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George Mountz Collection -- Yamashita Trial Photographs

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Title: Trial of Gen. Yamashita Spectators
Description: All spectators attending the war criminal trial of Gen. Yamashita in Manila, are searched for weapons before entry. Above Pvt. J. B. Macharty, Shreveport, LA, is being checked by MP William Hartly, Ludington, Mich., as Lt. Morten Spitz (right) New Brunswick, N. J. looks on. The women in the group, Miss Abueldor Peres and Miss Nancy Dolwa, both of Manila, search feminine spectators. WPA-45-36068 Photo: U. S. Army Signal Corps Lt. Dorle. [unknown identifier: 224]
Date: 11 November 1945       Size: 3.5 X 4.5
Contributor: Mountz Family       Publisher: Allen County Public Library

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