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History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September, 1917-June 1919
by Charles F. Dienst (Wichita, Kan.: The 353rd Infantry Society, c1921)
ACPL Call Number GC 940.410 AA1DI

Title Page
Table of Contents
Honor Roll
Men of the 353rd Infantry Who Received Decorations
Chapter I: Personnel of the 353rd Infantry
Chapter II: Training, Organization, and Equipment in Camp Funston
Chapter III: Comradeship and Recreation
Chapter IV: Getting "Over There"
Chapter V: With Regimental Headquarters and the First Battalion in Manois
Chapter VI: With the Second Battalion in St. Blin
Chapter VII: With the Third Battalion in Rimoucourt
Chapter VIII: The 353rd Infantry Moves to the Front
Chapter IX: The Second Battalion Moves Up to Support the First
Chapter X: The Third Battalion Moves Up in Reserve
Chapter XI: The Third Battalion Draws First Blood on the Enemy
Chapter XII: The First Battalion Again on the Outguard Line
Chapter XIII: The 353rd Infantry Goes Over the Top in the St. Mihiel Offensive
Chapter XIV: The First Battalion Mops Up Mort Mare Woods on the Left Flank
Chapter XV: The 353rd Infantry Lands on the Army Objective
Chapter XVI: The 353rd Infantry Helps Develop the Army Line in the Euvezin Sector--Xammes
Chapter XVII: Back to the Line in the Beney Subsector--"Suicide Woods"
Chapter XVIII: Another Shift to the Left St. Benoit Subsector
Chapter XIX: On the Way to the Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Chapter XX: The 353rd Infantry Takes Part in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Chapter XXI: The 353rd Infantry Goes over the Top in the Final Phase of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Chapter XXII: The 353rd Infantry Carries On to the Army Objective
Chapter XXIII: On to Stenay
Chapter XXIV: Stenay
Chapter XXV: The March to Germany
Chapter XXVI: The 353rd Infantry Area and Relations with Its People
Chapter XXVII: Service in the Army of Occupation
Chapter XXVIII: Return and Demobilization
Chapter XXIX: The Story of Headquarters Company
The Adjutant's Office
The Band
Intelligence Section and Some Information
The Pioneers--Knights of the Pick and Shovel
One-Pounder Platoon
The Signal Platoon and a Few of Its Observations
Chapter XXX: Story of the Machine Gun Company
Chapter XXXI: Story of the Supply Company
Chapter XXXII: Medical Detachment
Official Report on St. Mihiel Offensive
Official Report on Meuse-Argonne Offensive



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