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Album of Basha Members, China Burma India Veterans Association, Anthony Wayne Basha, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Artillery Officer in the Philippines: Lt. Col. Dale J. Miller, USAR (Retired), 1922-1999
Doyne L. Ferris, 1924-2006
The Good Ol' Days: Remembering Our Time in Pearl Harbor and Between the Tours of Duty (Frank Zwolinski)
Hicksville, Ohio in World War II
Hidden Memories of World War II
John E. McNerney, Colonel USA: Military Career 1942-1973, World War II Letters, 1941-1945
Memoirs of a World War II Combat Engineer, Sgt. Frederick Peters
Once There Was a Sailor
Parsons, Franklin, Naval Memoir
Service Record Book of Men and Women of Albion, Indiana and Community
T5 Paul S. Grieb with the 709th Tank Battalion in World War II
The Unique Navy Career of Sheldon H. Hine, Lt. Comdr., U.S.N.R. 1942-1948
World War II, Local Men and Women of Vernon Twp., Hancock County, Indiana
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Diary of George P. Martin, United States Purchasing Commission, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1943-1944
Service Diary of Robertson B. Clarke [U.S. Navy]
A Short Story of the Attack (Pearl Harbor), James W. Dittoe, U.S.N. (USS West Virginia)
Abbonizio, Fred J., 44th Engineer Combat Bn
Allgeier, Daniel, 423rd Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army
Allyn, Abijah, American War Dads Charter
Archer, Paul Walter, U.S. Navy
Boyle, Roland, US Army
Cantrell, Sidney L., 8th Infantry, 4th Division
Carbone, John R., U.S. Army
Corush, Saul L., U.S. Navy
Curtis, John, 22nd Regiment, 4th Division
Donley, Edwin John, U.S. Marine Corps
Fenn, Wendell Wayne, 101st Airborne, 327th Glider Infantry, U.S. Army
Gorden, James A., 301st Infantry, 94th Division
Graft, Kenneth Otto
Hanson, Arnold W., U.S. Army
Hawkins, Harold Talmage, 602nd and 609th Field Artillery Battalion, U.S. Army
Hawkins, Robert Eugene, U.S. Navy
Herman, Elder, 358th Infantry, 90th Division
Hertwig, Walter K., U.S. Army
Jerves, William C., 134th Infantry, 35th Division
Johnson, Delmer G., 347th Infantry, 87th Division
Knappenberger, Allan F., 358th Infantry, 90th Division
Lepowitch, Philip, 319th Infantry, 80th Division
Mackey, Frank E., U.S. Army
Miller, Clarence S., U.S. Navy
Moore, Kyle Campbell, US Navy
Mossburg, Louis G., U.S. Army Air Forces
Myers, George V., 353rd Infantry
Myers, Jim Carr, US Army
Oddou, Harold, U.S. Navy
Padgett, Charles, World War II Documents
Perrey, John, U.S. Navy
Phillips, Murray S.
Ponder, Charles E., Air Corps
Putt, Robert J., Air Force
Quidort, Eugene, U.S. Merchant Marines
Saxon, Arthur R., U.S. Army
Seibold, Robert, 141st and 36th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
Siff, Stanley, 110th Infantry, 28th Division
Snyder, Lelon A., 346th Infantry, 87th Division
Stauffer, Ornell, U.S. Army Air Corps
Swartz, Carlyle Ochiltree, U.S. Army
Swartz, Joseph Gibboney, U.S. Army
Swartz, Paul Rudolph, RM2, U.S. Navy
Swink, Floyd, U.S. Army
Taylor, Marion Ralph, US Navy and US Army
Thompson, John W., 424th Infantry, 106th Division
Van Quekelberghe, Arnold H., 347th Infantry, 87th Division
Vehnekamp, Pfc. Ralph A., US Marine Corps
Vorndran, George H., U.S. Army
Weber, George Anthony, U.S. Army
Werner, Walter, 9th Armored Division
Wilcox, Houston Arnold: Letter to His Mother Upon His Death
Wilson, William, Jr., 2nd Infantry, 5th Division
Wiseley, Allen Henry, U.S. Navy
Wiseley, Walter Emil, U.S. Navy
Wolfe, Donald, U.S. Army Air Corps
The World War II Letters of Maxwell P. Smith
Young, Arthur James, U.S. Army
Young, Charles Eugene, Company K, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division
Zessar, Roy, 47th Infantry, 9th Division
Another Side of War: Soldiers Letters to Miss Ann Adang
Letters of Glenn and Ellen Baker and Letters from Home, World War II
Charles Harris Collection
Charles Harris Collection: Lynn Killen Letters
Dear Blanche: World War II Letters Received by Blanche Esther (Perry) Sylvester, 1943-1946
Dear Junior: Letters to Sgt. Ralph Sylvester, Jr., Returned After His Death
Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana, World War II Letters
George Miller and Mabel Poth Letters
George Mountz Collection -- WWII Letters
Letters of Robert Meddock, Sr., Kenneth Fox and Dale Fox Written During Service in World War II
Richard Wells Shorter Letters
W.A. Clarke Family of Crown Point, New York V-Mail
World War II Letters & Papers of Jack Raymond Oxley
World War II Letters of Alden Meredith Shaw
Monuments and Memorials
8th Air Force Memorial, Royal Air Force Museum, London, England
Beth Jacobs Cemetery, World War II Memorial, Columbus, Ohio
Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (World War II)
Memorial to the Lost U.S. Army and U.S. Army Air Force, Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
Original Documents
Aro Equipment Corporation, Bryan, Ohio
First Day Cover, Honorable Discharge Emblem, Washington, DC, May 9, 1946
North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana, War Efforts 1942-1944
Scouting, Patrolling, and Sniping
Seabreeze, Vol. 1, Num. 33, June 23, 1945
The Stout Fielder, 1943-1944, Stout Field, Indianapolis, Indiana
World War II Medical Exam Card
WWII Service, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Freeborn County, Minnesota
Other Documents
World War II Casualties, St. John Parish, Louisiana
31st Regiment Personnel, 6 April 1945, U.S. Navy Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois
Alvin Kleber Scrapbooks
Co. 1743, 20 December 1943, U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois
Co. D, 61st Medical Training Battalion, A.S.F.T.C., Camp Barkeley, Texas, June 16, 1944
Company C, 31st Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Croft, South Carolina, March 1944
Company K, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, June 1942
Fred Christ Buuck Collection
George Mountz Collection -- Yamashita Trial Photographs
Hadsall, Charles Ellis "Tubby," Scrapbook, U.S. Army
Harold Edward DePrey and Merlin Francis Hillman Records
John P. Griggs, Jr. Photographs and Scrapbook
Kiles, Robert A., U.S. Navy
Men of Diehard: 2nd Platoon Company, 309th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division
USS Colorado Photographs
Willbanks, Ferol Lee, US Army
Willbanks, Robert Conley, US Army
World War II Images of Samuel L. Catanzaro
WWII Military Air Crew Photo
Headquarters Battery, 244th AAA Searchlight Battalion
Unit Histories and Rosters
253d Field Artillery
290th Combat Engineers
5th Army Antiaircraft: Salerno to Florence, 9 September 1943 - 8 September 1944
6th Marine Division, Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1945
Battalion Review, Special 34th Battalion, U.S.N., 1944-1945
Battery Adjust
Battle History 473rd United States Infantry, World War II, Italy 1945
Camp Campbell Kentucky
Combat Record of the 253d Armored Field Artillery Battalion
Company C, 31st Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Croft, South Carolina, Roster, December 1943 - April 1944
Engineering the Victory: The Story of the Corps of Engineers
Flaming Bomb: The Story of Ordnance in the ETO
Flight Lines 42-I
Fort McClellan, Alabama, July Menu 1943
Fort Sam Houston, Texas Telephone Directory, December 1944
The Fourth United States Infantry
Informal History of the 280th Field Artillery Battalion, May 1943 to May 1945
Landing Force Task Group 31.3: Intelligence Study of Yokosuka Area, Honshu, Japan, August 22, 1945
Move Out, Verify: The Combat Story of the 743rd Tank Battalion
Pilot Briefing Folio, Troop Carrier Command, Baer Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Story of the 100th Infantry Division
The Story of the 101st Airborne Division
The Story of the 104th Infantry Division
The Story of the 106th Infantry Division
The Story of the 10th Armored Division
The Story of the 11th Armored Division
The Story of the 1st Infantry Division
The Story of the 3rd Infantry Division
The Story of the 45th Infantry Division
The Story of the 4th Armored Division
The Story of the 50th Troop Carrier Wing
The Story of the 6th Armored Division
The Story of the 75th Infantry Division
The Story of the 78th Infantry Division
The Story of the 80th Infantry Division
The Story of the 82nd Airborne Division
The Story of the 87th Infantry Division
The Story of the 8th Armored Division
The Story of the 94th Infantry Division
The Story of the 95th Infantry Division
The Story of the 97th Infantry Division
The Story of the 99th Infantry Division
The Story of the 9th Armored Division
The Story of the First Armored Division
The Story of the Signal Corps
The Story of the WAC in the ETO
USS Colorado Scrapbook
USS Fullam DD474 Flagship Desron 45: Navy Day, October 27, 1945
We Too Were There: Company C, 353d Infantry
The American Veteran: B-26 Pilot Keith Freeman
The American Veteran: Don Theurer, Army Air Corps
American Veteran: Fort Wayne, IN WASP in WWII
The American Veteran: Vicki Khouli, Ominous Odyssey
Tuskegee Airmen: Harold Gaulden and Walter Palmer
Tell America: USS Indianapolis Disaster
Battles and War
Going Back to Civilian Life
Images of War: The Pacific Theater
The Light Still Shines: Amid th' Encircling Gloom
Ohrdruf Nightmare
P-47s vs. the GAF
Warships Associated with World War II in the Pacific: National Historic Landmark Theme Study
Welcome to the States: Boston Port of Embarkation, Camp Myles Standish