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Camp Zachary Taylor -- Quarter Masters Detachment, 28 October 1917


Camp Zachary Taylor, located in Louisville, Kentucky, was a WW I training camp named for President Zachary Taylor. Begun in June of 1917 and built in ninety days on 2,730 acres, the camp contained some 1,700 buildings and housed over 40,000 troops. The first troops arrived in September of 1917. Over 125,000 men were trained there. The camp contained 2,090 buildings, including 114 officers' quarters, 399 enlisted men's barracks, 284 stables and 12 hay sheds. Nearly 2,000 foreign-born draftees took the oath to become United States citizens at the camp.

The 1918 influenza epidemic struck Camp Taylor, killing eight hundred and twenty-four of soldiers and hospitalizing more than twelve thousand others. By mid-1918 most of the troops were gone. The camp was officially closed in 1920. The land was auctioned off in 1,500 parcels by May 12, 1921.

See also the photo of Camp Zachary Taylor, Wagon Train Remount Depot

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