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History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A.) in the Great War

by Richard H. Harte. (New York, N.Y.: Paul B. Hoeber, 1921). ACPL Call Number 940.410 P38HA.

Title Page
Organization of the Unit
The Unit in Active Service
History of the Nursing Corps of Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A.
The Padre and the Unit
At British Casualty Clearing Stations
Mobile Hospital No. 8
Detached Tour of Service of Major William J. Taylor
Service of Members after Detachment from Base Hospital No. 16
The Home Unit
Registrar's Statistics
Roster of Pennsylvania Base Hospital, No. 10
Service of Officers of Base Hospital No. 10
Nursing Personnel of Base Hospital No. 10
Nurses of Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A Transferred during the Big Evacuation
Nurses Who Left the Unit by Transfer, Death, or Resignation; Nurses Transferred After the Armistace
Officers and Enlisted Men who Returned with the Unit
Nurses who Returned with the Unit
Members of Original Unit who Did Not Return with the Unit
Supplementary Personnel who Joined the Unit; Nurses Detached; Civilian Employees
Laboratory of Base Hospital No. 10
An Index of the Unit, or Who's Who in the Officers' Mess



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