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History of Battery "C," 148th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces

by Paul Milton Davis. (Colorado Springs, Colo.: Out West, c1919). ACPL Call Number GC 940.410 AA1DP.

Title Page
Killed in Action
Died in Service
Our Wounded
Cited in Action
Our Record
The 148th Field Artillery
Our Lieutenants
The 155mm Filloux Gun
American Red Cross
Days at Camp Baldwin
Salvation Army
Troop "C" at Clackamas
Days at Camp Greene
Days at Camp Mills
Days at Camp Merritt
Indoor Sports
Calendar 1918-1919
Days at Cap de Souge
Calendar (continued)
Days at Castillon
Calendar (continued)
Calendar (continued)
Army Chow
Beds We Have Slept In
Making Good at Home
Personal Sidelights
Past Officers of "C" Battery
Former "Bucks" of Battery "C"
Past Members of "C" Battery



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