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8th Air Force Memorial, Royal Air Force Museum, London, England

"In memory of the 350,000 Americans who served in Great Britain, 1941-1945, as members of the Eighth Air Force." Listed by name are members of the 8th Air Force who received the Medal of Honor:
Baker, A.E.
Castle, F.W.
Femoyer, R.B.
Gott, D.J.
Hughes, L.H.
Jerstad, J.L.
Johnson, L.W.
Lawley, W.R., Jr.
Mathies, A.
Mathis, J.W.
Metzger, W.E.
Michael, E.S.
Morgan, J.C.
Smith, M.H.
Truemper, W.E.
Vance, L.R., Jr.
Vosler, F.L.

Close-up of top of memorial
Close-up of names on memorial