
Scally, Maurice J.Dec 5, 1922Mar 12, 1976Image
Scally, Patrick H.Jan 1, 1839Jul 15, 1927Imagess/ Annie
Scally, Patrick H.Mar 1, 1877Dec 9, 1949Image
Scally, Theresa G.Sep 12, 1885Jun 18, 1951Image
Scally, William T.18881957Imagess/ Mary C.
Schario, Catherine Dooling18811926Imagewife of Irvin
Schmidt, Edgar P.19251968Imagess/ Mary E.
Schmidt, Mary E.19282002 ss/ Edgar P.
Shade, Mary E.Feb 8, 1854Dec 5, 1935Image
Shaneybrook, Anna C.Nov 7, 1892May 28, 1988 ss/ William T.
Shaneybrook, William T.May 15, 1895Jun 16, 1977Imagess/ Anna C.
Shaneybrook, Wm. GeorgeOct 22, 1925Mar 27, 1928Imageson of Wm T. & Anna Shaneybrook
Shea, Daniel J.18681942Image
Shea, Ellen A.18641942Image
Shea, Gertrude A.18911973Image
Shea, Helen A.18991975Image
Shea, JohnImagess/ Mary
Shea, John A.Jun 18, 1889Oct 8, 1962 ss/ Julia F.
Shea, John A., Jr.Apr 25, 1913Mar 8, 1975ImageS2 US Navy World War II
Shea, Julia F.Jul 9, 1890Jan 22, 1963Imagess/ John A.
Shea, Mary ss/ John
Shepperd, Greenbury Pearce18761903 ss/ James Albert
Shepperd, James Albert18401909Imagess/ Greenbury Pearce
Sherrer, Margaret L.18831953 ss/ Martin V.
Sherrer, Martin V.18941954Imagess/ Margaret L.
Shoul, Clarice M.19071989 ss/ W. Russell
Shoul, Elsie M.18821968 ss/ William F.
Shoul, ReginaMar 3, 1929Dec 4, 1934Image
Shoul, W. Russell19061953Imagess/ Clarice M.
Shoul, William F.18821947Imagess/ Elsie M.
Small, Nellie Dooling18871974Imagesister of Helen Cockburn
Smith, GerardoJun 15, 1913Jun 29, 1970Image
Smith, LauraJan 13, 1888Dec 28, 1963ImageMother
Smith, Leo BoylstonJul 4, 1918Image
Snyder, Charles A.Apr 8, 1927Jun 1, 1968Imagehusband of Maria Paradisi
Snyder, James lesterJul 11, 1952Apr 18, 1954 son of Charles & Maria
Snyder, Roger LeeMar 18, 1948Sep 34, 1966Image
Snyder, William EarlFeb 22, 1901Nov 5, 1929Imagehusband of Catherine E. Stroh
Somerville, John HowardJan 9, 1901Jun 11, 1964Imagess/ Ruth M.
Somerville, Margaret Adelaide18661950Image
Somerville, Ruth M.Jun 1, 1903 ss/ John Howard
Sparks, Edward A.Dec 1, 1836Feb 14, 1905Imagess/ Elizabeth A.
Sparks, Elizabeth A.Apr 14, 1850Feb 19, 1914 ss/ Edward A.
Sparks, George LawrenceDec 24, 1869Apr 11, 1944Image
Spera, Mamie M.18891965 ss/ Rocco
Spera, Rocco18841959Imagess/ Mamie M.
Spera, Veto AnthonySep 21, 1913Dec 4, 1937Imagess/ Augusta M Spera
Spicer, George W.Jul 17, 1901Sep 2, 1982Image
Spicer, Irene McDonoughSep 4, 1901Aug 6, 1969Image
Stanton, Mary1820Mar 11, 1892Imagewife of Thomas born in Co Mayo Ireland 1820
Starr, NancyDec 14, 1938Mar 3, 1959Image
Sterrett, JesterSep 21, 1849Jul 2, 1913Image
Stroh, Mary L.Sep 29, 1885Feb 2, 1918ImageMother
Sullivan, Michael J.Aug 13, 1875Apr 11, 1954 ss/ O. Eugene Beck
Teves, Hamilton M.19091978ImageUS Navy World War Ii
Thomas, Catherine R.Aug 16, 1955Aug 26, 1966Image
Thomas, Katherine P.19141978Image
Tinker, Joseph EdwardApr 27, 1915Sep 30, 1962Imagess/ Teresa Eskins
Tinker, Teresa EskinsFeb 11, 1914Apr 7, 1967 ss/ Joseph Edward
Toolan, EdwardApr 3, 1836Apr 9, 1905 ss/ Mary
Toolan, MaryJun 21, 1872Imagewife of Edward age 35 years native of Roscommon, Ireland ss/ Edward
Tracey, Eugene A. Father, ss/ John, Mary, Eugene
Tracey, Eugene A. son, ss/ John, Eugene, Mary
Tracey, John W.ImageSon, ss/ Eugene/ Mary Eugene
Tracey, Mary A. Mother, ss/ John, Eugene, Eugene
Tracey, Mary E.18921974ImageMother
Tracey, Wm. E.19901953ImageFather
Tucker, Rhea Hall Brown19001981 ss/ James W. Brown, Elizabeth G. Hall
Tuder, Mary June19321974Imagess/ William C.
