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The Native American Austin Families project was originated by and is based on Dr. Helen Cook Austin's research into the five "civilized" tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole). The primary source is the Dawes Commission Report produced by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, U. S. Department of the Interior.

27 cases have been created from this data. The project grew from five familes to 61 families with over 300 individuals in the database.

The families are presented below on a case by case basis. Biographies are presented for some of the cases below. Access to each biography is provided by clicking on the active Case No. listed below (i.e. clicking on CASE 1 will bring up the biography for Panter Austin).

Important Supplemental Information is available regarding the sources used in this database with their locations, Native American proof of ancestry criteria, a definition of what it means to be classified as "Freedman", and a description of the evolution of the use of place names in the database.

CASE 1 (version A): Panter Austin (Cherokee)
CASE 1 (version B): Panter Austin (Cherokee)
CASE 2 (version A): Sterling Andrew Austin (Cherokee by marriage)
CASE 2 (version B): Sterling Andrew Austin (Cherokee by marriage)
CASE 3 (version A): Stewart Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 3 (version B): Stewart Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 4 (version A): Alexander Austin (Choctaw Freedman)
CASE 4 (version B): Alexander Austin (Choctaw Freedman)
CASE 5 (version A): Harry Austin (Chickasaw)
CASE 5 (version B): Harry Austin (Chickasaw)
CASE 6 (version A): Minerva Austin (Seminole)
CASE 6 (version B): Minerva Austin (Seminole)
CASE 7: Samuel Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 8: William Austin (Choctaw by marriage)
CASE 9: Tobias Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 10: Lewis Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 11: Steven Austin (Cherokee)

CASE 12: Henry Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 13: Lewis Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 14: Rev. Cornelius Austin (Cherokee Freedman)
CASE 15: Mollis Austin (Choctaw)
CASE 16: Taylor Austin (Creek) son of "Old Man" Austin
Case 17: Louis Austin (Choctaw)
Case 18: John Grant Austin (Choctaw by marriage)
Case 19: John Austin (Choctaw)
Case 20: William Smith Richard Austin (Grandfather of a Choctaw)
Case 21: Jacob Vastine Austin (Choctaw)
Case 22: Thomas J. Austin (Married a Cherokee)
Case 23: Ruben Austin (Creek Freedman)
Case 24: Granville Austin (Married a Creek Freedman)
Case 25: John Austin (Creek Freedman)
Case 26: Willis Austin (Married a Creek Freedman)
Case 27: Isaac Steven Austin (Cherokee by marriage)