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The Unique Navy Career of Sheldon H. Hine, Lt. Comdr., U.S.N.R. 1942-1948

Title Page
The Beginning
A Navy Wife
The Photo Surface Model Project
The Graduate
Navy Officer and His Navy Wife
Room on Maryland Avenue
Landfall Techniques Folks
Photograph of Dress Whites at Hoffman's Fish Fry
Photograph of Commander Shepard Vogelgesand
Photograph of Trudi Hine, Navy Wife
Photograph of Trudi Hine, Secretary to the Command of Landfall Techniques Div.
The Photo Surface Technology
Photograph of Trudi Hine in the Cherry Blossoms, DC, 1944
Photograph of Sheldon Hine Photographing Skyline
Photograph of Surface Models, Museum of Science & Industry, NY
Beginning of Roster with Biographical Sketches
Photograph of Radar Prediction Model of South Japan
Photographs of Beltsville Lab Staff & Facility
Photograph of Photo Surface Model Class, Beltsville
Sheldon Hine Letter to Beltsville, MD Gang, June 1945
Musing on the Surrender Ceremonies
Photograph of Men on Mt. Olympus Deck for July 4, 1945 Celebration
Photograph of Mt. Olympus in Tokyo Bay
Unique Military Service of Sheldon Hine
Photograph of Jay Gould Mansion at Sand's Point



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