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Dear Blanche: World War II Letters Received by Blanche Esther (Perry) Sylvester, 1943-1946

by Curtis R. Sylvester, editor. (Fort Wayne, IN: Behind the Scenes, 2009).

A collection of sixty-five letters written to Blanche Esther (Perry) Sylvester by family and friends between November 22, 1943 and March 30, 1946. Forty-four of the letters were written by young men who were serving in the military and one v-mail from her son's regiment. Eight letters were from her son's girl friend and two from the girl friend's sisters who were married to service men. Three letters were from Blanche's brother. Two letters are from relatives who had lost a son and a husband in the war. Four letters were written by former pastors seeking to give comfort and sympathy to Blanche and her family after the death of her son, Ralph Sylvester, Jr. The book contains the transcriptions and the digitized images of each letter.

This work is copyright 2009, Curtis R. Sylvester. It is presented here with permission.

See also "Dear Junior" for letters the family sent to Ralph, Jr. that were returned upon his death.

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