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History of the Yankee Division
by Harry A. Birdwell (Boston, Mass.: Cornhill Company, 1919)
ACPL Call Number GC 940.410 AA1BE

Title Page
Table of Contents
General Pershing's Tribute to the Yankee Division
General Edwards' Tribute to the Yankee Division
Secretary Baker's Tribute to the Yankee Division
History of the Yankee Division
Chapter I - Organization
Chapter II - Expands All United States Units
Chapter III - Training in France
Chapter IV - Enjoy Old-fashioned Christmas
Chapter V - First United States Division Shot in War
Chapter VI - Yankee Spirit Amazes the French
Chapter VII - Move to Start a Big Drive
Chapter VIII - Battle of Apremont
Chapter IX - How They "Keep the Faith"
Chapter X - Boche Beaten at Own Game
Chapter XI - "Saviors of Paris"
Chapter XII - Germans "Pinched Out"
Chapter XIII - General Degoutte's Tributes
Chapter XIV - Sniper "Gets" Young "Scotty"
Chapter XV - St. Mihiel Salient Wiped Out
Chapter XVI - Flank of Twenty-sixth Uncovered
Chapter XVII - 102d Infantry Cited
Chapter XVIII - Edwards' Report of St. Mihiel
Chapter XIX - 102d Takes Prisoners
Chapter XX - Colonel Bearss's Report
Chapter XXI - Yankees Create Diversion
Chapter XXII - Transferred to Verdun
Chapter XXIII - Praised for Action at Hattonchatel
Chapter XXIV - The Cessation of Hostilities
Chapter XXV - President Wilson Dines with the Twenty-sixth
Chapter XXVI - Animals of the Division
Chapter XXVII - "Homeward Bound"
Roster of Officers, Twenty-sixth Division, as Originally Organized
Individual Service Record



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