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Official History of 82nd Division American Expeditionary Forces "All American" Division

by G. Edward Buxton. (Indianapolis, Ind.: Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1919). ACPL Call Number 940.410 AA1UN.

Title Page
Table of Contents
I: Camp Gordon to France
II: The Somme and Lagny Sectors
III: Marbache Sector & St. Mihiel Offensive
IV: Early Days of Meuse-Argonne Offensive
V: Preparing for the Attack
VI: 164th Infantry Brigade Enters Fight
VII: Cornay and Champrocher Ridge
VIII: 163rd Infantry Brigade Enters Fight
IX: Astride the Aire River
X: The Sommerance-St. Juvin Road
XI: The Marcq Bridgehead
XII: Clinging to the Sommerance Ridge
XIII: Into the Kriemhilde-Stellung
XIV: The Taking of St. Juvin
XV: The St. Georges Road and Hill 182
XVI: Deepening the Salient
XVII: Champigneulle and Extension of Left Flank
XVIII: A Thin Line's Point of Honor
XIX: After the Fighting
Supplemental Material:
I: Life of General Duncan
II: Artillery of the 82nd Division
III: Administrative and Supply Functions
IV: 307th Engineer Regiment
V: The Medical Department
VI: Adjutant General's Department
VII: 307th Field Signal Battalion
VIII: Complimentary Letters, Etc.
IX: Military Service of William P. Burnham
X: Critique of the Fighting Characteristics
XI: Secret Orders
XII: Decorations, Prisoners Taken, Material Captured



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