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Battery Adjust

Battery Adjust is a history of the 899th Field Artillery Battalion from November 1944 to May 30, 1945. This battalion was part of the 75th Infantry Division during World War II. We are grateful for the generosity of Ray Rhoads of Hendersonville, North Carolina in donating a copy of this work.

The copy available for digitizing was a mimeograph production with many faded areas of text and lost characters. Further, it was printed on tan paper that has turned even darker with age and deterioration. With a digitized copy, though, one can engage the features of one's browser as well as photo editing software to enhance some of the more challenging areas to read.

A paper copy of this work exists in the collections of The Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library, and has a call number of: GC 940.5410 AA1btj.

It is an honor to preserve and present such a unique history of our military heroes.

Title Page
We Go Down to the Sea in Ships
We Ride the Ocean Waves
At Home With Our Allies
Two Panzer Army Groups and the 899th FA
In the Colmar Pocket
The 899th and Holland
The Rhine and the Rohr
Brilon and Kreis Meschede