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George Mountz Collection -- Yamashita Trial Photographs

This collection of 111 photographs of the trial of General Tomoyuki Yamashita and the Philippine destruction resulting from WWII is presented here with the permission of the family of George Mountz of Garrett, Indiana. The photographs were digitized by the Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library in a cooperative preservation project with the Garrett Public Library.

Yamashita Trial Commission
Military Commission Hearing Yamashita Trial
Yamashita Arraignment
Sentencing of Lt. General Tomoyuki Yamashita
Major Robert Kerr
Yutivo Hardware Building
Top Floor of Yutivo Hardware Building
Yutivo Hardware Building Damage
Crystal Arcade Building
Crystal Arcade Building, North View
Crystal Arcade Building, Rear View
Crystal Arcade Building, Central Section
Yutivo Hardware Building, Rear View
Co Poe Building
Co Poe Building, West End
Singer Building, Exterior View
Singer Building, North View
Bank of Philippine Islands Wreckage, Street View
Bank of Philippine Islands Wreckage, Ariel View
Crystal Arcade Building, Rear Entrance
Cu Unjien Building, Street View
Cu Unjien Building, High Angle View
Cu Unjien Bldg. & Adjacent Bldgs, High Angel View
West View of Escolta Street
High Angle View of Escolta Street
Philippine National Bank Bldg. Front
Philippine National Bank Bldg. East Side
Philippine Legislature Building, North Side
Philippine Legislature Building, East Wall
Philippine Legislature Building, Taft Ave. Side
North Face of Philippine Legislature Building
North & West Faces of Philippine Legislature Bldg.
West & North View of Philippine Legislature Bldg.
Taft Ave. Wall of Philippine Legislature Building
Chun Sing & Adjoining Buildings
Chun Sing Building
Desmarinas Street, 300 Block
Crystal Arcade Building, North Wall
Philippine National Bank, West Wall
Crystal Arcade Building, High Angle View
Crystal Arcade Building, Front
Crystal Arcade Building, Front with Crowds
China Bank Building, 4th Floor Interior
China Bank Building, 4th Floor Interior Stairwell
China Banking Corporation Building
China Banking Corporation Building, North View
St. Isabel's College and Gen. Luna Street
St. Isabel's College Second Floor Wreckage
St. Isabel's College Courtyard View
St. Isabel's College Interior Wreckage
St. Isabel's College Inside Court Wreckage
St. Isabel's College, Wreckage In a Room
St. Isabel's College Main Entrance Wreckage
Goldenberg Building Ruins
Fernandez Building
Fernandez Building, Front View
Romonoch Music Store Site
Romonoch Music Store Site View
Roces Block on Rizal Avenue
Roces Building Remains
Roces Building Remains, High Angle View
Roces Block, High Angle View
Yamashita Prosecution Team
Trial of Gen. Yamashita Spectators
General Yamashita Enters Courtroom
Yamashita Defense Counsel
Yamashita Defense Counsel at Hearing
General Yamashita at Defense Table
Yamashita Trial Commission
Yamashita Trial Courtroom
Yamashita Trial First Witness Sworn
German Jewish Refugee at Yamashita Trial
Father Cosgrave Testifies at Yamashita Trial
Father Francis Joseph Cosgrave at Yamashita Trial
Father Francis J. Cosgrave at Yamashita Trial
Maj. Gen. Valdez at Yamashita Trial
Prosecutors at Yamashita Trial
Prosecutors Working at Yamashita Trial
Carlos Family Testimony at Yamashita Trial
Mrs. Justa Guido Testimony at Yamashita Trial
Yamashita On the Stand at His Trial
Vice Adm. Okoochil at Yamashita Trial
Vice Adm. Okoochil Testifying at Yamashita Trial
Informal Shot of Yamashita Commission
St. Paul's College Nun at Yamashita Trial
General Yamashita in Courtroom
Robert M. Kerr at Yamashita Trial
Crowd at Yamashita Trial.
Member of Prosecution at Yamashita Trial
Prosecutor Robert Kerr at Yamashita Trial
General Tomoyuki Yamashita after Verdict
Correspondents at Yamashita Trial
Victim of Yamashita's Army, Picture One
Victim of Yamashita's Army, Picture Two
Victim of Yamashita's Army, Picture Three
Victim of Yamashita's Army, Picture Four
Soldiers Examining Wreckage
Scenes in the Interior
Interior Wreckage
Interior Building Wreckage
Interior Pathway Wreckage
George Mountz with Colleagues, Philippine Islands
George Mountz in Chinese Cemetery, P. I.
George Mountz and Jack Pace, P. I.
George Mountz on Admiral Hughes Transport Ship
George Mountz and Colleagues with Artillery
Philippine Wreckage
Yamashita Trial Sketch of Death Chamber
Yamashita Trial Sketch of Human Carnage
Building in Manila, P. I.
Building Damage in Manila, P. I.


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