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George Mountz Collection -- Yamashita Trial Photographs

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Title: Roces Block on Rizal Avenue
Description: View of Roces Block of Rizal Avenue. WPA-45-35884 Photo: Weitz. A number of business signs in evidence in the photograph: Old Barrel Melm Distillery; Olympic Sporting Goods, Rizal Avenue; Esquire Foto Shop, Developing, Engraving, Printing, Coloring; Kings Bar; Metro-Goldwyn Trading Co., 407-409 Rizal Ave.; Up-To-Date Jewelry Store and Watch Repairing, Branch No. 1, 409 Rizal Ave.; New Ideal Restaurant; Ideal Theater; New London Restaurant. [unknown identifier: 689]
Date: 29 October 1945       Size: 8X10
Contributor: Mountz Family       Publisher: Allen County Public Library

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