SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
BlowerW HCo C 8th IN Cav
CollinsAnzela3-23-18588-27-1859d/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsBersena O9-25-18455-25-1865s/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsCenas B1-24-18599-25-1860s/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsEdith Rebecca12-26-18702-27-1873d/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsEliza Jane (McDonald)11-16-18261-18-1891w/o Philemon N - Married 1848
CollinsInfant18681868d/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsInfant10-2-185312-12-1853s/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsJennie C10-2-186010-25-1878d/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsLadon10-27-185110-29-1853s/o PN & Eliza J
CollinsPhilomon N11-7-182010-31-1878
DavidsonH J
KennedyDavid C9-15-18459-25-1875
KennedyVolanna L C1-4-18502-15-1875w/o David C
MessnerCharlie C8-28-18897-8-1901s/o L & B
MessnerClyde W9-8-188510-13-1906

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