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Smashing Through the "World War" with Fighting Battery C, 102nd F. A. "Yankee Division," 1917-1918-1919
by Edward D. Sirois (Salem, Mass.: Meek Press, 1919)
ACPL Call Number 940.410 AA1SI

Title Page
Table of Contents
Prefatory Material
1. The Call to Arms
2. Mobilization
3. Off to France
4. The Training Period
5. Soissons—Bucy-le-Long—Chemin-des-Dames
6. Off to Lorraine
7. Toul Sector—Seichprey – Xivray – ‘Dead Man’s Curve’
8. Off for a Rest Camp (?)
9. Chateau-Thierry Drive or the Second Battle of the Marne
10. Return from the Drive – Our Third Theoretical Rest Camp
11. Battle of the St. Mihiel Salient – Massing for the Driving – Reducing of the Salient
12. A So-called Rest – The Troyon or New England Sector – Marcheville and Riaville
13. Verdun – Meuse – Argonne – Armistice
14. U.S. Army Service and Training Schools in France
15. Wounded – A Peep Behind the Veil
16. Awaiting Orders for Home
17. Headed for Home
18. God’s Country
19. Demobilization
20. Back to Civies
General Statistics
The American Legion



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