Tuder, William C.1931 ss/ Mary June
Tyrie, Elizabeth DoyleMar 22, 1897Mar 31, 1983Image
Tyrie, RobertSep 30, 1892May 23, 1949Image
Van Horn, Carl R.19191964Imagess/ Helen C.
Van Horn, Helen C.19151997 ss/ Carl R.
Vernic, Anna M.Oct 11, 1900Jun 10, 1972Image
Vernic, Michael A.Oct 12, 1889Dec 17, 1951Image
Vocke, Mary A.Nov 28, 1890Aug 31, 1971 ss/ Stanley T.
Vocke, Stanley T.Aug 8, 1887Jul 28, 1970Imagess/ Mary A.
Waldenberger, Alice J.18791945Image
Waldenberger, Louis18741934Image
Walker, Clement T.W.Jul 10, 1955May 10, 1955Image
Walker, Henrietta A.Dec 8, 1878Feb 19, 1965Image
Walker, HowardNov 15, 1901Jul 20, 1916Imageson of Wm A & Henrietta
Walker, Isabelle H.Mar 14, 1912Jun 1, 1988Image
Walker, Sean P.Dec 28, 1964Jun 27, 1989Image
Walker, Theresa E.Mar 16, 1951Jan 4, 1952Image
Walsh, BridgetJul 7, 1866ImageA Native of Co Mayo, Ireland
Walsh, BridgetJuk 7, 1866ImageA native of Co Mayo, Ireland, wife of Michael Walsh
Walsh, Mary McEvoy19061980ImageDaughter
Ward, Charles F.Feb 12, 1879Sep 2, 1926Image
Ward, John T.Mar 18, 1870Feb 10, 1888Image
Ward, ThomasJul 15, 1899Imageage 64 years
Warren, Ella PriceAug 6, 1890May 13, 1932Image
Waters, Albert EugeneMar 7, 1938Dec 8, 1950Imageson of George and Mary Waters
Waters, Robert M.Feb 27, 1944Sep 23, 1966ImageMaryland SP4 Co A 5 Inf 25 Inf Div Vietnam PH
Watson, Albert A.18671869 ss/ Michael, Sarah
Watson, LaurenceMar 15, 1810Mar 29, 1872Imagess/ Margaret
Watson, MargaretMay 12, 1844Sep 8, 1872 ss/ Laurence
Watson, MichaelSep 27, 1839Mar 4, 1910Imagess/ Albert A., Sarah
Watson, Sarah E.18691870 ss/ Michael, Albert A.
Wayson, JohnFeb 22, 1907Aug 21, 1917Image
Welsh, AnnFeb 23, 1898Imagewife of Michael J., born in Ballynrachen Co. Roscommon, Ireland Aged 54 years
Welsh, BridgetJan 22, 1896ImageTuam, County Galway, Ireland, age 71 years
Welsh, JohnApr 11, 1876ImageA native of Parish of Straid County Mayo Ireland
Welsh, JohnApr 19, 1900Imageaged 75 years, usband of Bridget, A native of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland
Welsh, MichaelNov 1, 1850Mar 24, 1922Imagess/ Winifred
Welsh, WinifredApr 8, 1856Mar 7, 1937 ss/ Michael
White, MaryFeb 21, 1913Imagess/ Patrick J. Lynch
Williams, Arthur LeRoyMay 31, 1901Feb 2, 1952Imagess/ Josephine G.
Williams, Josephine G.Jun 17, 1905 ss/ Arthur LeRoy
Woodworth, Louise18671943Image
Wyatt, Nora Kenny19001921Imagewife of Clarence Wyatt
Wynn, BridgetAug 15, 1872Imagess/ Mary, wife of Patrick
Wynn, MaryOct 30, 1874 Daughter, ss/ Bridget
Zsenyueb, GeorgeSep 20, 1920Apr 3, 1944Imageson of John & Mertie
Zsenyueb, SusieMay 15, 1918Jun 26, 1921Imagedau of John & Mertie

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